So the translation is finished technically?

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#26 by dk382
2015-03-12 at 17:38
@25 It's not. Probably. At worst it's poorly translated but I think it's mostly fine for a fan patch.

Unless you use the 4chan definition where everything that isn't perfect is machine translation.Last modified on 2015-03-12 at 17:39
#27 by encrypted12345
2015-03-12 at 17:48
@26 I don't trust Fuwanovel as much as the next guy, but I don't think it's machine translated either.

At the very least, I haven't seen any indication that it has as many issues as the Hoshimemo translation.
#28 by dk382
2015-03-12 at 17:56
Hoshimemo wasn't machine translated either, it was jap -> chn -> eng translated. For an example of what sloppily edited machine translation looks like, look at the flyable hearts translation.
#29 by xero95
2015-03-12 at 18:05
I was talking about the squeal to this game. The S version. I was wondering if that project is dead, as for this isn't Machine translated right?
#30 by pabloc
2015-03-12 at 22:49
Ah no, in #23 I was referring to that Dracu-Riot patch mentioned in #19, sorry for the confusion. ^^'
I have absolutely no idea about the Majikoi patch.Last modified on 2015-03-12 at 22:49
#31 by gabezhul
2015-03-12 at 23:04
Oh, okay then. I was just surprised something explosive like that would fly under my radar. Carry on, citizens. :P
#32 by xero95
2015-03-12 at 23:26
I feel I'll get a reply here than the quick topic I made before.

But What resolution does this go to? I know it doesn't go to 1080p(lawd... xD)

I have a 55inch screen tv, does this have graphic options past 800x900(think that's its size) I know space pirate sara has 1200x720p. I just don't want a super tiny box when I full screen the game ^_^

If I worded this wrong, someone feel free to correct me xDLast modified on 2015-03-12 at 23:27
#33 by dk382
2015-03-12 at 23:56
Your TV may have options to upscale any image to fit the screen. Some have multiple different options depending on if you want to keep aspect ratio or not (you want to). Even if it doesn't, Majikoi has an option to do software upscaling to your desktop resolution. So if your desktop resolution is 1080p then it should actually run at that (pillarboxed).Last modified on 2015-03-13 at 00:05
#34 by xero95
2015-03-13 at 00:03
Hmm, I see. Thanks for the reply, as long as I get a crips non jaggy pixlated CG mess than I'll be cool.
#35 by dk382
2015-03-13 at 00:05
The option is "Virt Fullscreen" in the config (link) and it looks like this at 1680x1050: link

Depending on your TV/monitor, regular fullscreen may look better. I know it does for me, it's less blurry. Whatever filters they use for their "virtual fullscreen" mode are a bit too aggressive imo. But it's usable, it's what I use because my computer has an issue where it actually gets unstable when I switch video modes often.
#36 by loctar87
2015-03-13 at 15:45
Been avoiding this one till now, hoping it would be fully translated. I don't usually like VNs this random and silly, but this one manages to pull it off somehow.

It doesn't seem to be a bad translation, but it suffers from the same problem Cross Channel does. The VN has lots of puns, pop culture references, and non-sequiturs, and in a translation there's no way to tell the difference between them. Some of the comedy is just impossible to make available to non-native speakers. It's still quite good overall though.
#37 by dk382
2015-03-13 at 15:48
Keep in mind that the Common, Momoyo, Wanko, Yukie, and Chris routes are all still the original Yandere scripts. Which were flawed in their own way.
#38 by loctar87
2015-03-13 at 15:53
@37 Wasn't really critisizing the translation. (Haven't even reached the new parts yet.) Just pointing out that it seems a perfect translation is probably impossible for this particular VN. Even with that issue, it's still a good VN.
#39 by pendelhaven
2015-03-15 at 12:42
Currently reading through Moro route (no BL here, so far) and iirc this is one of the "new TL" that Yandere didn't worked on.

It is with flaws, but nothing gamebreaking. If you're not a grammar nazifag then this release is as good as it gets. If you want a comparison, think of Ikikoi TL if you will. That said, can't exactly complain for a better TL when the VN itself is already ridiculously long.
#40 by justinizhere
2015-03-15 at 13:38
>That said, can't exactly complain for a better TL when the VN itself is already ridiculously long.

People find a way to complain about anything, I've already seen people criticizing the TL saying it got far too many errors, ect. Those people are a fucking joke.
#41 by rey777
2015-03-16 at 03:54
Except some quirk I honestly think this TL is good. Or at least the same as most VN TL out there.
#42 by xero95
2015-03-16 at 04:03
My copy is in the mail, can't wait to play it. Hope I get it by Tuseday or Wednesday xD


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