Staff & Seiyuu Database Testing

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#26 by wakaranai
2014-12-29 at 14:08
< report >@23 i'm speechless. it's "hani".

@24 good catch, will fix it.Last modified on 2014-12-29 at 14:10
#27 by moyang
2014-12-29 at 14:17
< report >Pics? You'll want to un-see after seeing them... :p
#28 by wakaranai
2014-12-29 at 14:23
< report >i personally not very enthusiastic about adding images support, so... yeah, soon™
#29 by silence
2014-12-29 at 14:25
< report >
@23 i'm speechless. it's "hani".
Sorry for that. My typo.
#30 by silence
2014-12-29 at 14:46
< report >When VN page is locked, we can't add staff. What do you think about that?
#31 by anonymous
2014-12-29 at 16:08
< report >Is it possible to connect staff to producers, e.g. using a "member of" or "affiliated with" relation between a person and a doujin group or company?
#32 by mashibana
2014-12-29 at 16:24
< report >There are already some doubles: 1 2. Also, on the staff list I see three unclickable entries with blank names
#33 by rusanon
2014-12-29 at 16:29
< report >Btw, will this data be transferred to live version or its better to hold off adding stuff for now?
#34 by yorhel
2014-12-29 at 16:41
< report >
this means that sooner or later we will need a Staff DB Moderator
Well, moderator or not, we definitely need people to verify entries. And I can certainly see that being a problem, seeing how the current character entries aren't verified too well either. :-(
I'm hoping we have enough people who care to check stuff.

When VN page is locked, we can't add staff. What do you think about that?
Part of how the locking system works. Not really a problem, gives us a good reason to unlock some entries when the system is live.

Btw, will this data be transferred to live version or its better to hold off adding stuff for now?
It won't be transferred, so don't spend too much time on it yet.
#35 by wakaranai
2014-12-29 at 16:42
< report >@31 draft had no any relations proposals, so no. there was some negative comments regarding such feature when draft was discussed. if you're interested in it you should have said something in its defense there ^_^ for now, affiliations could be mentioned in description field.

@32 blank entries are caused by empty alias names. this will be fixed.

regarding the doubles, i'd like to know how to handle it better, whether name should be checked prior to submission (what's with namesakes then?), or just leave it for mods consideration.
#36 by mashibana
2014-12-29 at 16:43
< report >What about adding an anidb link to the staff? Some of them do anime too
#37 by savagetiger
2014-12-29 at 18:55
< report >@35 definitely should at least name check it like the site does when you add new vn's. Then it's up to the person who adds stuff to decide.
Then if we do get dupes it'll just be more stuff to put in the please delete thread.
#38 by wakaranai
2014-12-29 at 19:26
< report >nutella went nuts. yorhel i'm afraid you should have made it more clear that everything added during beta-test phase will not be automatically transferred to live. he's so thorough it's scary :)
#39 by nutellafan
2014-12-29 at 20:10
< report >:O I'm pretty much stuck in bed for the next couple of days, so I thought I should use a bit of my time productively! Haha, I'm embarrassed! :P Wish I paid more attention to this thread! I also figured that if I'm going to bother adding stuff to the DB in the first place, I should do the best that I can.

Anyway, I'm sorry I don't have anything really useful to add to this discussion... However, I would like to suggest two things, though admittedly, it's not really important so I apologise if this post is pretty much pointless:

1) Maybe there should be a function like with the producers how you can add information of a staff member's official website? Especially when it comes to artists and musicians; fans would be able to take a look at a lot of their content in one spot.

2) I noticed that there isn't really a way to add alternative spellings of the same name- you either have to choose just one or add the other as an alias (which creates doubles). If there is a way to add alternative spellings without creating "clones", that would be neat.
#40 by nojoker
2014-12-29 at 21:39
< report >How about adding "translator" as staff member? :)
#41 by kilicool64
2014-12-29 at 21:44
< report >@40 Interesting idea, but something like this should be associated only with the corresponding releases of VNs. Otherwise, the staff pages for VNs with multiple translations will turn into a huge mess.
#42 by wakaranai
2014-12-29 at 21:56
< report >@40 it was discussed and idea was rejected. so not happening.

QS2: Translation staff?
- No
#43 by savagetiger
2014-12-29 at 22:29
< report >@nutella
2nd point/ if the alternative spellings are because of romaji differences, only use the romanized version that matches the rest of the stuff on the site.
Not sure what other spelling differences there could be...
#44 by myopius
2014-12-30 at 01:32
< report >Awesome work. I just experimented adding credits for Nakazawa to see what the system is like, and now I have 2 suggestions:

- For roles, producer seems fairly common, so it may be worth adding at some point.
- It could make sense to associate staff credits with staff, not with visual novels. In other words, make it so that changing a staff credit edits the staff member's entry, not the visual novel's entry. This both solves the "locked for editing" problem and makes it easier for people to monitor edits, because IMO people are more likely to be interested in a particular person than everyone in a particular VN. (And I find it uncanny to see Nakazawa's credits across 4 VNs, but not be able to see a centralized history of all VNDB edits to his credits.)
#45 by nutellafan
2014-12-30 at 01:36
< report >@#43: Sorry I wasn't more specific! I was referring to how some seiyuu use different variations of their kanji names. Some start out using their kanji names, but switch to hiragana for whatever reason. Again, it's not important to include every little detail (which goes against my nature to be thorough) but it's just best to stick to the best-known/most variation.
#46 by danpmss
2014-12-30 at 02:18
< report >That's amazing!
Great job, wakaranai :D
#47 by silence
2014-12-30 at 11:00
< report >#45: I bumped into it too. I created Maki Izumi.
Present name: Maki Izumi / まき いづみ / 牧 泉美. Both kanji and hiragana variations are listed in cast of various VNs (at least, let's assume they're listed).
Aliases: Yanase Natsumi / やなせ なつみ / 柳瀬 なつみ. Same shit.
Wakaranai already deleted this stuff, because I left romaji fields empty, in order to avoid the duplication. But this in not the solution. Previously, it looked like this. Not so beautiful, but fair.

Small question. Does notification works? I mean, when I created staff profile, then someone edited it, will I be notified?
UPD: Just checked it. No notifications... Was it intended like that?Last modified on 2014-12-30 at 11:02
#48 by rusanon
2014-12-30 at 11:58
< report >IMHO, there's really no point in keeping hiragana variants. Technically, its exactly same name.
#49 by silence
2014-12-30 at 12:56
< report >^You don't understand. Sometimes it's not just furigana.
#50 by mashibana
2014-12-30 at 15:59
< report >Another bug: link

I've put the same seiyuu for two characters and the entries got multiplied.