Console Version?

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#1 by ashton
2015-06-05 at 09:31
So i noticed the game had ps3 and vita release, anyone knows if there are any differences ? anything changed cut ?

I didn't play it yet but it was on my list for a while and now i'm wondering wether i should play pc or ps3 version.
#2 by jazz957
2015-06-05 at 12:39
There's not really anything different between the console and the PC version.Last modified on 2015-06-05 at 12:40
#3 by traumatizer
2015-06-05 at 16:04
Aren't the console versions just direct ports except with some different songs?
#4 by kilicool64
2015-06-05 at 16:23
The translation is probably different though. And the resolution should be higher. For some reason, the PC version got downscaled.Last modified on 2015-06-05 at 16:23
#5 by beliar
2015-06-05 at 16:40
I remember reading that the translation is the same as used by JAST.
#6 by cucumberian
2015-06-05 at 18:08
The PC version is the port. Xbox 360 was the first release.
#7 by ashton
2015-06-06 at 07:09
Whoa, i expected to wait a couple weeks for a reply, and here i got allt he info i want after checking on the next day :)

Thanks a lot :) I'll get console version then :)
#8 by msmadness
2015-08-28 at 09:37
Does anyone know differences between pc and console translation? I'm planning to read S;G in near future, but I don't know is it worth it to buy vita version.
#9 by beliar
2015-08-28 at 09:50
From what I know, there is virtually no difference between PC and console releases. The age of one character was changed from 14 to 16 in the console releases. And that's about it.


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