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#1 by myfistus
2014-06-18 at 16:11
The first half of this post is completely spoiler-free so long as long as you've already played through both Unlimited and Alternative. If you haven't yet done so, you are in the totally wrong place and shouldn't be here. Reading them both is a requirement before starting Alternative Chronicles, so I'm not going to bother hiding every little reference with spoilers. Any spoilers directly related to The Day After 00 will be in the second half (and properly hidden.)

To begin with, I'm writing this after having already read the sequel, The Day After 01. Huh? What's that you're asking? Isn't TDA 01 this story, the first one in the series? No, despite this game being Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles: 01, the included story is called Muv-Luv Unlimited: The Day After 00. That's right, the series actually starts at 00 despite being included with Alternative Chronicles 01. The squeal to this story is TDA 01, which comes in Alternative Chronicles 02, followed by TDA 02 which comes in Alternative Chronicles 03 and so on. Why would they start at 00? The answer is because this story acts as a ten hour long prologue to the rest of TDA series.

In this sequel to Muv-Luv Unlimited, readers will find themselves introduced to the hellish aftermath of Alternative V. Three months have passed since Operation Babylon (the codename for Alternative V) was carried out. Massive quantities of G-Bombs were used in an attempt to annihilate the Beta once and for all...but the results of this effort couldn't have been worse.

*Argh!* There be massive TDA 00 Spoilers Ahead! Tread Carefully!

My biggest problem with it was that Will was a far weaker character than Lilla. He wasn't very interesting, and by the end, I felt like it would have been better if she had been the protagonist instead. Especially by the end, when Lilla's forced to once again survive by abandoning everyone else and escaping alone. The fact that the actual protagonist himself stays behind to die doesn't make much sense from a practical stand-point, since there are several more installments after 00. Unless it turns out that The Day After 00 is all just a 10 hour long prologue, and Will's a disposable side character who has very little to do with the main story...

My suspicion of this turned into certainty after the credits, when the
great and holy goddess, Marimo-chan, suddenly descended before Lilla and saved her. That really turned things around for me, and I decided that this game was worth the 8. Even though it still doesn't make much sense for Will to be a protagonist, and the story was a little rough around the edges in places, it was an immersive experience that marked the beginning of something much, much, bigger...

Oi, Them TDA 00 spoilers be gone! You can come out now!

I see why many people chose to give it a 7, but in the end, I decided it was worth an 8. It's not the sequel to Muv-Luv Alternative that I always dreamed of, but having read the next installment in this series, I can safely say that this is the mere prologue to a series that's shaping-up to be spectacular.Last modified on 2014-06-18 at 16:14
#2 by [deleted]
2014-06-18 at 17:16
I had a similar experience to you OP which I made a post about on reddit earlier today, link here.

Just as you begin to get to know and care for the characters each of the stories would end abruptly and relocate to a different time, location, and cast. Will could have been an interesting protagonist if he had more time to develop, but in it's current guise he remains unchanged throughout the novel. I agree with you that as a successor to MLA it's rather lacklustre, but as a teaser of what's to come it's great.
#3 by pramit
2014-06-23 at 12:04
i gave it a 9. apart from unlimited aftermath, there is also a episode on rain dancers and chicken divers, both were of good quality and worth reading.
If you are fan of the MLA series, you should definitely play these chronicles


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