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#1 by eacil
2015-06-01 at 00:54
I am planning to play Mashou no Kao maybe in a near future but it was recently linked to Nymphomania as an alternative version. What does it means? Remake? If this is the case, I would like comparisons to take the good choice.
Same for Utsukushiki Emono-tachi no Gakuen and Bigaku Yurika & Asuna.

Meaning I need to know if, in term of story, it's the exact same script (it shouldn't like alternative version =" Same setting, same characters, but the story is told differently"), or the same story but written differently (it's an improved version), or the events are not the same so it's two different experiences, etc.

Thank you.Last modified on 2015-06-01 at 00:55
#2 by tyr
2015-06-01 at 01:06
Coincidentally I played Nymphomania HD a few days ago.

It's a remake of Mashou no Kao. Well, I played Mashou no Kao only for half an hour, but I doubt there is anything in the original that is not in the remake. Well, the original game had this "verb"-based choice system old games often had, but the remake misses it ... which I actually think improves the game a lot!

The remake is fully voiced (protagonist is also voiced). The art looks stunning. The voice acting is awesome. And the writing is very erotic.
In fact, it's the best nukige I have played since a long time. In my opinion, there is no reason to play the original game, if you can also play in fully voiced HD glory.

I didn't play the other two yet, but I guess it's the same with them.
#3 by eacil
2015-06-01 at 01:26
I must thank shinnew because he updated the relation one month ago and without it, I would have cursed myself since I admire that awesomely hot cover of Nymphomania from age with the aim of playing it after I have read a little more early Mink's VN (and Mashou no Kao was one of them).
Someone should explain the relation somewhere because, with a different title, it's hard to figure if that's exactly what we think it is. I thought it was some new VN inspired by Mashou no Kao more than a remake.Last modified on 2015-06-01 at 01:28
#4 by tyr
2015-06-01 at 01:38
When I started playing Nymphomania I didn't know it was a remake.
Imagine the déjà vu I had! For ten minutes I thought this is a glitch in the Matrix. Until I remembered where I already had seen these scenes. xD
#5 by eacil
2015-06-01 at 01:45
Imagine the déjà vu I had!
That's what I am referring to when I said I would have cursed myself. I guess I must also thank the special encoding of the PC98 version and the trap of Abaddon which both take me away from playing it... :/

Btw, it's not the first time but it seems you don't update your list with all the VN you read. How am I supposed to stalk you efficiently?
#6 by tyr
2015-06-01 at 02:07
But I do update my list! In fact, last week I added like 2000 vns I have between 1995 and 2005 into my list. Took me days :(

If you mean my voting list, well, I only vote on games I completed and while I play many VNs, recently I don't "complete" many. I have around a dozen VNs I played last month where I still need to find a bad end or something so I didn't vote on them yet. Nymphomania is one of them.
Sadly, you can't order the user list by "recently added" or else you could see here what I'm playing. "Playing" means the game is installed on my hdd. But this doesn't mean that I'm "currently" playing it. vndb has far too few user options available :(

Btw, how about not hiding your vn list?
#7 by eacil
2015-06-01 at 05:10
Oh yeah, like you can't access the list from the profile but from the tabs, I always use the voting list. I usually miss some VN not voted but it supposed to be a small proportion. I didn't see that "2520 releases of 2446 visual novels"...
So I can categorize you as the kind of reader I hate the most: those who read eroge/nukige without fapping on them, the kind of reader that finish Taimanin Yukikaze 2 in 1-2 days just to be able to say "I played it!" and don't know what "appreciate" means. Ok.

Btw, how about not hiding your vn list?
I am a man of great mysteriiies. I don't want you to know that I only read half a dozen of VN badly rated (ie between 8 & 10/10, mostly moege). I want to stay a god in your mind.
#8 by tyr
2015-06-01 at 05:39
So I can categorize you as the kind of reader I hate the most: those who read eroge/nukige without fapping on them, the kind of reader that finish Taimanin Yukikaze 2 in 1-2 days just to be able to say "I played it!" and don't know what "appreciate" means. Ok
How did you come to this conclusion?
The "2445" visual novels in my vnlist are just visual novels I "have" (my actual list is bigger, but I'm too lazy to add everything). The 121 I have marked as "Playing" are the games I have installed on my hdd. These could be everything from ten minutes played till 99,9% finished. The 229 VNs I voted on I consider "completed".

I'm pretty sure I know what it means to "appreciate" a VN, lol.
#9 by klutch
2015-06-01 at 06:18
So I can categorize you as the kind of reader I hate the most: those who read eroge/nukige without fapping on them

who gives a shit if someone plays a nukige and faps to it? i've played hundreds and i can count the number of times i've fapped to them on one hand. there's an entire internet of content more worthy of fapping to just a click away and most of them aren't limited to still images or simple loops.

are you confused that eroge is some kind of high culture? get off your soapbox.
#10 by eiesoldar
2015-06-01 at 11:30
Gentlemen, we have an ass burning out there

Ah, and speaking on topic: the only game of four I actually completed was Mashou no Kao, and Nymphomania differs a lot. Unlike the latter ciuple of games, where difference is much less, imho.Last modified on 2015-06-01 at 11:51
#11 by tyr
2015-06-01 at 13:36
Differs in what? Script and CGs? Yes. But story and scenes are still the same.
When I look at the screenshots on Mobygames, I know exactly which scenes they are from, even if the CG composition is different.
#12 by eacil
2015-06-02 at 00:33
Tyr: ok, I thought I had lost you. It's your way of using your list with "Unknown" for VN you "have". I use my wishlist for that but it doesn't matter.
It's just that like for every new release by Lilith, you have guys who botch them in one day just to be the first to review them. But how are you supposed to review something you didn't actually read it, just skim through, I bet using ctrl for the h-scene? How are you supposed to be able to debate about the fappability of something you didn't fap on? Seriously? That way of fast-fooding eroge really annoys me and each time I almost start a war with acquaintances who begin a new eroge each two days (and I am not talking about short VN on PC98). It's exactly like for those who see Evangelion 3.0 before everybody with a fucking ugly cam screener and say they are true fan... are you serious, true fan hahaHA?

Yeah, klutch, I think eroge is Art, Art you must pronounce with the british accent of some old aristocrat. Why would I talk about them all day long if that wasn't the case?
If you think they are garbage, why are you here? If you want something easy to fap, try h-manga/doujinshi, try h-anime but don't buy something with lot of text/voices/CG with months of work just for I don't know what, just shitting on them. And don't think you can be able to review them if your view is the same as the guy who downloaded the HCG pack. Better, use the HCG package and I won't say anything!
If you have some other way to "appreciate" fap material without fapping on them, by botching them in two days, I want to know, I REALLY want to know. Maybe you use them like ecchi-anime, for quick arousing purpose? Because you have an orgasm denial fetish? For... for the plot?Last modified on 2015-06-02 at 00:34
#13 by venomg3
2015-06-02 at 01:33
this went way off-topic but damage is done,

yeah the VNlist/wishlist is used different by everyone to meet there sorting needs, so without prior knowledge of how they sort it can be confusing

its very strange to start Nukige's & High Sexual content VN's , then blue-ball your way threw them.
however I wont dismiss that there are people who are interested in seeing how events play out, as long as they read it and dont ctrl bunny hop it doesn't really bother me,
a good chunk of VNDB wouldn't even be willing to defend why they rated VN at # or rated X over X
and even fewer would break it down like gabezhul or a select few might.Last modified on 2015-06-02 at 01:37
#14 by eacil
2015-06-02 at 06:39
I am a little lazy. About Nymphomania, what is the best option for a 1600x1200 screen in window mode?

2/ is by default but 3/ is not better? You lose information with 2/, isn't it?
I tried with the first "CG", the inside of a car but that doesn't change anything. Maybe it works for HCG only (which use a different display like in Koutetsu no Majo Annerose), not that "background"? I don't want to configure that during the first h-scene...

And I am not against a name.txt if there is a lot of replacements. *wink wink*
Sorry if it's nitpicking but I am so excited and I don't want to take hours to configure everything so I take precaution. *drool*Last modified on 2015-06-02 at 06:47
#15 by tyr
2015-06-02 at 07:24
3 will stretch the screen in every direction. 2 only horizontally, so it will have black borders above and under the screen in a 4:3 resolution.
And no, no different display during H-scenes.

The new Mink engine is probably the hook-friendliest engine ever, so nothing to replace except for names:
葉山	Hayama
圭介 Keisuke
茜 Akane
詩織 Shiori
成川 Narukawa
蘭 Ran
相原 Aihara
唯実 Yumi
藤本 Fujimoto
未来 Mirai


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