Route Guide?

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#1 by firionhope
2015-03-14 at 23:44
Any around yet? I was surprised to see there's choices in this, I'm not sure how it works so some sort of route guide would be nice, assuming there are routes.
#2 by yoxall
2015-03-17 at 17:11
Here it is. Imo, it is best to play both Mischa's route and Haya's route before Eri's route since hers is relatively longer than the other two.

Assuming you are playing the English Version:

Mischa's Route:

I'm showing Mischa around town.
I'm going to the cafeteria.
Eat on the rooftop.
Go to the rooftop.

Haya's Route:

I'm going to the store with Haya.
I brought my own lunch.
Eat in the courtyard.
Go to the park.

Eri's Route:

I'm gonna go buy something.
Eat in the classroom.
Stay in the classroom.Last modified on 2015-03-17 at 17:13
#3 by zenomx98
2017-02-23 at 19:32
If you go each of girl's choice, miu send you title screen. For example if you will choice "I'm showing Mischa around town." ,"I'm going to the store with Haya." , "Eat in the courtyard.", "Stay in the classroom." , when eri ask you "who's the lucky girl?" Yukiha reply again as i dunno. that's time miu say "That's no good. if you dont know, the future wont change one bit. So let's try this one more time" and she send you title screen :DLast modified on 2017-02-23 at 19:33


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