After stories worth reading?

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#1 by ecube
2015-04-07 at 03:54
I've just finished reading some of the routes that have after-stories. After reading into Yukie's and Momoyo's after stories a bit, they just get straight into an h-scene. Are any of the after-stories worth reading except for the h-scenes? Momoyo's after-story was ridiculously inconsistient with the main story; she basically instantly turned all deredere with no development, but what about the others?Last modified on 2015-04-07 at 04:05
#2 by dk382
2015-04-07 at 04:03
#3 by rey777
2015-04-10 at 05:35
If I remember only miyako's one doesn't have H-scene but it's just fluff so if you feel like it you can.
#4 by tavishthomas
2015-08-09 at 02:22
worth it for CG completion. Momoyo has some funny dialogue too.
as far as plot? nah, it's just a sex romp. enjoy it if you like that stuff.


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