everlasting summer

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#1 by tyciol
2015-03-15 at 03:57
Locked so I cannot add this alternate title...is title in Google store.
#2 by [deleted]
2015-03-15 at 04:00
Everlasting Summer is already a release title, so it should not be added as an alternate title.
#3 by professor246
2015-04-01 at 19:17
Everlasting Summer is the name chosen by the creator of the game for the English version. It is correct.

Елы-палы, разработчики для англоговорящих специально целую версию игры сделали с английским названием. Название "Everlasting Summer" верните.Last modified on 2015-04-01 at 19:43
#4 by [deleted]
2015-04-01 at 19:28
Yes, "Everlasting Summer" is the official English title, but because it's already the title of r33812 etc., it should not be added to aliases. (See d2.)

In fact, the system won't LET you add a title to the aliases if it's a release title. The alias field is primarily for searchability, and searches look for release names, as well, so having the same title as a release title and in the aliases field is redundant.
#5 by professor246
2015-04-01 at 19:46
#6 by death24
2016-11-23 at 16:37
Best novel ever!
#7 by palas
2016-11-23 at 17:00
Now that's a bold statement


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