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#1 by anonymous
2014-08-02 at 11:58
< report >So I'm playing this game with the restoration patch and I'm kinda worried if I even applied it properly. I'm not even an hour into the game so anyone know if there is anything that tells you that you're using the patch (like sex jokes or something)? Really don't want to get to the part where H-scene happen but find out that I'm not playing with the patch at all.
#2 by greatfox
2014-08-02 at 13:10
< report >As a forewarning, I have yet to try the restoration patch myself so my info might be a little off. Somewhat early on there should be a bathing scene, if the girls are wearing towels then the Restoration Patch was not applied correctly.
#3 by PabloC
2014-08-02 at 18:23
< report >From Fuwanovel:
"Is there anyway to confirm that I installed the patch correctly?"
rusanon: If you have Rio.arc.bkp in your game folder, it installed correctly.

Forget about sex jokes (or jokes in general) though. The translation in that version of the patch is still largely untouched, so A LOT is lost in translation.
#4 by ninjafire
2014-09-01 at 14:12
< report >restoration patch on the english version? ... you should get the japanese version and install the english patch, then the game will be better!
#5 by rusanon
2014-09-01 at 15:34
< report >@4
then the game will be better!
How exactly?
EN + patch version is byte-identical to JP + patch.
#6 by alexlung
2016-06-15 at 11:37
< report >Tried playing this 2 years back everything works. now redownloaded and errors everywhere.

the restoration patch only seems to work on the Japanese version. Even if you set to japanese locales missing sprites and legacy errors will appear everywhere.

Japanese version> Restoration Patch > Done

Sry for necro but it seems there isnt a post about this yet. and tons of people are experiencing legacy errors on other forums.
#7 by beliar
2016-06-15 at 12:20
< report >There are two different patches: one for the MerdeNovel version and one for the Japanese one. The patch for the English version is exactly the same as before - it has not been updated in almost three years, so it's not likely that it worked before and stopped working now, unless you changed something with your Windows configuration.
#8 by hiecchi
2016-06-19 at 19:24
< report >Which patch works with the steam version? I didnt bought it ( who does this for a butchered vers?)
Its a present from a friend who doesnt know anything about visual novels -.-
#9 by dk382
2016-06-19 at 21:36
< report >I'm not sure there's any patch that is fully compatible with the Steam version. The person who made the patch despises Steam and refused to make a patch that worked with that version. Maybe somebody else did? I'm not sure.Last modified on 2016-06-19 at 21:37
#10 by PabloC
2016-06-20 at 08:49
< report >Someone made a guide for patching the Steam version (it should be somewhere there, in the guides section). I don't know if/how it works though - out team had nothing to do with this.
Old patches for the non-Steam release and the JP one are left as-is, so they should work normally.


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