Staff & Seiyuu Database Testing

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#1 by Yorhel
2014-12-29 at 09:56
< report >In an unexpected twist of fate, user wakaranai picked up the staff database draft from t4578 and provided us with a complete and working implementation.

Now that there's finally some good progress on the staff database, we'd like everyone to test the new functionality and provide feedback. For this purpose, I'm running a test instance of VNDB at with the new staff & seiyuu database. This VNDB instance is not connected to the main VNDB database, so you're free to make changes as you want. On the other hand, please keep in mind that your changes on that site are not permanent.

The list of staff roles is not necessarily final yet, more feedback on this is greatly appreciated. The current list is:
Script writer
Character design
Additional voices

We're also lacking guidelines for the new functionality. I'm hoping we can form these during this testing phase.

Please play around with the new functionality at and post here if you find any problems (technical or otherwise), or if you have any other comments.

(Also, the test site is running on low-end hardware, so it's kinda slow. Sorry about that.)
#2 by klutch
2014-12-29 at 10:05
< report >>artists

its happening
#3 by kilicool64
2014-12-29 at 10:18
< report >How about adding scenario writers (the guys who write drafts of the individual scenes the script writers then write in detail) and producers?
#4 by wakaranai
2014-12-29 at 10:19
< report >add them as 'Staff' and supply specific role in notes.
#5 by zeriel
2014-12-29 at 10:24
< report >Finally, it's about time.
#6 by gabezhul
2014-12-29 at 11:37
< report >Oh my god, did hell just freeze over?! Those poor souls probably don't even have winter gear! [/jk]

Seriously though, I thought the staff-database would stay an in-joke until the end of time. Not that I'm complaining.
However this means that sooner or later we will need a Staff DB Moderator (especially since checking up on staff-entries needs good Japanese knowledge and a general familiarity with the Japanese sites that do the same kind of cataloging, something not all of us have). I wonder who will join our hallowed Hall of the Coke Table... :PLast modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00
#7 by ire
2014-12-29 at 12:02
< report >Names should be in kanji. Or at least add them in brackets.
#8 by wakaranai
2014-12-29 at 12:41
< report >^ d5
The main audience of VNDB are the English speaking fans of visual novels. In creating the database, we assume the intended audience can't read or recognise anything not written in the roman script. Therefore, romanization is applied to many fields in the database: The main title of visual novels, releases and producers should all be properly romanized if they arent in roman script already.
like with VN titles, kanji pop up when you mouse over romanized names.
#9 by mashibana
2014-12-29 at 12:43
< report >Sometimes dreams come true :-)
#10 by takayanagi
2014-12-29 at 12:44
< report >Script writers. Finally \o/
#11 by takayanagi
2014-12-29 at 12:46
< report >#8: AniDB is handling this sort of thing very well. Perhaps we should just copy/improve on their way of handling it.
#12 by takata
2014-12-29 at 12:46
< report >Wow... Although I think this part of the database will be harder to get into since the names are mostly Japanese.
#13 by rusanon
2014-12-29 at 13:00
< report >EGS has furigana for all staff in its db, just copy everything from there.
#14 by quintasan
2014-12-29 at 13:14
< report >Thank you very much!Last modified on 2014-12-29 at 13:16
#15 by alexandraidv
2014-12-29 at 13:28
< report >How do we handle people who had several roles in a single VN? The one I have in mind, Shu Takumi, was director, game designer, writer and voice actor in the first three Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban games. Should I add him several times to each of these VN entries, with different roles, or just once as "staff" and write his different roles in the text box?

EDIT: Also, will we host photos (when available) of staff members? I don't really care one way or another on this one, but I figured I might as well ask.Last modified on 2014-12-29 at 13:31
#16 by rusanon
2014-12-29 at 13:36
< report >For searching purposes, having 3 separate relation entries would be preferrable, IMHO. EGS does this and it works well for them (example: SCA-JI listed as scenario, genga and other roles).
#17 by wakaranai
2014-12-29 at 13:39
< report >adding several entries with different roles is better i think.
#18 by silence
2014-12-29 at 13:43
< report >An example: Matsushima Michiru. Somebody added a seiyu Mizuhashi Kaori for her (actual name, I gues), but her first alias, Hani Rei, displays instead. WTF?

And please tell me guys, how should we deal with the characters that are voiced by various actors in different releases? It seems to me, you just ignored releases, right?

UPD: I guess, we need to remind users (via guidelines) that they should put a space between the first and last name in kanji. Some users are already ignoring this simple rule.Last modified on 2014-12-29 at 13:49
#19 by saru
2014-12-29 at 13:43
< report >What to do with seiyuu with a multiple pseudonyms, such as link ?
#20 by rusanon
2014-12-29 at 13:48
< report >Apparently you just add aliases to main entry: link, and can specify which alias to show for each character, linkLast modified on 2014-12-29 at 13:50
#21 by wakaranai
2014-12-29 at 13:54
< report >@18 what exactly are you complaining about? Mizuhashi Kaori voiced that character and was credited as Hani Rei. what's wrong with that? and yes, releases are ignored. you could add several actors for one character and mention corresponding details in notes.
#22 by wakaranai
2014-12-29 at 13:58
< report >
I guess, we need to remind users (via guidelines) that they should put a space between the first and last name in kanji. Some users are already ignoring this simple rule.
i'm against it. it breaks searches. suppose you have a kanji name taken from some japanese site and want to find it here. as you may know, japanese names don't use spaces between first and last name. so you wouldn't find anything if database forces spaces in names.
#23 by silence
2014-12-29 at 14:04
< report >^ OK, but how Hana Rei was added, while she's not even searchable? I tried to type Hana Rei in the "voiced by" field, but it's useless. Still, no problems with "Mizuhashi Kaori".
#24 by moyang
2014-12-29 at 14:07
< report >@18: It's because she used Hani Rei name in Grisaia.

For multiple actors, it looks like you can assign multiple actors for a character: link but unfortunately notes does not show in that page. It should be changed IMO.
#25 by silence
2014-12-29 at 14:07
< report >#22. Well, you may be right ))

What about Birth name? Will be mixed with aliases?
And... no pics? (T_T)