5pb's new YU-NO project

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#26 by pendelhaven
2015-09-02 at 15:36
< report >I don't think this remake is worth it, considering that remakes do cost money.

Art came from somewhere between 2003-2007. That's probably just me, but I could only see myself playing this --if-- for some reason I wanted to replay this VN. Which is a gamble in itself, since its really subjective who's gonna give the better playthrough experience.Last modified on 2015-09-02 at 15:38
#27 by jazz957
2015-09-02 at 16:53
< report >I think the art is growing on me. They made Ryuuzouji so young-looking, lol.

At least Yonao is doing the music.
#28 by jazz957
2015-09-05 at 16:11
< report >It's going to be playable at TGS.


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