Difference between all the versions?

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#1 by thelastmelody
2015-03-07 at 03:07
Yeah, as the title says, is there a difference between all the versions? Except for the newer ones being remade with rather... bad art(but that's just me)...
#2 by silence
2015-03-07 at 03:58
^ (not just you) :D
#3 by thelastmelody
2015-03-07 at 04:08
Good to know I'm not alone on that one ^_^

But really, what's the deal with all the other versions? @_@
#4 by kilicool64
2015-03-07 at 12:40
The remake was rewritten without Romeo's involvement. It also has different (and supposedly far worse) voice actors. So I'd stick with the original.
#5 by thelastmelody
2015-03-07 at 13:14
You forgot to mention that the art is horrible ;-)

And thanks for answering, but damn, was hoping there would be a route for Fung and for Kei, but if it's all worse than the original(VA, Art, writing), then there's sadly no point :/


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