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#1 by bunny1ov3r
2015-02-04 at 18:38
I think it should be renamed as White Album 2 True End. It's such a perfect and fitting ending for WA2.

Touma kind of wins but ends up giving up because she want Haruki to be happy. Setsuna ending up with Haruki because she alone was able to "heal" him. Such a bitter-sweet pure love conclusion to WA2 in which there is no loser and no winner.

Ironic though that Even though it is a Touma ending that Haruki ends up with Setsuna. As I said, it should really just be named the true ending for WA2 instead.
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#2 by phantasm
2015-02-08 at 05:04
Setsuna's end is more like the true end.

- 3 of them finally get together again, their wish since IC.
- All dramas were resolved (Takeya x Io, Touma and her mom)
- The ending credit with "after story CGs" where everyone is happy and smiling.
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#3 by veronin
2015-02-08 at 14:09
I'm actually reading Kazusa's normal route right now (so I can't look at the spoilers just yet), but, yeah, I really don't see how the other two could be any better than this. It's a perfect progression of the themes from Introductory Chapter. White Album 2 is a story about shitty people doing shitty things, which is why I don't think a traditional 'happy end' is appropriate. Haruki and Kazusa both fucked up really hard here and that's the way it should be.

Either way, I'm pretty much expecting to tear up hardcore by the time the credits roll. It feels like everything in IC and CC was building up towards this route.Last modified on 2015-02-08 at 14:09
#4 by goldensneer
2015-02-08 at 20:40
@2: I would argue that nothing has been solved at all! The route is rife with the characters never saying what they truly feel, sublimating their issues in favour of that prettier, bigger picture. I mean come on, Kazusa playing at their wedding? Really? You almost expect bluebirds to burst into song and rainbows to appear. Given everything that has been presented in WA2 up until that point, it is the most unrealistic. Just because they're superficially happy doesn't mean anything. After all, the subtitle for the ports is '幸せの向こう側' which refers to a sort of perverse happiness derived from giving into more selfish inclinations. A kind of happiness that is nowhere near as easily obtained as it is in ST for it requires the characters to face their issues. Here, no one has really worked through their problems. Io may have gotten together with Takeya, but let us not forget how quickly she was willing to cast him aside for siding with his friend during KT. Kazusa may have stayed with Youko but that's not what she wanted, which is further emphasized in Kazusa's Mini-After story.

The trio being together never was the first thing on their minds. Above all Haruki wants Kazusa, Kazusa wants Haruki, and Setsuna wants the illusion of stability (or if we go a step further than that, a true connection/friendship). As Kazusa even says in KT, she could have been friends with Setsuna had Haruki not been there. As it stands, the thing that brought them together is the one thing that will make sure that they never will be friends (Kazusa's story in the Mini-After aside, where I do believe they'll finally become true friends - but only there).

You bringing up those "after story CGs" is irrelevant, as is bringing up the system in general for if you really want to go there there is quite a bit of evidence which supports KT as being the true ending. But, that's neither here nor there.
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#5 by yimw
2015-02-09 at 02:52
I'll never understand the need to claim one ending as the "one true"/canon end. One of the best things about these games is that you get to see multiple endings. If I only wanted one ending I would watch anime or something.

Now, if we want to talk about the best ending then it's obviously Kazusa true because Setsuna's a fucking bitch.
#6 by bunny1ov3r
2015-02-11 at 17:18
@2: trust me I am a Setsuna fan too, but that route is just too happy. I mean... Setsuna completely dominating Touma by making her give up on her own volition! As much of a Setsuna fan as I am, I would still say that this ending is sort of a departure from WA2's core idea.

@3: exactly what I want to say. Trust me you will tear up before the credit.

@4: Very good points. Ironically Kazusa NE, the route that solved basically nothing at all, is the route closest to reality. As I was reading it, I was literally like... fuck, this is love.

@5: Yeah, I guess I was a bit too enthusiastic on the WA2 true end part. The routes are offered as alternative what-ifs and that's the charm of VNs.

Though mind your statement in your last sentence, I am not trying to start a war here.
#7 by phantasm
2015-02-11 at 18:31
Yes, I agreed her route is a stretch and far too idealistic. But true route =/= best route imo.

My definition of true route is "a route where story takes a different turn from the other alternatives and offers an idealistic solution to all the sub-plots." ( examples being TE of WareMete, AstralAir, Root Double etc).

Setsuna's route really fulfilled the criteria imo.
In Touma's NE, Haruki ended up with Setsuna and In Touma's GE, Setsuna sang "I still love you" after the credit. Then in setsuna's route, everything miraculously worked out. It might be just a facade, but still ended on a happy note. So applying my above reasoning, setsuna's route feels like "a true route which should be played/unlocked after seeing twisted Touma's ends".

If only WA 2 were a typical harem VN, I bet her end would be branded as "true end".

But well, like #5 said, there is no need to insist on a "true end" and if we are to only talk about most realistic ending, I agree Touma's NE is most appropriate.
#8 by goldensneer
2015-02-11 at 22:03
@7 Ah, right. That's understandable.

Maruto certainly has an axe to grind when it comes to those typical harem titles (despite writing some himself, obviously) which is why although ST may appear to the most conventionally happy route, in truth it's the most artificial. Interestingly enough DameKoi has a heroine who was once married to the protagonist, which is a neat unraveling of that whole model.
#9 by bunny1ov3r
2015-02-11 at 22:09
This is off topic, but is anyone else watching/reading Saekano here? It amazes me that this man is able to write such heart-wrenching script and then suddenly moved on to a harem comedy (a decent one) like this.Last modified on 2015-02-11 at 22:09
#10 by goldensneer
2015-02-11 at 22:42
Yeah, I'm really enjoying it despite disliking harem comedies in general.
#11 by phantasm
2015-02-12 at 03:21
What!!! that popular LN is written by him ? Didn't know that.

And yes, I was following the LN. But anime adaptation looks decent so I am putting the LN on hold for now.
#12 by hyperknees91
2015-04-19 at 15:59
I kinda agree. Only the NE really feels believable and since it's in the game at all, I feel like it's what the author wanted the TE to be, but he knew it would make people rage to much if it was. So he copped out, made it so there was no real TE, so basically anyone could be happy. Unfortunately this also makes it seem like Haruki has no will of his own.

Setsuna's TE is far too happy and Kazusa's TE is far too forced in the drama department. I felt like the author was really bored while writing them.Last modified on 2015-04-19 at 16:00


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