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#51 by verdun
2015-10-16 at 03:11
I bought Tyrano and it is pretty easy to use. Even an idiot like me managed to make it through the tutorial. The thing that killed my motivation to use it was the fact that it doesn't come with multiple backgrounds or character sprites. The tutorial gives you maybe 3 pictures, 1 character, 1 piece of background music, and I think a sound clip.
#52 by [deleted]
2015-10-16 at 21:48
Amnesia: Memories is 50% off at IndieGala.
#53 by encrypted12345
2015-10-20 at 04:19
Hatoful Boyfriend steam key if anyone wants it.

#54 by zakuran121
2015-10-20 at 04:23

Thank you!
#55 by jazz957
2015-10-21 at 12:11
Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1 is 50% off for anyone who hates themselves. :P
#56 by encrypted12345
2015-10-21 at 12:32
I actually like Sakura Fantasy a bit. Yuri fan bias aside, the God-Empress character was interesting.

I don't actually plan on buying it until they finish all of the chapters though.
#57 by jazz957
2015-10-30 at 02:18
Seems 3 SP published games are on sale for 50% off on Steam right now.
#58 by [deleted]
2015-11-03 at 10:02
Other Age: Second Encounter and Read Only Memories (tagged as a visual novel but not in the database) are in the IndieGala Monday Bundle.
#59 by sogetsu
2015-11-23 at 22:17

Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~
Beach Bounce
Divine Slice of Life
Last Days of Spring
Sword of Asumi (+ DLC pack)

non VN: Momodora III

Another bundle with Go Go Nippon (looks like it became sort of a custom to include this one in every VN bundle) plus a bunch of meh OELVN. The most interesting game in this one is Momodora III.
#60 by encrypted12345
2015-11-23 at 23:31
Go Go Nippon did herald the tourist VN genre, so it has some measure of fame. Though I can't help but wonder if all of the Go Go Nippon Keys out in public have all been used already.

Not to mention that in this bundle, it's probably the best visual novel.Last modified on 2015-11-23 at 23:33
#61 by dk382
2015-11-23 at 23:50
They expect people to want to pay extra for the new DLC after getting the original game for a song.
#62 by jazz957
2015-11-25 at 16:18
Amnesia: Memories is on sale on WinGameStore for 90% off.

Right now, the purchase button has been replaced with a backorder button so you might need to wait a while before you get a key.Last modified on 2015-11-25 at 16:26
#63 by beliar
2015-11-26 at 07:44
Not a Steam sale, but ALL Winter Wolves games have been discounted by 50 % until December the 1st on his site. The discount is automatically applied during checkout.
#64 by jazz957
2015-11-26 at 08:26
I'd like to point out that the same deal for Amnesia: Memories is also on Steam.
#65 by beliar
2015-12-05 at 17:55
Not on Steam and not a VN, but there is a significant overlap between the RPG and VN fans, thus I hope someone will be interested in this.
A GOG code for Divine Divinity:
#66 by [deleted]
2016-01-06 at 01:04
roseVeRte bundle on IndieGala: dUpLicity ~Uso no Saki ni Aru Mono~, Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ (voiced version), East Tower (all 4 chapters), and How To Take Off Your Mask for $3.99.
#67 by [deleted]
2016-02-19 at 17:23
Tokyo Anime Mega Bundle on IndieGala is $2.99 for the next 21 hours (will probably be $3.49 after that).

Tokyo Hosto
A Wild Catgirl Appears!
Echo Tokyo: Intro
Always The Same Blue Sky…
Highschool Possession
Shan Gui
Lamia's Game Room
Quantum Conscience
Divine Slice of Life
Beach Bounce
Blue Rose
#68 by zwiebel
2016-02-20 at 07:14
FWIW Beach Bounce just released the remaster/full version on steam. /shrug. ymmv.
#69 by dk382
2016-02-20 at 10:12
Boy, that is one miserable bundle.

I love how it's the "Tokyo Anime" bundle while featuring literally nothing from japan.
#70 by zwiebel
2016-02-20 at 10:34
lol, yeah I noticed that too. Hey, at least a couple of them have Tokyo in the name. They might even have Tokyo as a setting!
#71 by jazz957
2016-02-29 at 19:24
fault milestone two side:above and Sunrider Academy are 50% and 80% off, respectively.
#72 by zwiebel
2016-02-29 at 19:52
fault milestone one is also 70% off.
#73 by [deleted]
2016-03-05 at 04:41
Tokyo Anime Bundle is on happy hour (buy as a gift & get extra gift packs).

Two more bundled VNs on Groupees:
Aozora Meikyuu (Bundle in a Box 7, includes DRM-free version & Steam key)
Cyber City 2157 (Build a Greenlight Bundle 40, includes DRM-free version, key & Steam key later if it's greenlit)Last modified on 2016-03-05 at 04:51
#74 by zwiebel
2016-03-05 at 06:55
@73 I don't really get the last game, Cyber City. At first I thought it was an old port or something. Then I saw it had an HD resolution. I know it's nostalgiabait... Pixelart as I can understand to some extent but this... why? Did they take the Cyberpunk theme a little too literal? I suppose it *could* be an old port and they just upscaled the original artwork to a laughable degree.

The translation doesn't look great.. well I'm assuming it's a translation?
#75 by jazz957
2016-04-27 at 19:10
Killer 7 Bundle

Includes fault milestone one among other games (which aren't VNs).Last modified on 2016-04-27 at 19:11


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