Valkyrie Svia Review

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#1 by beliar
2014-07-11 at 17:13
< report >My short review of "Valkyrie Svia" is up.
A pretty mediocre game. I personally expected more. Not to mention that the translation is horrible. WTF MangaGamer? I thought you had your shit together.
#2 by rusanon
2014-07-11 at 17:43
< report >Umm, so what's exactly bad about TL?
Also, do you honestly not know what "torrent" means? That makes me doubt you are able to tell whether its good or not.Last modified on 2014-07-11 at 17:44
#3 by beliar
2014-07-11 at 18:04
< report >The torrent bit was a joke... probably a bad one if you have to ask that question.
As for the translation. Gee. I don't know? If I have to guess the game was translated by a non-native English speaker, because everything is so awkward and stilted that you would never encounter such sentence structures in any normal English text.
The translation also suffers from "Stephenie Meyer" syndrome where the translator uses fancy words giving them a completely wrong meaning, because it sounds good.
Not to mention a large number of basic grammar mistakes: genitals/gentials, receive/recieve, your/you're and so on so forth.
It isn't so apparent during the sex scenes themselves due to all the ahhs and ohhs, but between the scenes text is almost unreadable.
#4 by sanahtlig
2014-07-11 at 20:55
< report >The writing quality in the screenshots isn't the best, but it's not "unreadable".

As for well-written corruption, I think the Venus Blood series does a pretty decent job. Not to mention there's a larger story that's actually pretty interesting. I'd be more interested in this game if there were multiple paths through the story where you could be more or less cruel, like Eushully and Dualtail often do with their darker titles. Well, and if it wasn't a nukige. Sex as the main course doesn't typically make for a great story.Last modified on 2014-07-11 at 21:00


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