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#26 by traumatizer
2015-01-30 at 20:43
Requestin' some more before I'm more than happy:

Gotou Mai (後藤 麻衣), aliases:
Agumi Oto (安玖深 音), Harukawa Momo (春川 モモ), Kashiwa Sakura (柏 さくら)

Naruse Mia (成瀬 未亜) (not actually sure if she uses aliases or beautyplanets was just fucking with me)

Rikimaru Noriko (力丸 乃りこ), aliases:
Hashino Sayaka (橋野 さやか), Kirishima Yayoi (桐島 やよい), Konoha Kaede (木葉 楓), Matsuda Risa (松田理沙)Last modified on 2015-01-30 at 20:45
#27 by conduit
2015-01-31 at 01:18
Credit Satou Yuki (サトウユキ) to Lunarverse 13th and Jugoya Maria on Aku no Onna Kanbu 1. link link

Credit Isshiki Hikaru (一色ヒカル) to Efanatika on Aku no Onna Kanbu 1. link

Credit Nogami Nana (野神奈々) to Serena on Aku no Onna Kanbu 1. link

Here's a more complete list for those who are willing to add the CVs that aren't there and want to credit it.


While on the subject of Nogami Nana/alias for Motoi Emi could someone credit this character link with Hirokawa Kotone (紘川 琴音) which is another alias of Emi's.Last modified on 2015-01-31 at 01:30
#28 by june93
2015-01-31 at 01:43
I request that the following composers are added:
S.S.H. (埼玉最終兵器)
Yonao Keishi (ヨナオケイシ, 与猶啓至)
#29 by saru
2015-01-31 at 07:39
Shizuka Ito link

More aliases for Imai Asami: link
and Mizuhashi Kaori: link (OMG, so many)
and Itou Kentarou: link
#30 by yimw
2015-01-31 at 08:58
Some scenario writers (or whatever we're calling them):

Doten Meikai (土天 冥海)
Hiruta Masato (蛭田 昌人)
Tenki Ame (天姫 あめ)
Kure (呉) alias Kure Ichirou (呉 一郎)
Orgel (おるごぅる) alias Owngoal (おぅんごぅる)

Edit: Forgot we were using spaces between names.Last modified on 2015-01-31 at 11:23
#31 by traumatizer
2015-01-31 at 10:01
Seconding both Shizuka Itou and aliases for Asami Imai (she's one of my favorite seiyuus!)
Here's some more of aliases for Mizuhashi Kaori: so g o d d a m n many (i think there's a couple that wasn't listed in beautyplanets)

Also, haven't seen Megumi Ogata yet in the database, so she would be a nice add.Last modified on 2015-01-31 at 10:01
#32 by wakaranai
2015-01-31 at 14:33
^ i'd rather not add aliases that can't be referenced on vndb. for example, mizuhashi kaori credited as "豊田マコト" in Patissier na Nyanko only, and it doesn't have any characters listed, therefore you can't add seiyuu credits, so what's the point in adding this alias? and it's like that with half of those aliases (well, maybe not the half, but you got the point).
#33 by phantasm
2015-01-31 at 15:11
Yuhki Aira((結城 アイラ)
Uehara Rena(上原 れな)
Yōsei Teikoku(妖精 帝國) or Itsuki Yui(伊月 ゆい) if we are to narrow down the group to lead singer.Last modified on 2015-01-31 at 15:20
#34 by wakaranai
2015-01-31 at 15:34
@27 you could add cast yourself, all those names/aliases are present in the database (and by the looks of it, were present when you asked ^_^).
#35 by traumatizer
2015-01-31 at 21:06
-Inokuchi Yuka (猪口 有佳), aliases:
Kimura Ayaka (きむら あやか), Satou Chiyoko (佐藤 ちよこ), Akutsu Runa (阿久津 ルナ) (got many more of these but too lazy to list 'em all)

-Fukada Ai/Mei, aliases:
Yukito Saori (雪都さお梨 / ゆきとさおり), Asakura Kanami (朝倉 奏美)

-Fujisaki Usa/Husa (not sure which one's the right romanization) (藤咲 ウサ), no aliases

-Sanada Akane (眞田 朱音) aliases:
Hana Minami (花 南), Kanan (花南), Ueda Akane (上田 朱音)Last modified on 2015-01-31 at 21:07
#36 by yoxall
2015-01-31 at 21:30

Kitano Ai (北野 愛) as an alias for Aoba Ringo (She used this alias for Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo): Official Website
Oosuka Jun (大須賀 純): Official Website, Wikipedia, Twitter
Aina Kase (加瀬 愛奈): Official Website, Wikipedia, Twitter
Okada Eimi (岡田 栄美): Official Website, Wikipedia, Twitter
Shimizu Yumi (志水 結美): Official Website, Wikipedia
Matsudaira Minaho (松平 美波穂): Official Website, Wikipedia, Twitter
Matsuzaki Rei (松嵜 麗): Official Website, Wikipedia, Twitter
Kakuma Ai (加隈 亜衣): Official Website, Wikipedia, Twitter

Music Bands and Vocalists

yozuca*: Official Website, Wikipedia, Twitter
lily-an: Official Website, Twitter
Sakuragawa Megu (桜川 めぐ): Official Website, Wikipedia
Denkishiki Karen Ongaku Shuudan (DenKare for short) (電気式華憐音楽集団): Official Website, Twitter, facebook
Zwei: Official Website, Wikipedia, TwitterLast modified on 2015-01-31 at 21:37
#37 by caio000
2015-02-01 at 00:49
Scenario writers:

Mathers Numakichi (メイザーズぬまきち)
Kuzumi Takeyuki (屑美 たけゆき)
Maro☆Guts (マロ☆ガッツ)
Yuzuki MIya (悠月 魅夜)

Character desing:
NishiEda (西E田)
Gotou Junji (ごとうじゅんじ)
#38 by conduit
2015-02-01 at 02:35
Oh that makes things simpler. Though there are a few more aliases to be taken account for with Gibu Yuuko. link


Names a few.

伊勢谷智香 is another one of her aliases credited to these characters link

I'd add them if the aliases existed but I don't have the power to.

Would be nice if you could add credits in a staff's profile instead of individually in each separate vn.

For example with link (which is an alias of Gibu Yuuko's so it should technically be added to hers) instead of having to go to all the Lilith titles with Sakura in them you could add in all the titles she's been credited for in her one profile page which would then be updated on each individual game's staff page. It would be a huge time saver.

*Also need a staff profile for
水島☆多也 / Mizushima Oonari
葵渚 / Aoi Nagisa
中乃空 / Nakano Sora
武田弘光 / Takeda Hiromitsu
綾瀬はづき / Ayase Hazuki
ブッチャーU / Butcha-U (Also goes by Eroquis!)
犬星 / InuboshiLast modified on 2015-02-01 at 03:09
#39 by conduit
2015-02-01 at 03:55
Right since I started to jump down a list of roles Himari's done on beautyplanets I started adding requests in the update notes incase anyone ever comes across those for creating the CV profiles and the character's they voiced.

For the ones I fucked up on the summary I'll include a list here instead.

With link need a staff profile for:

天川みるく who's voicing -> コノミ
緒田マリ who's voicing -> ツキヨ
七瀬希 who's voicing -> ヒナタ

I'll update this post if the other ones had a lack of CVs to add a change + summary.

Right there is also alias to take into account there... hmmmLast modified on 2015-02-01 at 04:01
#40 by silence
2015-02-01 at 03:58
Please, add these seiyu:

Hisakawa Aya - 久川 綾
Nishimura Hina - 西村 ひな (true name)
Hinata Yura - 日向 裕羅 (alias)
Moriyama Riku - 森山 理来 (true name?)
Torii Kan'on / Torii Kanon - 鳥居 花音 (alias?)
Hinaki Ai - ひなき 藍
Konishi Hitomi - 小西瞳
Kasahara Hiroko - 笠原 弘子
Kawana Midori - 川菜 翠 (true name)
Kawana Akiko - 川菜 明子 (alias)
KAORI (alias)
Sakura Chitose - 桜 ちとせ
Kinomi Hijiri - きのみ 聖
Nishida Komugi - 西田 こむぎ
Shiina Ruu - 椎名 るぅ
Tsuru Hiromi - 鶴 ひろみ
Morishima Hitomi - 森嶋 仁美 (true name)
Haruka Hitomi - 春夏 ひとみ (alias)
Hitton - ひっとん (alias)

And some more aliases for Yanase Natsumi:

Yanase Natsumi = 柳瀬 なつみ
Maki Izumi = 牧 泉美 / まき いずみ
Yanase Hiromi - 柳濑 洋美
FueLast modified on 2015-02-01 at 04:38
#41 by traumatizer
2015-02-01 at 11:39
^Yanase Hiromi was Natsumi Yanase's former stage name, and those have been added already. Is "Fue" even a legit alias? Someone must've just added it in meh.vndb while testing it out.

Too lazy to edit my old messages, so here's one more req:
-Faylan (singer)
-Ayane (singer)Last modified on 2015-02-01 at 11:54
#42 by conduit
2015-02-01 at 12:05
Well I just got through trying to add as much of the casts involved with anything that has Himari in it. Ain't 100% but it's a lot of the list here link

other list is from beautyplanets but it's terribly out of date link

and here's her staff page link

Anyways I'm listing that for anyone who wants to sift through it and see if there are anything missing.Last modified on 2015-02-01 at 12:08
#43 by wakaranai
2015-02-01 at 12:13
good job, but could you please be more descriptive in edit summary field? one word, like "cast" would be enough. that would ease revision tracking a lot, thank you.
#44 by silence
2015-02-01 at 13:10
Yanase Hiromi was Natsumi Yanase's former stage name

those have been added already
Added what? Where is "牧 泉美", where is "まき いずみ"?
"柳瀬 なつみ" is not searchable as it only exist in the description.

Is "Fue" even a legit alias?
I found it on vgmdb. Not sure about this one, though.

Too lazy to edit my old messages, so here's one more req:
-Faylan (singer)
-Ayane (singer)
At least, you could Google for Ayane and Faylan to write their kanji-names as well. Do not overload the moderators with extra work. This concerns everyone who asks to add staff. Please, don't forget about the original names and aliases (if possible).Last modified on 2015-02-01 at 13:11
#45 by wakaranai
2015-02-01 at 13:25
Where is "牧 泉美", where is "まき いずみ"?
could you please show a single VN here on vndb where those aliases can be linked right away? on the other hand, "柳瀬 なつみ" could be added.
#46 by silence
2015-02-01 at 14:37
^ Would it be better if someone who didn't found the seiyuu because of such missing alias, will add a duplicate? Well, I don't really care :p

The one who added Moriyama Riku. Please, correct the typo: she's Torii, not Tori'i.
#47 by traumatizer
2015-02-01 at 16:18
@44 Dude, that was the first time I forgot to add the kanji, no need to get so flustered 'bout it. Also, it's hard to get kanji when you're on mobile, since this site clears all the text/staff adds you're about to add if you visit other sites on mobile, which is often annoying, especially since I've had a fever for these couple days and it made me forget things really easily.
And yeah, thanks for adding (almost) everything I've asked for, and so fastly even! :)Last modified on 2015-02-01 at 16:29
#48 by nutellafan
2015-02-01 at 16:31
No problem. I actually enjoy sorting and organising stuff so this isn't really a chore to me.

EDIT: #31~41 have all been added. Also, I didn't find any information on Gibu Yuuko being Aikawa Nana, so I haven't edited that. If anybody can confirm with a source, please do so.Last modified on 2015-02-01 at 17:02
#49 by silence
2015-02-01 at 16:40
Thank you, nutellafan ^_^
#50 by nutellafan
2015-02-01 at 16:50
No worries, thanks for helping us moderators out.


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