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#76 by loctar87
2016-04-29 at 05:19
Another big "Anime" sale on Steam this weekend. Lots of VNs are on sale. Danganronpa, Littlewitch Romansque (all ages), Higurashi, World End Economica, fault milestone one and two, Planetarian, Dengeki Stryker (all ages), Clannad, and many more. (and Recettear is 75% off too)
#77 by encrypted12345
2016-04-30 at 03:15
Eien no Aselia is out on a 15% sale. Normal price is $15 while the sale price is $12.74.

I'd say that even with my qualms with the game, it's a cheap price.
#78 by beliar
2016-05-20 at 18:14
Humble Bundle is currently running Spring Sale Encore. As part of it No One But You, World End Economica 01 and World End Economica 02 have been discounted.
It's funny that NOBY hasn't even been properly finished yet and it's already getting significant discounts.
#79 by dk382
2016-05-20 at 21:51
Remember when they were going to add the h-scenes just a week or two after release, and they're still nowhere to be seen five months later? Good shit.Last modified on 2016-05-20 at 21:52
#80 by [deleted]
2016-05-25 at 14:11
Anime Angels Mega Bundle for $3.99
Sword of Asumi
Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~
Last Days of Spring
Sakura Spirit
Sakura Angels
Sakura Beach
Sakura Beach 2
Aozora Meikyuu
Cyber City 2157
Serafina's Crown
#81 by [deleted]
2016-05-25 at 15:05
On an unrelated note, someone please have this key for Orion: 36L2W-8PLDE-MWP29 (Switch the first and last segment of the key to activate it.)
#82 by beliar
2016-05-26 at 07:55
As part of their release of version 3.0 of the game (now called 'Captain's Edition'), Love in Space has discounted 'Sunrider: Liberation Day' by 30 %.
The discount runs until the end of the month.
#83 by beliar
2016-06-10 at 07:26
As a way to celebrate the release of Danganronpa on Humble Store, the game has been discounted by 25 %. Note, that the Humble version is just a Steam key, there is no DRM-free download.
Hatoful Boyfriend is also discounted.

On Steam Royal Trap is 50 % off and Magical Eyes - Red is for Anguish is 15 % off.

And while not a visual novel, HuniePop is 68 % off at GOG.
#84 by [deleted]
2016-06-23 at 23:15
Steam summer sale is on, lots of VNs are discounted link
#85 by [deleted]
2016-08-05 at 13:15
Dharker Studio bundle for $2.99
Echo Tokyo + DLC
Sword of Asumi + DLC
Highschool Possession
Club Life + soundtrack
Highschool Romance
Divine Slice of Life + soundtrack
Beach Bounce + soundtrack

Free Divine Slice of Life key (decode with ROT13): 0U44V-ZAYNX-DI4LC
Please comment if you take it.Last modified on 2016-08-05 at 13:44
#86 by lunaterra
2016-08-06 at 01:37
Lots of MangaGamer stuff on sale right now.
Okujou no Yurirei-san 20% off
Ozmafia!! 25% off
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Deatta Koro no Omoide ni 25% off
Ourai no Gahkthun ~What a Shining Braves~ 25% off
Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet 55% off
Princess Evangile 20% off
Fata morgana no Yakata 15% off
Tokyo Babel 30% off
Dengeki Stryker 50% off
The Kindred Spirits drama CDs are discounted as well.

Not MG:
Blood Code 50% off
Ace Academy 33% off
XorceD - Sashiro's Laedrum 25% off
Love in the Glen 34% off
Time Tenshi 25% off
Orion 50% off
Wild Island Quest 70% off
The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook and The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook are 30% off
#87 by lunaterra
2016-08-08 at 23:27
(all sales end August 15 unless otherwise specified)

Nearly all of the Sakura series is on sale this week, if that's your thing...

Sakura Angels 75% off
Sakura Beach 75% off
Sakura Beach 2 75% off
Sakura Dungeon 15% off
Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1 70% off
Sakura Santa 50% off
Sakura Spirit 80% off

If you really, REALLY need to complete your Sakura collection RIGHT NOW, there's also a bundle that lets you get an additional 10% off all the games you don't already own (including Sakura Swim Club, which otherwise doesn't have a discount right now).

Other, mostly better VNs on sale:

Aozora Meikyuu 20% off
Burokku Girls 25% off
Darconika: The Cube of Soul 33% off (until August 12)
Divine Slice of Life 65% off
Heileen: Sail Away 30% off
Heileen 2: The Hands of Fate 30% off
Heileen 3: New Horizons 30% off
How To Take Off Your Mask 40% off
Impulse! 75% off
Magical Eyes -Red is for anguish- 15% off
Office Lovers [ Kougai Kinshi (Mitsu) Office Love ] 40% off (until August 14)
Orion 50% off (until August 11)
Over The Hills And Far Away 80% off
The Royal Trap: The Confines Of The Crown 55% off
Russian Horror Story 75% off

Important notes:
* Divine Slice of Life and its OST are currently part of the Indiegala Dharker Studio Bundle $3.99 tier until August 25
* Impulse! is currently part of OtakuMaker Bundle #14 for $1.49 until September 16
* Russian Horror Story is currently part of the Indiegala Dagestan Technology Bundle $2.99 tier (along with the Spokoyno remake and its OST) until August 11

If, for whatever reason, you're interested in buying Darconika and/or Russian Horror Story, there's a misleadingly-titled "Best Russian Visual Novel Pack" which includes those plus Spakoyno: Back to the USSR 2.0 and its OST; you can get the stuff you don't already own for an additional 30% off.

The MangaGamer summer sale is still going on until the 19th. That said, the games that are on sale (with the exception of Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet) can be found for a few cents cheaper on MG's website (at least when using USD; the Steam prices might be better if you're using another currency). Consider it a DRM tax.

Late Blooming -First- is 20% off at Indiegala.Last modified on 2016-08-08 at 23:28
#88 by [deleted]
2016-08-12 at 20:47
Detective Hank and the Golden Sneeze is in the current Lazy Guys Bundle.
#89 by [deleted]
2016-08-13 at 10:11
Free Steam keys for Wild Island Quest at Game Giveaway of the Day.
#90 by lunaterra
2016-08-15 at 18:59
This week's deals (all end on August 22 unless otherwise specified):

* Late Blooming -First- 10% off
* Loren The Amazon Princess 30% off
* Magical Diary: Horse Hall 60% off
* Malus Code 30% off
* Millia -The ending- 25% off
* My Butler [ Shitsuji no Prince-sama ] 30% off (until August 21)
* Kehen 3 - The Innocent LunA: Eclipsed SinnerS 50% off
* Oblivious Garden ~Carmina Burana [ Yiwang Huayuan ] 50% off
* One Last Chance 25% off
* Pub Encounter [ Dandy Shot ] 40% off
* Soul Gambler 83% off
* Super Star 10% off (until August 18)
* Winter Novel 15% off (until August 17)
* XBlaze Lost:Memories 20% off (until August 17) (note: same deal also available at the Humble Store, where 10% of all purchases go to a charity of the buyer's choice)

Bundle discounts:
* Dogenzaka Lab VN Set (includes Tokyo School Life, Campus Notes - Forget Me Not., Malus Code, and Kyoto Colorful Days) - 10% off all products not already owned
* Sometimes You Complete Bundle (includes Dear Red and Cyber City 2157) - 20% off all products not already owned

MangaGamer's summer sale ends this week (on the 19th).

Steam keys on Indiegala:
* Detective Hank and the Golden Sneeze 20% off (until August 17)
* Forgotten, Not Lost 25% off (until August 18)
* Impulse! 75% off (until August 16)

Important notes:
* Detective Hank and the Golden Sneeze is currently part of the Lazy Guys Summer Light Bundle until August 29
* Impulse! is currently part of OtakuMaker Bundle #14 until September 16
#91 by lunaterra
2016-08-23 at 20:48
All sales end August 29 unless otherwise specified.

* The 39 Steps 90% off
* Ace Academy 33% off
* Backstage Pass 15% off
* Cat President ~A More Purrfect Union~ 10% off (until August 30)
* Cherry Tree High Comedy Club [ Manken! ] 50% off
* Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! [ Manken! I! My! Girls! ] 50% off
* Destiny's Princess: A War Story, A Love Story [ Sengoku Himeka ~Jika no Chigiri~ ] 40% off
* Discouraged Workers 50% off
* Discouraged Workers TEEN 15% off
* East Tower series 50% off
* Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- 10% off (until August 24)
* Highschool Possession 60% off
* If My Heart Had Wings [ Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete ] 67% off
* Kyoto Colorful Days 40% off
* Love & Order 30% off
* Summer Fling 35% off
* True Lover's Knot 50% off
* Totsugeki! Ningen Sensha =War of the Human Tanks= 75% off
* War of the Human Tanks - Limited Operations [ Totsugeki! Ningen Sensha Limited Operations ] 10% off
* Wish -Tale of the Sixteenth Night of Lunar Month- 10% off (until August 26)
* X-Note 30% off

Important note:
* Highschool Possession is currently in Indiegala's Dharker Studio Bundle ($1 tier) until August 25.
#92 by lunaterra
2016-09-02 at 21:38
Indiegala: Action and Romance Anime Bundle
$1 tier:
* Darconika: The Cube of Soul
* A Wild Catgirl Appears!
* Ace of Protectors (action RPG)

$3.99 tier:
* Swordbreaker The Game
* God's One Day World
* A Detective's Novel
* Adventure World (action RPG)
* True Lover's Knot Deluxe Edition
* Love in the Glen + OST
* Banzai Escape (rail shooter)

Price will increase on September 3.
#93 by sogetsu
2016-09-25 at 21:58
Amnesia: Memories is 90% off at Indiegala ($2.99).

#94 by [deleted]
2016-10-03 at 23:52
Amnesia 90% off at BundleStars link

C14 Dating 15% off link
Solstice 30% off link
ChuSinGura 46+1 DLC is 30% off link link
A Little Lily Princess 25% off link
Corona Blossom 20% off link
Time Tenshi 2 25% off link
Grisaia no Zankou 20% off link
Major\Minor 40% off link
Blood Code 66% off link
It Comes Around 15% off link
Grisaia no Yuukan 20% off link
Sacred Line: Genesis 67% off link
Get A Job! 100% off link
robo-tea:1cup! 75% off linkLast modified on 2016-10-03 at 23:53
#95 by [deleted]
2016-10-04 at 21:31
Lucy - Geunyeoga Baladeon Geos - 40% off link
Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ 50% off link
Forgotten, Not Lost 20% off link
Echo Tokyo 50% off link
Beach Bounce 70% off link
Wild Island Quest 75% off link
#96 by abyssaleros
2016-12-21 at 17:24
MangaGamer's X-max 4Play Sale at Indiegala for $9.99:
Ultimate*Boob Wars!! Big Breasts vs Flat Chests
Slave Witch April
Harajuku Dating Paradise Nakadashi Banzai
Valkyrie Svia
Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister.
#97 by zwiebel
2016-12-21 at 18:26
@96 - One of those I wish I had gotten at the bundle price as it wasn't for me in the end.

Also it seems JastUSA has a bunch of games discounted. Can't decide if I want to pick up Demonbane and some others.

I can't remember if mangagamer and denpasoft run end of year specials. I'll have to look thru this thread. ;) Suppposedly the steam sale starts tomorrow.
#98 by sevenbar
2016-12-26 at 13:05
@96 hmm this time two games has already been released in past bundles, and boob war is like a retelling of something I also own. Hard to decide if want the two games enough to buy it this time.
#99 by zwiebel
2016-12-29 at 17:17
FYI There is a new JastUSA bundle on groupees.
Snow Drop
Cat Gril Alliance
Figures of Happiness
Kana - Little Sister
Heart de Roommate
Yumina the Ethereal
Kana - Okaeri

Liked the first bundle they had.
#100 by [deleted]
2016-12-29 at 23:08
Unusually, the JAST bundle is a build-a-bundle with a 1-game minimum, so you can get any of the lowest tier games for $2 each.


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