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#1 by lightandfluffy
2010-05-17 at 17:31
Narcissu is way better than this.

I was pretty disappointed by Side 2nd when i made this thread so i didn't elaborate very much, but i'm gonna do it now, because seeing this old post of mine is enough to make me blush by realizing how cute i was just a year ago (nope).
I actually think Blackiris is right in saying Side 2nd and its prequel belong to different genres, and it turns out i don't like drama very much, so yeah. Thinking back on it, it wasn't that bad and it had its moments. That's it, i feel like a better person now. Yeah.Last modified on 2011-10-14 at 17:30
#2 by blackiris
2010-05-17 at 21:29
Well... that's a subjective matter. I think that both: Narcissu and its prequel have good and bad sides to them.... as for me: both deserve 8. Side 2nd is more like drama, while its sequel is an utsuge - so there's no point in comparing the two... they're two different genres after all.
#3 by appleaday
2010-08-19 at 18:18
mm.. i liked both but in a different way. i like the plot/mood that narcissu provides more than 2nd. and in terms of realism, 1st wins. but 2nd's ending for me is more peaceful and has a better closure. and i like the way it chooses to focus on people outside of those who are sick as well those on the 7th floor. but reading the prequel kind of changed my opinions about setsumi because it meant that setsumi learns all this stuff from the protagonist like her love for cars, the maps, flowers, etc, but then over the years forgets what it is like to be "alois" or the reason that the protagonist has chosen to live than commit suicide. and in the end, setsumi walks that unfortunate path. it makes her so much of a tragic character than before that it frustrated me. while i know technically the prequel came after the original, but the idea was and still unsettling.

one thing that stood out more in the 2nd than first was the art. i liked how there were more (or at least it felt like more) and definitely more character pictures. i really think that the visuals are fitting for the entire narcissu series but narcissu original didn't make enough use of them. (2nd one did a better job, but i still wanted more ;]) my favorite scene is definitely the scene when the protagonist is looking at the maps. beautiful. honestly. really beautiful.Last modified on 2010-08-19 at 18:23
#4 by congos
2011-08-11 at 05:03
agree with what appleaday says. it's a bit bothersome thinking about the original setsumi after reading the prequel. as for the story, the author didn't want to make 2nd as much a tear jerker as the original came out to be. it wasnt as emotional and epic as the first but i liked the peacefulness of it. i think it made me reflect on its ending even more than the first, BECAUSE i was expecting more. i also gotta second appleaday on the art. very nicely done. so no complaints from me about side 2nd.
#5 by 92ristia
2011-08-16 at 14:10
Hmm, as for me, I like the plot more in first rather than second, because it makes me want to see through the end.

but I really like the chapters nearing the end from second, it's more touching than the first, I think.
it still cliffhanger though, because in the end Yuka didn't appear again (but maybe it's just me)

yeah they're supposed to make character pictures more
#6 by cloudscream
2011-08-25 at 11:49
Narcissu is just marginally better, I think. Both are sweet little stories about life (and death), and both appealed to me.
#7 by bruxae
2017-10-22 at 10:04
Overall I slightly prefered Narcissu 1 to 2nd storywise, what really brought 2nd down was all the catholism talk.. I know maybe it's just a personal bias, but I couldn't stand it and facepalmed every time they brought up Jesus.
#8 by infernoplex
2017-10-22 at 12:33
I liked Narcissu Side 2nd more than Narcissu 1. The story in Narcissu Side 2nd resonated within me more than the story from Narcissu 1. Also, it added more background to Narcissu 1 so my opinion went up for Narcissu 1 as well, so far, from Narcissu VNs that I had read so far, they were as good as they were advertized.
#9 by runeii
2017-10-22 at 12:59
I liked Side 2nd better as well, and I was sceptical going in, thinking it would be an unnecessary sequel. I just liked Setsumi better in a protagonist role, and Himeko was a more interesting character than the two from the first game.
#10 by infernoplex
2017-10-22 at 13:41
Yes, Himeko was golden <3 ... Setsumi and Himeko are the true stars of this show :) Truly a memorable VN, even though it has its flaws.
#11 by babystarhunter
2019-11-06 at 04:35
Yeah, I agree with the last few comments. I thought the first Narcissu was good but I had some trouble getting into it, Side 2nd resonated with me more and changed my perspective on the original in a good way. Didn't cry but I was close. Damn nakige...Last modified on 2019-11-06 at 04:36


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