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#1 by barfboy
2015-01-17 at 20:13
I think this has to be the absolute worst production values I've seen for a game in the history of ever. Even 2 bit doujin games have more integrity than this piece of crap. At least tiny doujin makers TRY dammit. The voices are garbage, it sounds like they grabbed women off the streets, the loli sounds like she's 40 years old, the dialog is mind numbing idiocy, the story is absolute gut wrenching nonsense about how the demon princess is betrayed by her subordinate and turned over to heroes of justice who brutally rape her for weeks for some reason while they turn over their own female partner to the demons for similar treatment because they dared fall in love with each other or something until they reunite the girls in hopes that they rape each other.

My god. I'm face palming so hard. How did this get made?
#2 by PabloC
2015-01-17 at 21:16
Ah yeah, I remember that thingy. I don't think it was THAT awful though (I have seen much worse at least...).
It's main saving grace was it's... length. :P The HCGs weren't that bad either - there's some slightly interesting stuff there. And that main girl is definitely relevant to my interests.
The loli on the other hand... Her voice, ahegao, dialogues... well - everything about her really makes her too ridiculous to be fappable. What a waste. Oh yeah, and the "story" was kinda dumb even by nukige standards. It's far from the Dual Phase level, but still. -.-'

Even though Yuri rape is really my thing (and this title offers quite a bit of that), it's still crap.


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