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#1 by kilicool64
2015-02-22 at 14:39
< report >Some of the information here is misleading. The original PS1 VN, Infinity, contains five routes. The Neo Geo Pocket Color title, Infinity Cure. can be seen as a fandisc of sorts. It doesn't contain any of the original routes, but rather two new ones. Never7 is the name of the Dreamcast version which combines the original content of Infinity with the two Cure routes (though it adds voice acting and much higher quality CGs for one of them), and a little bit of extra content.

I don't really think the content newly created for Never7 is enough to call it a full-fledged remake of Infinity and Infinity Cure., seeing how it mainly just combines the two. So I'd like to request merging them.

Also, the release "Infinity Museum" should be deleted. It's just a CD with some bonus material, not an actual version of the VN.
#2 by razzee
2019-09-16 at 20:38
< report >Was this game ever available for download? I looked it up with "Infinity", the catalog number and the Japanese title but nothing. I wonder if it has a different opening sequence.
#3 by kilicool64
2019-09-17 at 11:11
< report >I'm not aware of it having ever been sold on PSN. Would be a rather strange decision, given that it's just an inferior version of Never7.
#4 by razzee
2019-09-17 at 14:33
< report >I mean, "unofficially". Sorry if I was vague.
#5 by poudink
2021-02-19 at 21:00
< report >Doesn't seem like anything happened in regards to the merge. Is Never7 treated as an exception like Chaos;Head Noah? It doesn't seem to add nearly as much to Infinity/Infinity Cure as Noah does to Chaos;Head though. I guess a problem is that far more people know of the game as Never7 than people do as Infinity.
#6 by kiru
2021-02-19 at 22:41
< report >Noah being separate is just one of many weird choices here, while there are games where literally the same as in the original is added once more, and yet it doesn't get a split. (Noah's new content is maybe 10-20% which is comparable with the usual bonus route or 2 re-releases get)

Vndb doesn't make sense. Either you split stuff like Noah, because the original ratings don't make sense for Noah and vice versa, just like tags and so on, and then split everything where something was added for a re-release, or you don't split and handle it always the same. It shouldn't be that hard, but alas.
#7 by beliar
2021-02-20 at 14:39
< report >This thread seemingly slipped through the cracks back when it written.

Now that I look at it, if what Kilicool wrote is correct, then I'm all for merging Infinity with Never7. Because seemingly Never 7 is just Infinity with the added routes from the standalone fandisc and some graphical uplifts. Kilicool seems to imply that the original 5 routes of Infinity that have become the basis for Never7 were not rewritten, thus there is no reason to to keep the games separated.

@Kiru: We aren't talking about Noah here. No need to act like the peanut gallery, if you don't have reasonable courses of action to suggest, that wouldn't result in the DB being spammed with VN entries every time a VN gets minor additions.

That said, I personally don't think Noah begs a separate entry, but Yorhel said he is okay with granting an exception for that game, and admittedly Noah has changed the plot of the original to the point that it contradicts it. So, I suppose I'm okay with letting them be separate.

That said, if anyone has any insight into the Infinity/Never7 case, feel free to clarify it.

Also, the release "Infinity Museum" should be deleted. It's just a CD with some bonus material, not an actual version of the VN.
The note under that release states that it includes an "append scenario". Is that true? Is that scenario in a VN form? If so, then the Museum entry should probably be relegated to a fandisc, instead of being deleted.
#8 by gvbn
2021-02-20 at 15:10
< report >I can't find any source of there being an append scenario, and the website doesn't mention it either.
#9 by kilicool64
2021-02-20 at 18:00
< report >Yeah, Never7 has very little new content of its own. It's mostly just a port of Infinity with remade versions of the Infinity cure. scenarios added. Not really a new VN.

If we want to be consistent with how other releases that merge a VN with its fandisc are handled, we'd have to delete Never7's entry and assign all of its releases to both Infinity and Infinity cure.

However, this approach may lead to confusion, since everyone associates this VN with the name Never7. It'd also require migrating a lot of Never7's data to Infinity unless we're okay with losing it. The tags would be especially tricky, since some of them only apply to content that originates from Infinity cure.

Alternatively, if we don't care about consistency and just want an easy solution, we could just delete Infinity's and Infinity cure.'s entries and assign their releases to Never7.

Also, according to GundamAce, Infinity Museum is indeed just a collection of bonus material. There's no content with a VN presentation in there, so it has no place here.Last modified on 2021-02-20 at 18:02
#10 by beliar
2021-02-20 at 18:12
< report >Considering how everyone's associating the VN with the name Never7, moving the Infinity release entry to the Never7 VN entry seems to be the best solution. This would preserve all the screens, tags, and more extensive staff entries.

I wouldn't touch Infinity Cure too much, as it is a standalone title with two routes not present in Infinity. Hence it should stay as a fandisc, though if we want to be consistent, the Cure entry would have to be appended to every Never7 release entry to show that these include the fandisc, just like all Myth entries include Aguni.


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