H-scenes importance

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#1 by wildikdog
2015-06-07 at 03:20
For the people who had read both Meikyuu and Rakuen, would you say any of the H-scenes in the game had any importance to the story? For example: Amane's route in Kajitsu and to a slightly smaller extent Sachi's too.
#2 by whitetragedy
2016-07-03 at 02:58
I haven't seen Meikyuu or Rakuen, but from Kajitsu anime special episode 6... I can infer that certain H-scenes will matter. Which is why I'm waiting till they release the +18 version before buying.
#3 by rusanon
2016-07-03 at 03:02
Only grand route (Yuuji's past) has h-scenes with some kind of importance. Didn't read all-ages version so don't know how much stuff they changed and at what extent it affected story.


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