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#1 by loctar87
2015-01-11 at 22:27
Just a quick FYI, Steam has an "Anime" sale going on right now. Steam's VN collection isn't huge, but just about all of them are on sale today. Planetarian, World End Econamica ep1, Analogue, Go Go Nippon, etc. (You might pick up Recettear too, while you're at it.)Last modified on 2015-01-11 at 22:28
#2 by justinizhere
2015-01-12 at 07:14
I would have to recommend Recettear too if you do not already own it, it's not strictly a visual novel but it's pretty damn fun.
#3 by warfoki
2015-01-12 at 18:05
I've managed to pick up Planetarian, thanks for the heads up. I have pretty much everything else on this list that interested me. Bundles, Christmas sales, and so forth.
#4 by verdun
2015-01-12 at 18:25
I think I missed that on the sale and I picked up Economica. Darn.
#5 by sogetsu
2015-03-31 at 07:56
The Rainy Port Keelung was released on Steam and it's currently 10% off. It doesn't seem to be in English, though, only Chinese.
#6 by sogetsu
2015-05-28 at 17:19
Groupees is selling a VN bundle link
#7 by warfoki
2015-05-28 at 21:38
That's actually a very good bundle. Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- and Zanmataisei Demonbane for 4 bucks, with Edelweiss thrown in for 10. There also a nukige (v4120), an OELVN and that Go! Go! Nippon thing. Yeah, the 3 best titles are old, but it as good of a possibility as it can get to grab them legally.
#8 by encrypted12345
2015-05-29 at 05:47
Huh, if I were them, I would have stuck Aselia and Demonbane at $10 instead of 4.

Still, I've been meaning to play Edelweiss someday and there's the whole charity thing, so why not?

In any case, here are the VN's I already had before; first come, first serve.

Go Go Nippon (Steam)

Demonbane (JAST Website)
#9 by mintsyrop
2015-05-29 at 12:25
@8 I'm very tempted to take them, but I will restrain myself, I wouldn't have time to read through them right now, I'll leave them to someone who'll enjoy them now. Anyway I've loved Edelweiss (just like I loved every other Overdrive game I've played so far), so have fun with it!
#10 by venomg3
2015-05-29 at 15:50
meant to post before going to bed (hours and hours ago) that i grabbed the Demonbane one,
but Keisuke's good end in Togainu no Chi distracted me
thanks encrypted for sharing,
I didn't grab the nippon one as I don't have any interest in that title.
#11 by warfoki
2015-05-29 at 15:58
I already have the Go Go Nippon one, so here's another free code on a first come, first served basis:

#12 by himitsukou
2015-06-04 at 15:09
Another Go Go Nippon code if anyone wants it.

#13 by shokatsu
2015-06-04 at 15:31
Thanks for the link ! That might be the chance to try out Demonbane, Aselia is a good bonus too, glad to have it in my library.
Woops, I thought Aselia was a Steam version, sad. Oh well.

If any other bundle comes out do share in this thread ! :DLast modified on 2015-06-04 at 15:35
#14 by beliar
2015-06-06 at 15:41
If someone wants "Little Witch Romanesque" on Steam, then get it:
4E5ZP-VTVG5-5XYNO (yep, it has already been taken by someone)
An it's not a VN, but maybe someone would like to take Sim City 2000 (GOG) off my hands?

Note, that both keys are written backwards and ROT13'd.Last modified on 2015-06-06 at 17:24
#15 by warfoki
2015-06-06 at 16:46
Dangit, I'm too late for LWR. Oh, well.
#16 by beliar
2015-06-06 at 16:59
Are you sure that you have correctly written the key backwards like this: ONYX5... and then applied ROT13 to it?
It's a shame Steam does not allow to check if the key has been used before you actually use it. GOG at least gives two check screens.
#17 by warfoki
2015-06-06 at 17:10
Oh, so it's reversed THEN encoded and not the other way around. (What was the point of all that anyway? The forums are not even listed by google or searchable, nor it is a place where people are sharing codes, so a bot crawling the place for them is quite unlikely...)

Anyway, it's taken, I get "Duplicate Code Error" either way.Last modified on 2015-06-06 at 17:12
#18 by shokatsu
2015-06-15 at 19:54
Hey there !

Just dropping by to tell you that link "Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete" is currently on sale on Steam. You can get it for ~5€.

:DLast modified on 2015-06-15 at 19:54
#19 by warfoki
2015-06-15 at 21:37
Don't. It's a trap!
#20 by shokatsu
2015-06-16 at 03:22
A trap ? How come ?

I bought it already, wanted to read it for a while D:

I've heard that some content was removed, mainly some jokes and H-scenes but that there was a "reconstruction patch" that could put all of that back in. Was that why you said it was a trap ?
#21 by warfoki
2015-06-16 at 08:10
Content removal is arguably the smaller problem. The bigger one is that the translation is barely passable early in the common route, but later in the actual routes it deteriorates to machine translation levels. So censorship (they removed a kissing scene because it was too edgy for fuck's sake) AND butchered translation to boot.
#22 by kilicool64
2015-06-16 at 16:15
^This. Also, the patch's translation is supposedly barely any better than Moenovel's. As long as no serious attempt to translate this VN is made, I can't recommend it to anyone.
#23 by gabezhul
2015-06-16 at 16:32
Yeah, the restoration patch's primary goal was to hammer out the worst problems (namely how the removed H-content made the childhood friend's route nonsensical, as its entire core was a relationship progression from being just sex-friends, plus all the most glaring translation errors), with ongoing incremental patches fixing the rest of the VN over time, but then the enthusiasm slowly petered out and now it resides in development hell, probably never to be released since Konosora is already old news.
#24 by shokatsu
2015-06-17 at 02:32
Ah, I see.

Well I guess it's too late since I bought it already anyway, I hope it won't be too bad.
Not really sure what you mean by machine translation levels, is it some sort of broken english or is it a correct english but badly translated story (i.e nonsensical parts or flat out wrong sentences) ?

Does the reconstruction patch fixes some of it to make it readable ?

And finally, is that reconstruction patch easy to find ?

Thanks in advance for the answers :DLast modified on 2015-06-17 at 02:33
#25Post deleted.


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