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#1 by kittysan
2014-08-24 at 04:21
So Sekai Project announced CLANNAD. I do wonder if we can edit this new info to the CLANNAD page.
#2 by veronin
2014-08-24 at 04:40
Another game that everyone has already played. How exciting.
#3 by dk382
2014-08-24 at 05:23
All seven billion people in the world have played it, really?

It's not the most exciting thing for long time VN fans, but it's a really big pickup for Sekai Project and could become a very important release. The game has a huge amount of renown in and outside of Japan, and an official english language release on Steam could reach an audience that is way bigger than the one for a fan translation.
#4 by kilicool64
2014-08-24 at 08:27
Given how bad Clannad's fan translation is, this is great news.

Edit: Just heard they're using the fan TL. I correct myself. This is terrible news.Last modified on 2014-08-24 at 08:31
#5 by dk382
2014-08-24 at 08:36
Doki said they're working with Sekai Project. Doki was not involved with the fan TL currently available. It is unknown how extensive Doki's reworking of the script is.
#6 by renn
2014-08-24 at 13:23
There is a reason why Sekai Project never try to license untranslated vn at the first place, you know?

They can't translate shit and only want to gather profit by selling vn(already translated) via steam. Only retard would get excited by something like this.Last modified on 2014-08-24 at 13:30
#7 by enigma
2014-08-24 at 13:32
Wasn't Sekai Project once a fan translation group too?
#8 by herki
2014-08-24 at 14:22
Doki is bad so yeah the translation will be bad too.

Hopefully we can convince dovac to do literally anything else than use their TL, but who knows.
#9 by verdun
2014-08-24 at 14:43
Look on the bright side. If this pans out we might just get a localization of Little Busters and Rewrite.
#10 by sevenbar
2014-08-24 at 16:11
Some Doki sample translations link

After reading this blog post link I feel this is bad news
#11 by herki
2014-08-24 at 16:16
LB and Rewrite's translations might be better than Clannad's, but neither of them are good.

Also, I doubt anyone will work with Ixrec after how he fucked over MG and age.
#12 by loctar87
2014-08-24 at 16:38
I'm kind of amazed Key has come around. My impression was that they had thourghly snubbed the foreign market. We haven't seen yet if they're willing to lower their prices for the west. Even if CLANNAD comes out on Steam, if it's $70, there's no point. Also, from what I understand, VNs that have already been translated sell poorly so this change of heart might be too late. And if CLANNAD bombs, you can bet they won't keep trying this.

There's always the hope that Valve will push a release of CLANNAD on Steam to the front page, it will be wildly popular with a new audience, and a new golden age of VNs will arrive. Of course, it's equally likely that a meteor will fall from the sky tomorrow and wipe out humanity.
#13 by pendelhaven
2014-08-24 at 18:49
personally this is a good thing. why? simply because the last thing I want for VNs to happen is for it to be mainstream. mainstreaming can lead to unwanted attention aka moralfags. Some casuals (not casual VN reader) can stay ignorant forever though.

Took the liberty of looking at the pastebin. yes, it is bad, and that's just purely using Rikaichan only. I'd forgive this was like Ixrec-style phrase overhaul (but content-wise it is the same), but this is beyond word choice error. I especially love this part

<0142> I thought of that in an exaggerated manner.
// 掛け値なしにそう思った。

for the record, the (kinda) correct TL is: I thought (he) is exaggerating (his) acting of death.Last modified on 2014-08-24 at 18:53
#14 by dk382
2014-08-24 at 18:56
Some Doki sample translations link
No, those are NOT doki translations. Those are from the previous clannad TL group. Again, Doki had nothing to do with that crap.
#15 by pendelhaven
2014-08-24 at 18:57
Those are from the previous clannad TL group.

you mean baka-tsuki? (cmiiw)Last modified on 2014-08-24 at 18:57
#16 by dk382
2014-08-24 at 19:00
Yes. I don't have a ton of confidence that Doki can magically make everything better but saying that Doki is terrible because of Baka-tsuki's translations is just wrong.Last modified on 2014-08-24 at 19:02
#17 by pendelhaven
2014-08-24 at 19:02
Ok, so what's Doki's TL like?
#18 by dk382
2014-08-24 at 19:02
Nobody knows because they've been at it for two years and haven't shown anything yet.
#19 by srthgv
2014-08-24 at 19:05
Edit:probs should ignore this comment unless those translations are actually from the doki translation.

That translation gave me aids. Translations like these just reinforce my belief that countless people lack the ability to check their work and use their brains. I still wonder everyday how people like this can even function in this world.

line: {担任}「それまでは各自自由。今日一日は受験のことを忘れて羽根をのばしなさい」

their comments + translation

<0044> \{HR Teacher} "Until then, feel free to do whatever you'd like. The students who forgot to take the exams should bring a feather."*
// do they bring feathers to exams? for ink or something?
// It certainly says feather, but it doesn't seem like calligraphy to me. The feather might be the evidence that denotes a retake, but that's a wild guess. -Amoirsp
// I tried looking up various uses for a feather. The only one remotely close is the writing use for it. Must be cultural or conditional. So Tomoya ... never missed any. -Amoirsp

We clearly see them confirming each others beliefs that it makes sense to bring feathers when you forget to take an exam. Clearly no one would doubt this for a second because why would you?

If only I could do this for them link

Holy shit we find this


hollly shit. >>自分の思うままに、自由に行動するさま

It's an expression that has plenty of uses
and now this phrase that I had no idea what it meant makes perfect sense. An equivalent would be the phrase


But I guess many Americans wouldn't use this or know it (I've only used it a few times but I am British so whatever).

It doesn't say anything about "those who forgot the exams", it instead says to forget about the exams and "let your hair down".

edit:actually I got aids so I've got to comment more. Not going to do translations but am going to explain the meaning.

It's also the time when third-year students take the exams they missed.

It says that today is the day where the 3rd year students can forget about the exams for the time being and relax.

// \{\m{B}}「どこか行きたい教室とかないのか?」
<0035> \{\m{B}} "Seems like you don't want to go to the classroom."
>There is no mention of anything like "seems"
>This is a question.
>There is no "the". I'm guessing that this is a festival and their are various activities going on in different classrooms and so this dude is asking if there is a classroom that he wants to go to or something.

// 生徒として創立者祭に参加が出来るのは今回が最後。(3 translations from them)
<0047> The students that were left afterwards were those that could participate in the festivities.
// more like, after the students that are doing their exam retakes left and can't participate,
// while the ones left behind are the ones who can participate in the school festival.
They are saying that this is the last fucking time they can participate in the festival as a student for fuck sake.

Ok can't be bothered looking at any more.

Is this doki or that other garbage clannad translation?Last modified on 2014-08-25 at 16:45
#20 by dk382
2014-08-24 at 19:34
Is this doki or that other garbage clannad translation?

That is Baka-tsuki's work, not Doki's.
#21 by herki
2014-08-24 at 21:30
Doki inhereted the project from Baka-Tsuki, and in the two years since have done basically nothing, so I see nothing wrong with assuming that the translation is still the same.

And even if they've done stuff, they have an extremely bad track record with translations, so I seriously doubt it's improved much if at all.
#22 by jterror
2014-08-25 at 10:19
Paraphrasing Japanese saying 知る者は言わず、言う者は知らず, in this case will be 知る者は翻訳せず、翻訳する者は知らず。 :)
#23 by wakaranai
2014-08-25 at 11:24
^this is SO meta. 翻訳 is a noun and sentence requires a verb in its place (like 訳す). thus you prove your own maxim.
#24 by srthgv
2014-08-25 at 13:53
Was #22 commenting on my comments on their translation or on their translation? Either way, if #23 is to be believed then lul.Last modified on 2014-08-25 at 14:06
#25 by jterror
2014-08-25 at 15:05
^On both :)

@23, Okay, so how should it be then?


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