Still no release date?

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#1 by xero95
2015-04-02 at 14:51
< report >So much for releasing a title almost every month xD Ah well, hopefully something pops soon. The first game was interesting.
#2 by aer
2015-04-03 at 11:53
< report >Seems like your wish got answered.

Guess they take too much time with KA.
#3 by eacil
2015-04-03 at 16:28
< report >And/Or with the animated version of Taimanin Yukikaze 1.
#4 by skorpiondeath
2015-04-03 at 16:56
< report >mmm nice to know eacil!! :D
#5 by xero95
2015-04-03 at 18:00
< report >I wonder what's new in the animation version of 1 besides scenes being animated >.>;
#6 by cherry
2015-04-03 at 18:04
< report >the funny thing is, it actually was scheduled to be released this month at the 24th but it got postponed to next month, lol.
kinda a shame cuz i was really looking forward to it, gotta endure the waiting..
#7 by xero95
2015-04-03 at 18:08
< report >I hope Manga Gamer has a few more titles cooked up :D although...they should just release a Taimanin themed box set with all the games for 250 something xD The wait is gonna be painful for those of us who want the entire story translated.
#8 by cherry
2015-04-03 at 18:21
< report >it certainly would be cool if MG would translate the Taimanin series or other Black Lilith titles. but understanding the story in a nukige isnt really neccessary if u just wanna fap to it right? :3
#9 by bookwormotaku
2015-04-03 at 18:47
< report >Well apparently they're going to announce something later today at the con they're at so maybe our wish for the Taimanin series will be granted
#10 by xero95
2015-04-04 at 01:27
< report >@Cherry, I feel like I'm in the few here, but the Taimanin lore is something I greatly enjoy...even if it is a bonus lol xD
#11 by cherry
2015-04-04 at 03:24
< report >@xero95 haha yea, but im with ya hoping for translation, if it ever happens. still kinda great how i only got to know the taimanin series from the H-ovas.


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