Humble Bundle

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#1 by anonymous
2015-02-13 at 00:16
< report >Another visual novel Humble Bundle.


Odd selection for a Valentine's Day special I guess, but anyway, $8 for the whole package is not bad at all.Last modified on 2015-02-13 at 00:18
#2 by roberttene
2015-02-13 at 01:15
< report >I just bought this bundle.
Do you guys think these vns are all good romances?
#3 by anonymous
2015-02-13 at 04:51
< report >Most of them aren't romances; that's why I thought it was weird.
#4 by warfoki
2015-02-13 at 14:36
< report >Hatoful Boyfriend pillowcase for $35... Kill me now.

As for the selection, I have all, except for Roommates and Hatoful Boyfriend. And don't care about either of these. Maybe during a holiday sale if they are like 80-90% off I'll might grab them. Maybe.Last modified on 2015-02-13 at 14:40


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