Quick question on screen size

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#1 by xero95
2015-03-12 at 20:13
What resolution does this go to? I know it don't go to 1080p(lawd... xD)

I have a 55inch screen tv, does this have graphic options past 800x900(think that's its size) I know space pirate sara has 12x720p. I just don't want a super tiny box when I full screen the game ^_^

If I worded this wrong, someone feel free to correct me xD
#2 by remedy
2015-03-19 at 01:15
It runs window, virtual screen, and full screen. Virtual screen scales the game proportionately to fit your monitor size, which on my 24" looks fantastic. Window size is 800x600.Last modified on 2015-03-19 at 01:16
#3 by xero95
2015-03-19 at 04:25
Hmm, I wonder if it'll look good up scaled to 1080P xD
#4 by dk382
2015-03-19 at 05:01
See t6236.35 where I provided a screenshot of what virtual fullscreen looks like. On my monitor it's very slightly blurrier than normal fullscreen.
#5 by xero95
2015-03-19 at 05:05
I just did again. I think if I sit far enough back(bed lol) and put the game to virtual I'll be good, ha! Might just stick with full, baah only a few more daaays. *Froths at mouth*


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