Thoughts on the Series [Probable Spoilers]

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#1 by mdzz
2014-09-07 at 06:22
What did everyone think of the work? Complete thoughts listed here. But in short [sort-of] --

I felt that all the characters were really likable, albeit that the side characters had little, to absolutely no relevance to the scope of the main storyline, in either theme or plot. The side routes literally have their own discrete cast of characters. While they weren't that awful to read, they didn't really seem important; the comedy was there, and so was that volume of allusions.

I did like the fact that while the characters with high-school aged, that the plot didn't really waste time within a school setting. But at the same time, I felt that that basically killed, or left empty a sense of intimacy, or 'connectedness' among the cast of characters. When it came to the contents of those respective routes, I felt that it often deviated from being lackluster and passable, to being entirely ridiculous [a certain manic friend in a certain route being the key example].

But most importantly, I was surprised at absolutely how little time travel actually played within the series. I felt that aside from it being there to get the theme across [of changing the future by changing the future, not the past], it didn't really serve an instrumental purpose. Of course, logically, it was irritating at how vaguely, or superficially the story actually explained the mechanics of time travel.

I think that the series' greatest strength was probably centered on the relationship between the protagonist and the primary heroine, Shino. Virtually everything outside of the relationship between the primary trio, felt pandering-esque, without any real purpose. The comedy was fun to read at first, yet it got really tiresome after each character were supposed masters of banter and comedy. I wasn't really satisfied with Ren's conclusive ending, though I could see what the work was trying to convey with that -- and with Shino's ending, for some odd reason, I was expecting for that magical route to appear.

I really, really liked how her second route compared with her first -- namely in the nuances, and purposely, in their letters. I did dislike how brusque, and how 'matter-of-fact' a lot of her secondary route went; it made sense to skip the repeated material, but in doing that, the work lost a lot of its emotional momentum. It's generally not the best if the death scene is that brusque.

Oh right, and the production quality for this work was awful. The art deviated from being bad to being passable. The sprites were great. The soundtrack was fine, still I'd have wished for a somewhat larger selection [it's barely passing at 26 tracks in its OST]. Shino, the main heroine, virtually has 10 unique CGs outside of her H-Scenes, whereas the other forgettable characters have more [both in h-scenes and general CGs].

EDIT: It seems that the work's impact gets significantly greater after a brief period of time. The ending, while conclusive, didn't really feel 'real' because of how quickly it happened, how abruptly it was carried out, and how 'out-of-place' it was. Despite the side routes being relatively mediocre [primarily comedic, just 'fun'], it seems that the main route was a solid read. Its primary flaw was in execution. Nonetheless, even with a haphazard execution, it manages to resonate.Last modified on 2014-09-07 at 20:27
#2 by masquerade
2014-09-09 at 03:49
The dialogue on the side paths were actually pretty fun especially the random pretend stuff with Miki and Airi's pervyness. It was nice how they didn't focus on time paradoxes and the like and instead ended up focusing on the characters. That also made the game a relatively easy read.

I didn't enjoy Yume's path very much as it felt like they developed Miu as a character way, way, way more than Yume. Miu did give off a sense of pressure which is nice as the antagonist (this is relatively clear from the get-go). Another negative would be that Ren didn't really get her own path despite her awesome dialogue. Airi's voice is also a little quite compared to all the other characters, I can kind of understand the characterization they were going for here though.

Essentially the side paths are light, easy, fun reads. The main path? .... My reaction to the ending of Re:Call :


Also the ending of the first Shino path was utterly brutal, It actually gave me the feeling that I would be getting nightmares from her expression.

I think the game ended up really achieving what it was aiming for, from the light, fun conversations in the side heroines' paths to the utsuge, redemption portion of the true end. My one real complaint for the game is the lack of involvement of the other characters in the true ending.
#3 by mdzz
2014-09-09 at 05:05
That's probably my largest complaint too. The majority of the other routes are laden entirely with comedy -- but at its core, it's not a very comedic series. The true route-related routes basically show that.

The side characters were for the most part, just additional considerations. They had no relevance to the true storyline, not even Airi, Shino's supposed closest friend [who plays that pivotal role in delivering the news/letter in every other instance].
#4 by jadamassa12
2014-10-09 at 00:56
My rage is Necroing! >.<

Pew, read miki route first, and when i was about half done with her route i knew the author had no intention of putting any of the other heroines in as a side character to the comedy nor story. Which annoys me. In some visual novels you might wish for a love route just for the main couple without the other heroins butting in all the time, but when it's a route that mainly focus on comedy, leaving out a good character like Airi was a bad choice. Forget Yume, i never liked her and gave up on her route 20 min in, Shino died so forget her too.

Overall, miki's route was weak, funny and cute character, but the plot.. were there one? Atsushi approving Miki's growth, Miki and Rike getting Atsushi and big breast together, 終了? There weren't any drama about the siblings parents nor Shino's death affecting Miki.

The same thing about Airi's route, though she might needed more time alone with Rike to push forward, Miki could come every now and then and crack some jokes. Shino died again so forget her.

Due to Miki and Airi's route tiring me a bit down, shino's routes weren't that fun, i got a bit emotional at her deathbed, but went fast over. Ren was interesting at first but i eventually got tired of her too. And Rike felt like a really stupid character in Re:Call.

Huu~ finally some steam out.
#5 by letswrok
2014-10-16 at 17:40
just finished~
the ending really surprised me
the side routes are really a side dish, gives you a good laugh and sort, but then i bored me and drove me off from this for a few days before coming back to shino, thinkin it would be the same
but shinos route, is a knockout from reality, its the core of the vn, personally i think the vn would be better off without the side routes, would make you scream y did u kill her in the end after all that build up where riku would defy the fated future
shinos route really brings me to tears especially the "1st meeting" after time jump back 5 years and the love letter at the end really moved me
overall shinos route deserves a 9/10 for its drama and romance, the side were really a side and the game could have really do with/without it

btw nice review mdzLast modified on 2014-10-16 at 17:42
#6 by lighteller
2014-12-22 at 17:43
I just finished this visual novel, and make point here to concur with the poster because it's been a while where I had game where quality between side routes and main route differs so much. The game jumps the shark so hard on the Yume Route, which is boring and solely focuses around the predictable gimmick of yandere, yet manages to stay ridiculous from start to the "resolution". Other routes are just average.

However, I personally appreciated the direction they took with Sino, with all the risks. Acceptance that avoiding the unwanted future was impossible I found to be incredible twist, because so often these stories end up with human will overcoming the challenge.
#7 by sketto
2015-01-17 at 21:50
Agree with the first 2 points. The story disregards too many things when you get into each heroine's route. Also, there was barely any moment of 'time travel' that was significant. Sure they were present, some were important, but I didn't feel like it was upfront enough, considering the PV and the title.

However, I have to disagree with your criticism on the quality. I understand that some of the CG's lacked consistency or quality. I found the 'genitalia' extremely unrealistic and out-of-scale to be honest. However, judging from the overall quality, it is nothing to be explicitly criticized in my opinion. Good sprites, character design, great music, little/no typos (although it is expected there are LOTS of eroges that have typo, even after numerous patches).

Overall, character was pleasing, good narrative which really draws the audience's attention - however there are some inconsistency throughout - a definite downside; however I would strongly recommend this game because of the strong engaging narrative in the heroine routes (although some of them are not as good - if you played it you'll probably know what I mean).

Anyways 8/10 quality game but needs improvement.
#8 by goodnightboaz
2016-04-08 at 00:09
Would have been better if Shino wouldn't have been such a bitch.
#9 by jas
2017-12-30 at 10:49
hmm ... well, I guess I'll have to give it a go to see what's in the content.

Then again, I do think is pretty good though. Considering the date the VN is being released and all; and all else considered
#10 by jas
2017-12-30 at 14:55
After further looking into it....

It felt like everything from or related to "Akabei Soft 3" is pretty ... => Sucks.
Maybe too money oriented, thus lack of thinking.

Don't think I'll ever dare to buy a game from them.
#11 by hypotrek
2018-01-12 at 03:54
How did you get the game?


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