Guilty Crown Lost Christmas

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#1 by merup
2014-06-29 at 20:46
< report >Hey, recently you added Guilty Crown Lost Christmas release but isn't it a bit too early to add this? There 3 guys WANT the translation, they don't even have a single translator yet. Or even TLC. :DLast modified on 2014-06-29 at 20:47
#2 by lolgc
2014-06-30 at 09:38
< report >Hi,
project leader here.

We actually put it there to find people. Actually it should say, that it's TBA. We now have a TLC, yet we need translators. (I overwrote the old post of the project that had been dead - totally forgot, that I'm not allowed to; therefore binfujiwara added a new post. Thanks for that)

lolgc~I-VNTPLast modified on 2014-06-30 at 13:05
#3 by binfujiwara
2014-06-30 at 10:08
< report >I figured that if their group already has completed releases, I could add a TBA one. If they end up changing their mind about doing it, you can put it up as candidates for deletion.

Also, I am a translator from Japanese of sorts, but I'm not sure I want to translate that VN specifically.Last modified on 2014-06-30 at 10:09
#4 by lolgc
2014-06-30 at 10:13
< report >Hi,

if you want to, I could show you the scripts, than you can decide, whether to work on it or not :)
For that, just send me a mail :)

#5 by merup
2014-06-30 at 12:08
< report >@lolgc
stop these advertisements here. whatever you do is fine, but at this point an entry for you project shouldn't exist on this website. Though later moderators will decide on that.Last modified on 2014-06-30 at 12:08
#6 by merup
2014-06-30 at 12:14
< report >@binfujiwara
None of their projects that are currently in databese required translation. From what I understand they are ports of existing translation. If adding projects without having translator and putting your ads all over the website is fine, I can add tons of my imaginary "projects" that I "want" to have translated and put some ads too. I already have completed releases. That will be ok then?

They should get a translator, translate something, release partial patch at least - then it can be added.

In fact I already asked to delete it.Last modified on 2014-06-30 at 12:22
#7 by lolgc
2014-06-30 at 13:08
< report >@Merup: Thank you for your nice comment on our blog.

1. Please don't troll on our blog again. We got your message and we are indeed greatful for everything we can get. BUT you are not allowed to insult anyone, okay?

2. Yes, we used to do ports of existing translations. Now we do translations ourselves.

3. "putting your ads all over the website is fine"; "my imaginary "projects" that I "want" to have translated"
>> 428 is a running translation, so stop talking nonsense if you don't know anything about our work...

4. I already have completed releases. That will be ok then?
>> Congrats, so have we...

5. TBA is TBA...I've never ever added anything else to it. But do as you please...

@admins/mods.: You can lock this thing, as I'm done talking to people, who like to insult.

lolgc~I-VNTPLast modified on 2014-06-30 at 13:11
#8 by merup
2014-06-30 at 14:53
< report >1. I never posted on your blog
3. Running but not completed. Doesn't counts.
5. Its fine to be TBA or whatever, The point is that the way your project is now, its entry doesn't belongs on vndb

Why you want to lock my thread? I started it to talk with Bin. No one called you here. Yes I like to insult people who join conversations that are none of their concern. Though I don't recall when I insulted you. I don't know how to say "that entry doesn't belongs here" more gently.

Edit: also stop threatening me in release summary, Why you overreacting so much LOL.Last modified on 2014-06-30 at 15:05
#9 by lolgc
2014-06-30 at 15:05
< report >1. the time + writing style were nearly the same, as in another post of yours... therefore it was kind of obivious.

2. Running is TBA or not?
link >> but this one does count?

3. Alright. Got that.
#10 by merup
2014-06-30 at 15:07
< report >I don't know what is that by the link you posted. It says "This is a private community. Access only by invitations from administrators." And that's it. By the looks of it - should be removed too.Last modified on 2014-06-30 at 15:08
#11 by binfujiwara
2014-07-01 at 06:56
< report >Why did I even get into this drama in the first place? Please, someone, move this topic from by board/wall....Last modified on 2014-07-01 at 06:58


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