Do any other mods have a comment on this?

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#1 by dk382
2015-05-12 at 21:18
I'm talking about this thread: t6477. It seems to me that almost every VN marked as having fully animated sex scenes is incorrectly marked and made a thread about it. I want to go ahead and start changing things but since since this affects hundreds of releases I wanted to get the opinions of the database moderation staff first. Are there any further opinions on what should and shouldn't be listed as fully animated?
#2 by nutellafan
2015-05-12 at 21:42
I'm no expert on animation, so I can't offer any technically-based opinions... but I do agree that there is a lot of incorrect marking going on.

I think it's a good idea to correct the incorrectly marked, but perhaps you should hold off for now until the mods with a better understanding of animation gives their two cents.

Perhaps the guidelines should be more detailed/made clearer?
#3 by minah
2015-05-12 at 22:26
I can't offer any technical opinions, either. Whatever guideline more knowledgeable mods come up with, I'm behind that.

If the main distinction is between short loops vs. non-looping animation, though, it might help the mislabeling problem to change the name from "Simple Animation" to "Simple (Looping) Animation" or something like that. I'm pretty sure I've mislabeled releases as fully animated based on the perceived complexity/amount of moving parts in a scene, and I wonder if others might have, as well.
#4 by eyeless
2015-05-13 at 02:22
Well if we are talking about eroscene animation, in older games like Ecchi na Bunny-san wa Kirai? it certainly made of looping CGs so it would be a single clearly distinguishable loop.
But in newer games animations are made from movie pieces stacked together which are, while looping, may show a full scene. For example, scene sequence may be as such: insertion -> grinding -> pose change -> grinding -> speed change -> grinding -> finish, with all parts glued without gaps, but still grinding parts would be looped. So should we consider such scenes fully or simply animated?

And if "full animation" means no looping, you can probably count fully animated games here with fingers of your hand.
#5 by yorhel
2015-05-13 at 05:37
I tried to figure out the rationale for the current selection of options, and found an old discussion on IRC (back when the IRC channel was still alive ;_;). Looks like there was a lot of confusion as to what to go with back then, but this stood out:
2009-05-21 17:13:59 <Maou> That only a handful of games have it isn't an argument against including it, if anything, it's the opposite <_<
So it looks like "fully animated" was indeed intended to leave out looping animation. But overall, I don't think a whole lot of thought went into it.
#6 by beliar
2015-05-13 at 08:55
I'm no expert at this and I'm pretty sure i have mislabeled things before, but now that I think of this, games like Horny Bunnies, Virgin Roster or Sagara Family should probably be labeled as 'simple animations'.
So, I'm for labeling continuous loops as 'simple animations'. Frankly, yes, there are not a lot of games that could be honestly labeled as having fully animated scenes.


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