Deleting unlockables?

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#1 by superreichan
2014-09-27 at 18:45
< report >Hi! I bought this game used the other day, and I've been searching all over the internet for a way to clear all of the data in the game. I don't know if this is actually possible, but no one has said yea or nay about the matter.
I wanted to clear all of the unlocked data from the game so that I could unlock everything myself.
If anyone knows how to do this, I'd appreciate the help!
Thank you~
#2 by anonymous
2014-09-27 at 18:55
< report >Ah yeah, the old quantum entanglement problem. After installing a game it's forever linked to that computer so any saves from the past user will show up for anyone else using that CD in future.

Unfortunately the only solution is to take off the case of your PC, get a really big magnet and then ...
#3 by horseband
2014-09-27 at 19:32
< report >Are you talking about the psp version? Wouldn't simply deleting the psp save file for the game work... I'm kinda confused here as to why this is even a question.
#4 by superreichan
2014-09-27 at 19:48
< report >@raistlin: Thanks bunches for the snarky reply. If you spent as much time actually looking at what you're replying to instead of being a jerk, you'd know this game was a PSP and Nintendo DS game. Hence your quip makes no sense.

@horseband: No, sorry, I was talking about the NDS version. Even after you delete the actual save files, the unlocked album pictures, events, etc. are still unlocked.

I finally did find out how to remove everything just by trial and error. I'll put it here in case anyone comes across the same problem.

If you go from the main screen to the "load" menu, there's a little grey button on the bottom left with a red exclamation mark. Tapping that will erase all saved data on the game.
#5 by anonymous
2014-09-27 at 19:54
< report >#4 Yeah my bad. When I heard about your problem I assumed it was a PC version which would strongly imply you were fibbing about buying a copy and had rather pirated a preinstalled version. But it's a NDS version so ... oops :$
#6 by superreichan
2014-09-27 at 19:58
< report >It's fine. I should have said that it was the NDS version in the first post. No big deal.
I solved the problem anyway. :)


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