completely CPU based?

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#1 by klutch
2015-04-26 at 23:04
< report >this has been bothering me since playing the trial. i got really shitty frames during the trial and figured that it was just a early bird problem that would be fixed when the full game released. i was wrong.

i've tried playing pxc2 on a couple different setups now: fully igp, igp/dedicated, and fully dedicated setups. the game doesn't seem to ever use the gpu in any of the scenarios whether i use direct3d or directdraw.

in my igp/igp test, the intel 4000 reached a peak clock of 650mhz (barely above the minimum clock) but doesn't demand anything more. i'm not sure if this is a sign that the gpu is actually being taxed or if the increased cpu clock is causing the gpu to scale with it.

in my igp/dedicated test with an intel 4000 and 680M gtx, pxc2 never activated the dedicated gpu either. even when i forcefully disabled the igp and left the dedicated gpu on by itself, it still doesn't request any gpu processing.

only in my dedicated trial with a 8970 did it actually achieve 60fps after i unlocked the refresh rate in settings. this setup has a 5770k compared to my other tested (mobile) setups with a 3337U and 4770MQ and is far more capable. again, the game never activated the gpu and only stressed the cpu.

can anyone confirm that pxc2's emote system truly is completely cpu based because playing at 15fps when i'm not at home is a really shitty experience.Last modified on 2015-04-26 at 23:10
#2 by sanahtlig
2015-04-27 at 00:09
< report >I've noticed that a lot of eroge automatically max out a core on my PC. I wonder if some sort of thermal throttling is going on that's reducing your framerates. Have you tried disabling V-sync?
#3 by takumi75
2015-04-27 at 17:56
< report >I get 30 fps running pxc2's emote using graphic Nvidia gtx 870m look like the fps has been unlock I try setting Nvidia driver but the result is still same. the fps It not reduce even I running with intel HD 5500
#4 by zetsubou-bimmy
2015-04-27 at 19:52
< report >Y'all might've seen this on /jp/ already but just in case you didn't:
It seems PRETTY CATION 2's emote system doesn't offload graphic work to the GPU so that's why you guys are getting bad performance. Bad programming.

#5 by klutch
2015-04-27 at 21:09
< report >@4: i figured as much.

i wonder what the test bench hibiki recorded their youtube videos on have in them. i tried pxc2 on a xeon 8850 an hour ago and sure enough it was pretty smooth. pulling up the menu still created visible lag though.

maybe those aren't even end user packages but straight from off the interpreter.
#6 by takumi75
2015-04-29 at 21:51
< report >why I just get 30 fps I cannot get more than. my processor is Intel Core I7 4900MQ 2.8 Ghz boost up to 3.8 Ghz.Last modified on 2015-04-29 at 21:54
#7 by gustave154
2015-04-30 at 14:09
< report >it runs smoothly on my i seven processor. maybe its the graphic card? mine is GTX 980Last modified on 2015-04-30 at 14:09
#8 by takumi75
2015-04-30 at 21:09
< report >my graphic is Nvidia gtx 870m.i don't think it because my graphic.
#9 by kurosakijin
2019-09-19 at 07:44
< report >Get the updated patch for the GPU Settings, it would get smooth.


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