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#1 by makezh22
2010-04-06 at 01:19
Ever heard of it? no? Then try it. It's not a visual novel but it's similar.

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#2 by steelsnake4you
2010-04-06 at 18:18
Seems interesting, i'll check it out :)
#3 by pioneer
2010-09-23 at 17:56
Well, I've tried it a long time ago, and its really worth. Give it a try then ^^
#4 by novelsfan
2010-09-25 at 11:57
I finished this one, and rated it 7, why? because its so original (examples: you speak, but you never read what you say, anyway you can understand what you said reading the responses. the other example is... read it in the history part, there is no spoilers)

history:personally, I dont think its too great, but I like the idea from simulating being in the 80s, and the BBS thing is very real, even through I never used these things XD
bgm: very atmospheric, you better love it OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE! if you like retro music, this is your visual novel.
playability (THIS IS A VISUAL NOVEL GODDAMN IT! but anyway ¬¬): even when this is a visual novel, and not a rpg one, this has playability, maybe too much for a visual novel, you control everything you do! its very fun!
duration: very short, but it isnt like that if you get stuck (obviously) I got stuck in the part that OMG SPOILER NOOO!!!

(I still feel like I forgot something... history...bgm...playability...duration...)
overall: give it a try, its worth the "(< 2 hours)" duration, you will not "want your time back" XD



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