Happy ending?

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#26 by otakuslayer
2015-05-14 at 13:24
Ok I finished it. Apparently I had nothing to worry about because it was too inconsistent to leave any impression on me. I guess one is bound to get disappointed when something is as hyped as this, but still...I expected a lot more. I fell out of love with the characters somewhere along and the last act was entirely too predictable. Takeru was a dumbass till the very end, I liked him a lot more in unlimited.

And yes, the ending is incredibly stupid.
#27 by surferdude
2015-05-14 at 15:31
Overhyped VN is actually not as good as people say ?
Yeah, that happens a lot around here.Last modified on 2015-05-14 at 15:31
#28 by aj58
2018-08-09 at 12:30
Reading this like back to SCP again - black planks everywhere.
#29 by ray314
2018-08-09 at 22:00
In the CODEX, Yoshimune did explain why he went with that ending.
#30 by kominarachromer
2018-08-09 at 22:51
May as well vent here...

I think that the reason why Muv Luv is so acclaimed is because there's so few decent mecha VNs. Alternative, and Unlimited to some extent, stand out due to their production values; ef is really the only one that compares with the overall art and animation quality, and MLA obviously blows ef out of the water in terms of scope. Baldr Force got comparable scores at the time it was released, but the art isn't nearly as dynamic as that of MLA, and the overall style has aged significantly worse. That, in addition to a high-concept premise, probably is what catapulted it into being one of the most acclaimed VNs ever made.

However, when you really start to look at it, it falls apart. 1/3 of Alternative is epic fight scenes, 1/3 is deep character studies, and the last 1/3 is long and boring lectures on military strategy, mecha piloting, sci-fi jargon, and politics, written in such painstaking detail that you start feeling drowsy about 5 minutes into any given one. It's an improvement over Unlimited, where seemingly the whole VN was a several hour long infodump, but it's still a major pace-breaker. That's ignoring the significant parts of the story dedicated to introducing obvious red-shirts, too.

I'm not going to validate the ending by dwelling on it. It's a pure deus ex machina that reeks of "we need to sell more fandisks".

I wonder how many of the almost 4000 people who've given this game an 8.6 - 10 actually have experience with mecha series beyond possibly Gainax. I think MLA is an overall enjoyable experience, but it's certainly not the GOAT visual novel so many people on this site seem to think it is.
#31 by playcool92
2018-08-15 at 00:57
Concerning the comment above, by no means I m expert on Mecha and I have seen alot of Gainax, but I have also seen alot of other Mecha like Code Geass and Gundam (more recently Iron Blooded Orphans).
NOTHING did the mecha genre as great as MLA, but MLA is much more than an mecha series, pity if you cant see that for yourself.
#32 by kominarachromer
2018-08-15 at 02:59
If you're watching anything after the old-ass 70s super robot shows, of course it's going to be more than just mecha. They're all going to have focus on characters, how the technology works, et cetera. Point is, I don't think that how MLA does it makes it a masterpiece.

Time loops are not a new idea to visual novels, the idea of the BETA is a Frankensteining of the Bugs from Starship Troopers and the Formics from Ender's Game, and the parallel world travel, while well executed, isn't exactly breaking new ground either. The characters can't match up to those created by other mecha writers like Hideaki Anno, Yoshiyuki Tomino, or even Go Nagai/Ken Ishikawa. The technology is well though out, but the infodumps don't present the information in an engaging way.

MLA is very likely the best mecha visual novel currently "translated" into English, but considering the average quality of mecha VNs and the total number of them actually translated, that's not as impressive as it sounds. If you really want a good mecha game, you'd be better off playing either Super Robot Taisen or one of the From Software mech games. If you want a show, then watch the Universal Century Gundam series, SDF Macross, or End of Evangelion. Muv Luv is good, but it's far from the best in the genre, and it's certainly not 10/10 material.
#33 by encrypted12345
2018-08-15 at 05:42
@32 While I do agree that playcool92 is overstating it by claiming that Muv Luv is the best mech thing ever (I would say the Giant Robo OVA is that IMO, though Imagawa mecha shows are all an acquired taste), I'd say that part of what makes it so potent is its central theme of becoming an adult. A lot of mech stories are coming of age, but Muv Luv Alternative really zero ins on the theme much like Kimi Nozo did. Kiminozo does it using slice of life drama, and Muv Luv does it though aliens. End of Evangelion is mostly about depression in general rather than really focusing on what it means to be an adult, but I might just be nitpicking.

Personally, I would rate it 9/10 because even as much as the themes hit home and how cool all the mech action is... the pacing is shit and the fact that you have to trudge through Extra to receive the full impact means that I can't really give it a 10 overall. I only rate it 9.1 on here to indicate that it's my favorite pure VN even if I can't really rate it more than 9.Last modified on 2018-08-15 at 05:44
#34 by kominarachromer
2018-08-15 at 18:39
@33 MLA is well executed overall; and I'd probably like it a lot more if it didn't have those pacing problems or a 30-hour long prologue. Say what you want about Hiei; with the exception of the opening routes of Baldr Force, he doesn't try to waste your time.

An awful lot of VNs, anime, and manga in general (not even just mecha) are about coming-of-age stories though.

EoE is kind of impenetrable. At a surface level, it's certainly about depression, but when you start to dig into it you can say it's about anything from coming-of-age to struggling with autism to an attack on the idea of attachment to fictional character. I'm still not sure if it's just extremely vague, ingeniously written, or both.


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