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#1 by bunny1ov3r
2015-02-13 at 00:54
I watched guilty crown 3 years ago. One thing that kept me going in the first episode was a joke that I saw on the online video player's comment section. The first commenter asked what would Shu pull out if he pulls from Yuzuriha's pussy instead of her breast. The second commenter replied, "A gundam."


Anyways, this VN really brings back memories from the anime, one that is full of plot holes yet still loved by people like me because of its pure off-the-chart chic value, everything from EGOIST to BIOS to its stunning visuals to the godly waifu Inori Yuzuriha herself.

Honestly I was expecting just a story that connects events in lost christmas based on what we know in the anime. What I actually got is that, and an interesting attempt at recreating EVA using references to A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and the Holy Bible. Ouma Shu is replaced with Scrooge, [s]who is calm and observant and still doesn't give a fuck about anything and heads into battle at the first opportunity[/s](this impression is somewhat changed after replaying the true route). As refreshing of an experience as it is, this got me thinking that maybe Ouma Shu's somewhat cowardly personality is really good for the anime, after all.

A short read, and overall enjoyable. Not to be missed by Guilty Crown fans, especially if you are also a VN reader. Being placed as #171 on vndb is somewhat overrated (either because only GC fans would read this or because there is very few English-translated titles for vn, or both), though I am not really complaining here. Hey, I am the guy who rated GC 9/10 on MAL after seeing more than 300 distinct titles...Last modified on 2015-02-13 at 02:58


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