RGD Ending *spoilers*

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#1 by whitetragedy
2015-06-05 at 05:10
What did you guys think about the ending?

-Still wanted to know who Wayne married, might be Meryl for all we know...

-Alan went the bromance route instead of the loli route...

-What happened to the Wandering Dogs :( , would have been better if they were shown in the future at the end.

-So in the end what happened to Butler's (Was he a parody of Battler?) sister? Did Gabriel really kill her or was it all a plot by Meijiu to turn Butler against Gabriel?

-RIP sisters, 100% mortality rate

-People look too young in the Sprites, I mean... can you believe Jeanne was married and had 2 kids?

-Gabriel died too easily, wanted this fucker to suffer

-Leo's too OP, just imagine what would have happened if he came back a year earlier.

-Can't believe I didn't realize Julie's last name is a mixture of Rose's and Leo's

#2 by misterseta123
2015-06-06 at 23:25

-Yeah, things like this were left unexplained. You may be right.

-xD It was a bittersweet conclusion for me. Sweet because how much they loved
each other as friends (even though they still wanted to tear themselves to shreds at the end), and bitter because of those last moments, with Keith calling out to Alan's dead body.
:( I liked Alan more than Keith, though, so if the latter had died... well, it would
have been less bitter. xDD

-Again, I would've liked to know about that, too. I was expecting these kind of
anwsers after the credits, but it was kinda meh in the end.

-Yes, he definitely was a reference to Battler. After all, Butler's sister was named Ange, he had a thing for breast sizes, etc... he's Battler alright. xD
Regarding his sister's death... if we take the last words from Gabriel as him being
honest (at least he wasn't a total prick in his deathbed, if that's the case. The only "angelical" thing this motherf*cker did in his life. >:( ), he didn't know anything about something happening to Ange. So maybe it was a trick from Meijiu, yeah. Butler incited Richard to kill Gabriel telling him the truth, so it isn't strange for Meijiu to do the same.

-If you assume that Ange was also killed, but yeah, what a total massacre.

-I thought the same thing. 1950's Jeanne was... cute. Even hotter than the other girls, being honest. xDD It would be nice if Ryukishi revealed the age of every character. I can't ascertain how old are the Wandering Dogs, or Rose and Jeanne, for example.
Nothing's sure considering what you mentioned.

-I know that feel, bro. But looking at it from other perspective... it was a proper death for him. He was taken down by his own "mascot", dying pathetically fast. That's what his whole life was worth for, thanks to his own psychotic efforts.
If that thing about Meijiu is right... maybe he thought something along those lines and preferred to end him easily through Butler, even though he said he would make that bastard suffer. He didn't lose his mind like Richard after hell broke out, it could be he archieved to remain calm again, somehow. That's some willpower, I must say.

On a side and random note, this time, Butler/Battler won over his master Gabriel/Beatrice. Take that, bitch! (?)

-He would've saved the day, that's for sure. xD That parasol trick was fricking awesome. I felt his appearences were so cool that seemed he had less protagonism than the other characters.

-Didn't remember Leo's surname, so you just confirmed to me that Rose and Leo married, or at least had kids. xD Not that it was something unexpected, of course. :P

It was nice, aside from what I said in spoiler. I think it's the best Ryukishi has written, including Higanbana. Higurashi and Umineko, on the other hand... The first at least managed to mantain some of that thrill until the end. But Umineko lost it's touch after the very first chapter, in my opinion.

Higurashi/Umineko's spoilers:

I mean, c'mon, what an annoying way to include fantasy into a mystery novel. In Higurashi is less pronounced and it doesn't ruin the thrill of the story including nonsensical scenes with X character drinking tea with some random meta-character, for example.
That kind of scenes are plentiful in Umineko. Okay, some of them are cryptic and have some interesting information for solving a game or the whole truth about Rokkenjima... but even so, it becomes tedious, shatters to pieces that magnificent setting at the very first episode, and still, many conversations with the meta-characters are just plain unnecessary. I would have preferred to read more background information about the human characters, (not only from the Ushiromiya family) at least it would feel that they were more than pieces that die over and over again.

I don't have anything against fantasy or fantasy fights... I just think that they were poorly implemented and couldn't bring myself to enjoy it. I know that at least it's something quite original, but I can't see what's so good about it. Even the fans demanded that the meta parts gained more protagonism in Chiru, if I'm not mistaken. Honestly, I don't get it, and I only finished the story so I woudn't left it unresolved, but it was a real pain to get through.

I'll take that it's just not for me, just like there are people I know that love these things I hate. xD I usually like rare, unique games or plots, but there's a limit for me.
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#3 by whitetragedy
2015-06-06 at 23:54
Well we know that the wandering dogs were underage when they were introduced and they said that Rose was a bit older, but around their age... so in my mind their ages goes

On 1950

Wandering dogs - 18 to 19
Rose - 21
Wayne - 22
Leo - 28 to 31* (WW2 conscripted soldier at age 17 to 20) (+ 11 years from the start of WW2) (* Might be even older cause he was an instructor in the army)
Jeanne - 28 to 30 (Lets say she ran away from home at age 15 and got married. Her first kid would be at age 16 and second kid at age 17. (+ 11 years from the start of WW2) Lets just say that she's around Leo's age. In the present (2011) she is around 90 years old... damn

On a side notes I think butler's sister died in the same way as Yuuji. (It would be extremely easy for Meijiu to get the same poison) That's why Bulter was so convinced it was Gabriel again. Also in this way it is extremely ironic that Gabriel's schemes came to bite him in the ass.

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#4 by dm00z
2015-07-28 at 12:58
Although it is very possible that Meijiu is behind Butler's sister's (supposedly) death, I find it hardly fits his character. Would he really involve an innocent young girl (and another little sister, no less) in his revenge, rather than doing the deed himself? I think it is the corrupted officials of the GHQ, who made use of Gabriel and Butler strained relationship. Well, to be fair, they were probably under close watch by Gabriel, so I am not sure if they can somehow contact their aliens in US, but I find it... kinda more plausible than Meijiu.

And yes, Jeanne was sooo hot xDLast modified on 2015-07-28 at 13:00


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