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#101 by kiru
2015-11-24 at 10:37
The revenue thing is based on some data from 2011. As far as I know, nobody knows how things work today. 2011 was quite a different time. That list is for advertising and general "popularity", so I wouldn't be surprised if they changed it to take key-activations into account. If something has a whole lot of that going on, even if they were purchased somewhere else, it would make sense to advertise the product more on their own store-front, right?

But again, nobody knows how it exactly works, except Valve. And "owners" are ultimately more important (and reliable) anyway, for tracking general success. It doesn't REALLY matter where the owner comes from (kickstarter, bought the key somewhere else or bought on steam directly), if you ask me.Last modified on 2015-11-24 at 10:39
#102 by dk382
2015-11-24 at 10:53
It definitely used to take key activations into account, but they probably don't anymore. It seems like they changed that policy a few years ago when bundles started becoming popular. Basically, while it was revenue based, they also accounted for key activations at the same time, sometimes throwing the charts off. Now, as far as I know, it's based purely on revenue generated from the Steam store. Of course, I could be wrong, because they've tinkered with that system so much. SteamSpy exposed a lot of numbers to us recently we didn't used to have, so we can tell that for example Undertale is selling two to three times as many copies per day than Black Ops 3 is currently, yet is lower on the rankings. Also, just from my own casual observation, it feels like games that have large giveaways or are a part of super popular bundles don't make it on the top sellers list, when by all rights they should if they're being tracked.

Eh, either way, this was a very strong first day that I'm sure Sekai Project and Key aren't unhappy with. If the tail is good and they're able to have more successful days when the game goes on discount then all the better. This will probably cement Key's involvement in the western market and will hopefully influence some other VN devs to make the jump.Last modified on 2015-11-24 at 10:54
#103 by usagi
2015-11-24 at 15:31
How is the translation quality?
#104 by kiru
2015-11-24 at 16:12
@102: I remember something was changed because it only counted AMOUNT of activations at some point. Because of the bundles however, that didn't mean anything as every key was worth a few cents, so they changed something there.

I don't think they wouldn't take that into account at all. Maybe they even have a system to precisely not count bundle keys. Who knows. Valve knows their shit and how to advertise, I'm pretty sure about that. So in SOME way Clannad's been successful. But that much was kinda obvious based on the kickstarter alone.
#105 by jazz957
2015-11-24 at 16:32
Apparently some of the music has been remastered.
#106 by loctar87
2015-11-25 at 06:37
A couple hours in. Translation seems okay. Not fantastic, but a passing grade. (Note: This is the opinion of someone whose Japanese sucks, but can spot the obviously bad translations.) A couple lines were off because they were probably translated without the audio, and translator didn't know the line was meant to be sarcastic. There were also some lines where unsaid stuff was added to replace untranslatable comedy, or just for flavor. That's not my prefered style for handling those issues, but it's not a real problem.

The real issue is whether or not an at least "decent" quality is maintained throughout the entire game, which I can't answer. The fan translation also had parts of okay quality, it just wasn't consistent. And after the "If my heart had wings" disaster, I'm reluctant to declare the translation okay without reading the whole thing. Someone more skilled with Japanese and more time to read could give a better answer.Last modified on 2015-11-25 at 06:57
#107 by n8marezero
2015-12-08 at 00:15
@105: I've only played about two hours of the Steam version, but it appears that the entire soundtrack has been remastered/remixed. Honestly, I don't like that very much as some of the melancholic songs have added instruments which distract and annoy myself. Sooo....

Solution: if you have the BGM folder of the original game, copy the files into the Steam version's 'BGM' folder.
!!! make a backup of the Steam music, just in case or if you want to change back to remaster !!!
Number/names/file format of the BGM are the same. In my case I got the original OST working, BUT there seems to be a bug during music playback: a small stutter happens when any song loops (not really annoying and playback continues normally, so just 1s of stutter).
Fun fact: the original version's BGM has almost twice the file size of the remastered BGM. Voice files in 'KOE' have the same size.

@103: I have to agree with #106. The translation does sometimes add quite a bit of dialogue that isn't spoken. But it's not just when something is 'untranslatable comedy' and such.
Ex. Misae runs after the dorm guys and all she literally SAYS is (my TL) "What are they... elementary schoolers?". Whereas the Steam TL says something like "What are they 12? Am I supposed to treat them like elementary schoolers?" The second sentence might have been a bit different and even longer in the script... but you get the gist. This 'adding filler to the script' happened a number of times so far, sometimes completely changing the script (once with Sunohara in the cafeteria).
Despite that I think the overall translation and especially editing is very good. Compared to several other TLs this is almost perfect. The script is fluid and so far I haven't found many errors.

Some small things that have been bugging me:
Windowed mode is either a little too big or far too small. Fullscreen is fine, but the 16:9 mode stretches the characters and looks bad. 4:3 looks good, but the text is smaller. (Playing on a 37' HDTV with 1280x720 resolution)
The text in the context menu is ALWAYS too small for my taste, no idea what they did there. My eyes are fine btw and I rarely complain about font sizes :/
When in fullscreen I can't go to the Windows desktop, or rather I can't minimize the game to read a textfile with the route guide. I have to switch to windowed mode->desktop->read the file->fullscreen. That's quite annoying (I'll either write the stuff down or put it on my PSP lol)

That's all from my side as I haven't played this version for too long. Oh, and I'm already loving Kyo again. I only ever played Clannad without voices and Kyo is lovely + she can say quite brutal things^^ As I don't like Sunohara's seiyuu I muted him. That way I can still like the character :D
#108 by jazz957
2015-12-19 at 08:01
Clannad KS Update #38: Clannad Production Update 7
#109 by sevenbar
2017-11-29 at 01:49
> sometimes completely changing the script (once with Sunohara in the cafeteria).

Just as a reference: link

For the first line: "I said it's drink".

For the yellow line: the voice is only one sentence, but they added sentences before and after. Which now does not sound like Sunohara is being mocked.


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