VNDB 2.24: Staffing The Database

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#1 by Yorhel
2015-01-28 at 12:46
< report >The time has finally come. At this historic moment, the staff and VA database that we've been testing is now live on the main site.

But it's still pretty much experimental. As we've done with the character database in the past, creating and editing staff entries will be limited to only a few people while we're fleshing out the details of the guidelines and while we're experimenting to see how well everything works. Although staff entry editing is limited, everyone can already link existing staff entries to visual novels. The (still incomplete) guidelines are at d16 and d2#3.

As a minor additional change, the database ID replacement mechanism discussed in t5564 is now also applied to producer/character/staff/VN descriptions, so you can easily cross-reference database entries that way.
#2 by silence
2015-01-28 at 13:18
< report >
If possible, try to include a space between the given name and the surname
After all, you decided to separate kanji with spaces?Last modified on 2015-01-28 at 13:18
#3 by Yorhel
2015-01-28 at 13:31
< report >
After all, you decided to separate kanji with spaces?
Yes, t6048.111.
#4 by wakaranai
2015-01-28 at 13:32
< report >@2 that's the first thing you have to say? stop nitpicking for a moment, rejoice, we all waited it for so long ^_^
#5 by silence
2015-01-28 at 13:52
< report >Well, I'd be happy if I was given the opportunity to create staff. At this point it doesn't look like my holiday (T_T)
#6 by weilai
2015-01-28 at 14:34
< report >cast note you wrte alias seiyuu used?
#7 by narcosis
2015-01-28 at 14:58
< report >Rejoice, for the time has come.
#8 by nutellafan
2015-01-28 at 15:00
< report >Congratulations, and thanks to everyone involved for their hard work! :) I'll get onto adding staff members right away.
#9 by mashibana
2015-01-28 at 15:10
< report >There's no staff counter in the database statics.
Also, congratulations :-)
#10 by traumatizer
2015-01-28 at 15:13
< report >Hell yeah, been waiting for this! Will definitely start adding staff when I get home.
But shouldnt ppl add the seiyuus under the alias theyre using in the game instead of adding it as a note? Or is it just an experimental thing ?
#11 by wakaranai
2015-01-28 at 15:16
< report >they definitely should. weilai is doing it wrong :(
#12 by weilai
2015-01-28 at 15:22
< report >i realise i messed up sorry
#13 by traumatizer
2015-01-28 at 16:13
< report >Oh yeah, is there an ETA for how long it will take until anybody can edit or add more staff?
#14 by Yorhel
2015-01-28 at 16:57
< report >
Oh yeah, is there an ETA for how long it will take until anybody can edit or add more staff?
Not anytime soon, at least. There's so much new information to add to the database now that it would be absolutely impossible for anyone to keep up with verifying and checking everything if it's not limited in some way. I expect that it'll take at least a month or 2 before the influx of new entries from mods, and the VN edits resulting from that, will start to calm down. We'll see what happens after that.
#15 by insanityy
2015-01-28 at 17:19
< report >While looking through some of the new entries, I stumbled upon a pretty important issue: spoiler/secret characters. Right now, there is no way to change the spoiler settings on the general or personal staff page.

Take for example the the staff page for Fate/stay night: link. Those are some really huge spoilers in plain view. People may not understand what exactly it means , but 'Dark Sakura' makes it pretty clear something bad will happen to Sakura.

So there should probably be a way to change the spoiler settings on both the staff page of a visual novel and the page of a cast member.Last modified on 2015-01-28 at 17:33
#16 by nutellafan
2015-01-28 at 17:35
< report >@#15: That's a good point. I'll be careful of this as I add more staff members. Thanks for the heads up!
#17 by eiesoldar
2015-01-28 at 17:53
< report >Is it possible to make "All, except characters and stuff" option?
#18 by Yorhel
2015-01-28 at 18:21
< report >
spoiler/secret characters
Oops, nice catch. I totally forgot about that. As a quick fix, I've hidden spoilerous characters in the 'staff' tab. The VA info is still visible in the characters tab.

Is it possible to make "All, except characters and stuff" option?
I'm thinking of making that the default (if not only) option, and remove the staff tab. It's pretty useful information and should be accessible more quickly. I'll wait a bit for the database to fill to assess the performance impact of this, however.
#19 by space-ranger
2015-01-28 at 19:23
< report >The character page feels weird now that the VN is not the last entry. Maybe it's just a matter of what I'm used to see, but at least for now, the page looks weird.

The staff list could do with filters. Something like only viewing composers or graphic artists could be useful. Gender could be useful too for voice actors. At first I thought language too, but then I realized all of them are Japanese and started to wonder if there will ever be non-Japanese people listed.

There's no staff counter in the database statics.
That too.

All in all, there are some minor issues, which could improve this feature. Still it's awesome as it is right now and is a great addition. Personally I think my most common usage will be trying a VN and due to liking the graphics, I will look up whoever made them and look at the other VNs he/she have made. From what I can tell, this approach is fully functioning as it is and I'm really looking forward to the day when there are enough entires to make this really useful.Last modified on 2015-01-28 at 19:23
#20 by wakaranai
2015-01-28 at 19:51
< report >
The character page feels weird now that the VN is not the last entry.
looks fine by me. i much less like design (or rather lack thereof) of the VN staff page itself. it looks so... sparse and deserted. unfortunately, i lack proper design skills to make it look any better.

The staff list could do with filters.
yet yorhel doubted there'd be demand for it when i proposed staff filter ^_^
#21 by anonymous
2015-01-28 at 20:22
< report >Just thought I'd mention that VNs with locked editing have been a bit of a hassle since it becomes impossible to link staff entries to them.
#22 by anonymous
2015-01-28 at 20:45
< report >I'm gonna add some OELVN staff, hope I don't screw anything up -_-
#23 by anonymous
2015-01-28 at 20:59
< report >"Edit Staff" only brings up the "Add Staff" box; I can't edit/remove staff that's already there.

EDIT: nvm, I forgot to look at the Cast tab =/ Everything looks fine, then.Last modified on 2015-01-28 at 21:06
#24 by anonymous
2015-01-28 at 22:15
< report >There's a huge amount of writers missing, hopefully there's someone autistic enough to add them while it's limited.
#25 by Ileca
2015-01-28 at 22:24
< report >The implementation just began so it's normal that there is not all the writers. The creation of staff will be open to all the users later even if I don't understand why when you think that linking is what can be subject of bugs first, more than making an entry with a name and a gender. But I just say that because I am really frustrated.Last modified on 2015-01-28 at 22:25