Oujo no Abaddon's hookability

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#26 by eacil
2016-03-26 at 20:53
Can you be more specific about the errors and what you did exactly so I can reproduce them?
#27 by sanahtlig
2016-03-27 at 05:39
Load save 14. You should get an error.
#28 by eacil
2016-03-27 at 07:08
I am such an idiot. I never played the 1.30 because... it wasn't released when I played it so I never did a patch for the 1.30. I was wondering why I only archived the 1.23 but I remembered this game drove me so nuts with its 164 CG that I didn't pay attention when I definitely buried it.
I will try to update the 1.30.
With your old patch, did you use the light?
(To dig into that hell is really what I really wanted now >.>
Of course, the RPGMaker Trial page is currently not working.)Last modified on 2016-03-27 at 07:19
#29 by sanahtlig
2016-03-27 at 07:19
The old patch hasn't given me a single issue. I've seen 7/10 of the messages from the past visitor to the mansion. I've just hit the point that I can see NTR scenes. Yes, I've used the match.
#30 by eacil
2016-03-27 at 08:21
I understand it's working and you are happy and all but we are talking about two different versions when you replaced the 1.30 script with an old one. What if he added new items, modified the game balance or whatever? Can you tell me what is the difference between the right and the left taken at the same position? If it's negligible or important tweaks? Are you really playing the 1.30 or an half-baked one?
There are new events and I don't know if he had to use the script to handle something related to them.
I might be wrong but the two scripts aren't the same for sure.
Take that into consideration.
#31 by tyr
2016-03-27 at 08:32
Wait, you didn't send me the 1.30 script? lolLast modified on 2016-03-27 at 08:32
#32 by eacil
2016-03-27 at 08:37
How was I supposed to send it to you when the 1.30 version didn't even exist when I gave you the patch?
1.30 = 2015-07-10
When I sent you the patch = 2015-04-23Last modified on 2016-03-27 at 08:39
#33 by tyr
2016-03-27 at 09:18
Oh, that's right. I only played Ver1.13 myself.Last modified on 2016-03-27 at 09:37
#34 by kr1pt0n1t3
2017-01-10 at 20:50
So sad I never knew someone made game text hookable until now.

The problem I have is that item description isn't "hookable". Once you open item inventory, you have different commands. "Use", "Trade/Give", "Check" and "Throw" .

If you select "Check", game shows you item description which is useful and in some cases necessary to understand for game progression otherwise, you'll probably get stuck.

I started making a partial and so far translated the UI but I don't have the nerve to translate item description for more than 100 items... All item descriptions are stored in common event 7 and can easily be edited and translated.

Due to the game script, English translation can only be done with UPPERCASE letters.

I know that the guys that started translating the game made a custom font for English letters and then later gave up on the whole project...
I just wish they shared the font they made before disappearing...

Does anyone maybe have it?
#35 by eacil
2017-01-11 at 00:27
You have an incomplete list here. Some of them are really specific and I never used them, never knew what they were used for before reading this post, like the Tabacco or the Bandages. I don't know why but in every game I played, I never use anti-poison (or I really need to be in deep shit if I don't take one).
I don't remember being stuck because I didn't read an item description. I think it's more about how to unlock optional stuff like new weapons?

I was going to tell you to dig the thread but I saw you there. I had the custom font of the very first team but I don't think I have it anymore. I shared it here but I deleted the upload... I doubt someone here still have it or even dled it. I saw you didn't find a way to contact the team. I can give you that if you want.
Then, do you really need that? Better contact Kanarazu, she did a much better job. I remember I found a way to change the font without having to resort to the fucked up font system of Nekoe. Maybe is that what she did.
#36 by dullian
2017-07-15 at 00:20
Hey there. Well, everyone seems to agree that the hook is possible now, BUT I'm not seeing any links for enabling the hook are provided in this thread :/

I'm not sure I got it right, but the instructions from #24 seem to indicate that you need to replace the game's script with one modified for the hooking to work? Is by any chance the link from #20 the link to said modified script? The link is dead btw.

I'm seeing some recent links for the script in the game's thread on www.ulmf.org but it seems the script is partially translated, I'd like to test it in Japanese first.

So, eacil, could you please provide some proper links and instructions in this thread? Would really appreciate, and sorry if I overlooked something that'd make this reply redundant.

Edit: After reading carefully the instructions in #24 I was able to hook the kana in the game.
However, since the presumed link for the script file eacil posted is dead , I got the it from here instead.
Also, here's a link for the program used for unpacking the Game.rgssad file, it's called RPG Maker XP/ VX/ XV Ace Decripter by Falo.Last modified on 2017-07-15 at 01:46
#37 by eacil
2017-07-15 at 17:40
I am kinda useless now coz I forgot everything about this and last time I tried to update it, I failed...
Here is an alternative link where I made the patch public: link
#38 by gagantous
2017-08-21 at 07:22
Somehow it doesn't work for me. What did you use to hook the game?


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