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#1 by bunny1ov3r
2015-06-11 at 17:51
Whether you loved it or hated it, this vn is the one vn that would linger in your memory for a long time.

Note: title itself is a spoiler notice the use of "kimi" (you) rather than I or he

I am not even sure whether I liked or hated the gameplay. I was banging my table during the loops, and almost tempted to crash my computer. I deleted the game twice (I seriously thought about the cheating code due to frustration), but upon reinstallation and opening the game I went back to the part where I quitted. I tried to look for the game saves on my c disk, but I couldn't even find it...


In the end I completed the game more or less on my own. Pretty sure I made at least a few hundred choices on this vn.

First and first half of second is mostly repetitive, but of course it quickly takes an exciting turn. I was gaping when mc licked Aoi's pussy dripping with some other man's semen... WTF did I just see

Just as I somewhat sympathize with mc's decision, of course, yandere appeared. What a bloody Miyuki GE on the second playthrough!

Third playthrough in general is a torture. However, as explained above, maybe I am so M that I actually enjoyed it.

At the end, I didn't even know I was gonna choose Miyuki. Idk, yandere ftw?

At first I thought the characters are not drawn very well. As I get used to the art, though, I started to like it more and more. To a point that the H scenes actually became strangely arousing. I fapped to the Miyuki's masterbation scene

Final note:
Not that much script, but a lot of sickening twists. The most complicated gameplay in terms of choices I've seen, but not undoable by oneself (computer science major would love it!). A bipolar game where a player either love it or hate it.

Btw, whose ending did you guys choose.

I chose Miyuki.

Got NTR'ed by mc, cool....... (I actually realized that I am ntr'ed the next morning when I thought about it).

Give me back the time I spent clicking on the screen for you!

Underlying Aim:
The writer probably wants to convey the message about "staying faithful to the heroine whose route you've completed". To this, I want to say,
I am never the one to collect full cg!
I usually skip minor characters route!
But some games have enforced playing order so that I can't go the the route of the character I want before all others!
Like this one!

So I guess I'll still be Matoko Itou in the future.Last modified on 2015-06-12 at 05:44
#2 by eijikikumaru222
2015-06-12 at 04:11
You completed this game without having to input the cellphone number?
#3 by bunny1ov3r
2015-06-12 at 05:42
I did. It wasn't as difficult as getting out of the loop though.

In the end god reminds you his telephone number, and you can also flip through the diary to see how many times you did with miyuki. God even tells you the formula for the final password.Last modified on 2015-06-12 at 05:43
#4 by phantasm
2015-06-12 at 14:24
Same here, chose Miyuki.

Rather choose a yandere than a H-scene collector.
#5 by eijikikumaru222
2015-06-13 at 07:01
So you mean it wasn't necessary to make calculations and to look at the serial number in the box to get to the real ending? I uninstalled and deleted this game because I kept going to that part in the loop where you finally see Aoi again in the roof, and Miyuki is going to erase Aoi, and I had to input the phone number. Man, maybe I should install this again... Oh, when will god remind me his number? Is that somewhere inside the loop? Because I don't remember getting through that kind of scene... :(

Edit: Another question, what is that about Aoi telling you her birthday, plus several other numbers, before the loop happened? I tried inputting it, but in the end, it wasn't the needed number. So is there any significance to it at all?Last modified on 2015-06-13 at 07:06
#6 by bunny1ov3r
2015-06-13 at 21:51
^I could be wrong, but I think the part you quit wasn't the last scene. In that part you have to input a static password same for all players, 99905230523, the birth date.

and apparently if you input the final password (that you will only get clues to in the end) at this point, you will unlock a secret bad end in which both girls think of you (the player) as being unfaithful to them. If you don't quit the game fast enough, you won't be able to play it anymore and can only look at cgs.Last modified on 2015-06-13 at 21:53
#7 by eijikikumaru222
2015-06-14 at 12:58
Hmm... I already input that static password to the scene I told you about and I also input it in the common route (before Aoi and Miyuki were even introduced, when mc first found Aoi's phone lying in the rooftop), nothing happened at both...
#8 by bunny1ov3r
2015-06-14 at 18:38
#9 by alexlung
2015-09-20 at 22:04
nice review, did very much the same as you. but on chapter 3 i got stuck quite badly on those questions since it really required you to look through all information on those dialogue so u cant really skip them and they are different from every person's game.

and those loops omg, i got stucked in those for like ages, hardest visual novel i've ever played so far that gotten me stuck like this.

i hope they do an anime for this, it will be alot better than School days in lots of ways.

@bunny, im pretty sure that was the cheat code thingy you are talking about. once thats inputed the game will be locked and you cant play it anymore unless you delete all your saves.

i lol'd so hard the fact that walkthrough are completely almost useless on those questions and numbers , first game i ever seen that i have trouble finishing the game even with a walkthrough on .Last modified on 2015-09-20 at 22:09
#10 by tyr
2015-09-20 at 23:57
I love how the only condition to escape the loop is just to actually listen to what the heroine of this certain route has to say and so many people have problems with this.

I initially thought this game is awful because it can't live up to its own concept. But now I think this game is less about being a meta take on the genre per se and instead just wants to demonstrate what a socially retarded scumbag the erogamer of today is. Because apparently, listening to the girl he wants to H is the most hardest thing ever for him and without a guide he's totally lost at this.

This game is brilliant. Thank you, Shimokura.

i hope they do an anime for this
Yes, that would make sense. Not.
#11 by katzy07
2017-09-03 at 23:30
TLDR: Good game. I recommend it. Go into the story blind. Don't read anything about it, including my ramblings.

I'm not going to mark them with the normal spoiler marker because it would be annoying to have a big black spot over the whole post. But you've been warned.)

This was the fastest I've ever finished a visual novel. It took me about three days of reading, which is rare for me considering how slow I read in Japanese (and even in English sometimes).

I'm glad I came into the story mostly blind. I knew there might be some Yandere stuff in the story but that was about it. I didn't expect at all that things were going to go meta. So once Aoi started talking about what route you're in and how she's just a sub-heroine for that route, the game had my attention.

Really the best part of the game is all the little details. Like how you can't get a good end until you let Aoi alter reality. And how in the first normal end Miyuki just goes on with her life living happily without you.

<REAL SPOILERS start here, so last chance to back out>

But then once you finish the first route, I really liked how it felt like the game was almost actively trying to fight you from even getting into Aoi's route. The first time I tried to get on her route I failed to pick the right choice when you have to go look for her and then out of curiosity played out the rest of Miyuki's route. And it was cool how they added a line in there about how the Miyuki ending was "Fated" to happen.

Then when you finally do get on the Aoi route, it's almost like the game begins to punish you for that. Aoi is unfaithful to you. And at first you think "Well maybe it's just all a misunderstanding", but the game makes it brutally obvious that that's not the case. The story does pretty much everything it can to make you dislike Aoi, or at least the way the Aoi route is going (unless you're an NTR fan or something). And you have to doggedly decide to keep picking choices that favor Aoi despite that in order to actually reach the end of her route.

And then your reward is of course to have both of you brutally murdered. And have your control of the game ripped away from you. (This scared the crap out of me initially. I'm a chicken and I shouldn't have been playing it at night when I knew something like this was coming...)

From there on those little details begin to stand out more and more. It's awesome how when you first try to access the save menu after Miyuki takes control, there's voice lines mocking you for it. It's crazy that the game forces you to continue in these loops until you've basically worn Miyuki down by either pretending to like her, or refusing to stop hating her. And somehow even though it was kind of a slog, I didn't get tired of this section of the game at all, because when there were little changes in Miyuki's dialogue it always had impact.

And of course that section where you have to remember pretty much every conversation that happened in those loops just to unlock her phone... that was annoying but I felt a real sense of triumph when it was over. And the fact that they actually had voice lines which mention exactly how many times you tried the quiz (at least up to 4 times trying it) is just great attention to detail. And then they even have the nerve to call you out on trying to look up the answers in a walkthrough... which I definitely did.

In the end, I think my only real complaint with the game is that I didn't really like Aoi that much. I mean initially I was interested in her, but her background story basically boiled down to not having a background story. She was a plot-device through and through.

Whereas Miyuki despite going batshit crazy, actually made me feel feelings and junk. It's a really weird concept to have a heroine who is in love with YOU and not the character on the screen. And honestly it made me feel uncomfortable playing the game at times. But really, it just clicked. And in the end when you're given the choice between the two girls, despite fighting against Miyuki practically the whole game, I had to choose her because I actually cared about her as character. And the alternative was Aoi who was just... intentionally not much of a character at all.

I think what they were going for was a setup where Aoi is more like the personification of a visual novel itself. She's the goal of collecting the CGs and reaching all the endings and seeing everything a game has to offer.

And Miyuki is more a representation of that concept of pure undying love that many games try to express. Only it's taken to the furthest extremes possible.

I imagine the type of person who would pick Aoi at the end is either a bit of a rebel, or instead is more of a completionists. Or maybe Miyuki's antics just ticked them off.

But you know, even though at the end I wasn't that interested in Aoi... it was kind of a gut-punch when I finished the game and went back to the title screen and realized she was in none of the CG. That hit me harder than I expected. Because I'm never going to download the game again and go through all that just to finish her ending. And it's really like she disappeared for ever with that. They even removed her from the title of the game.

So overall I have to say this is one of my favorite visual novels I've ever played. It takes you on a wild ride. And really explores the concept of what it means to be playing these types of games. The only thing I've seen similar to this would be Undertale. And even that didn't explore the concept of a game interacting directly with it's player and making them feel responsible for the concequences of their actions as well as this. Also this game predates that one by almost a year.

So yeah. Good game. Highly recommended.Last modified on 2017-09-03 at 23:32
#12 by rick12
2018-05-09 at 17:41
So, katzy07, you chose Miyuki in the choice at the end, correct? Care to tell what happens after picking Miyuki?
#13 by soyelmati
2018-12-10 at 14:02
I ended totono aoi route, I knew it wasn't going to be as it looked like, as I saw some ss of the game before (though didn't read the synopsis), but wow, it's exceeded my expectations and I don't know if it was in a good or a bad way.
First time a ntr hit me that hard, maybe because I cared for the heroine, and it was quite an impactful game in many ways, specially when Miyuki speaked to myself it felt quite real and make her much more of an interesting character, though at the end I went for Aoi as I wanted from the start.
In fact Aoi was the first 天然 heroine that I really liked, as commonly I can't evitate seeing those types of heroines as ぶりっ子, though I would lie if I say my affection for her didn't go down in the ntr scenes.
But the thing that bugged me the most from this VN is the fact that all of the problems started by betraying Miyuki but the game didn't let you choose what heroine to do at the start, so even if you didn't want to do the Miyuki route you need to "betray" her to do the Aoi route.

Even all of that it was quite an impactful VN, and I don't think I could forget it even if I wanted. Typical Shimokura Vio VN lol.


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