Is this VN good?

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#1 by arilando
2015-06-14 at 21:40
I would like to hear an opinion from someone who's played this.
#2 by jazz957
2015-06-14 at 21:50
I have not played this, but look at the ratings, and I think you'll find your answer there.
#3 by arilando
2015-06-14 at 22:00
I was looking more for a small review or just someone's opinion after having played it.
#4 by jazz957
2015-06-14 at 22:06
Well since the rating is that high, I'd say the answer is, yes, it is good.
#5 by veronin
2015-06-14 at 22:07
I played a few hours of it and Yomi is the best girl ever.
#6 by phantasm
2015-06-15 at 02:57
Better than random charage/moege out there.

One route got a coming-of-age story with substantial time skip. Growing up and changing, facing the truth, it is a heart-warming and sweet story.
Definitely a must-play if you like Hikaru Genji x Murasaki no ue story. xD

Yomi's route is also good. A bitter sweet story with nice twist.

One of the thing I like about this VN is that the H-scene doesn't interfere with the story. Most(maybe all) of the icha-icha and H are condensed in the long epilogues and thus the route itself is an uninterrupted ride.Last modified on 2015-06-15 at 05:49
#7 by alexlung
2015-09-22 at 17:01
don;t let the ratings fool you seriously. most untranslated visual novels only have around 50-200 max ratings depends on popularity and most of them are either inaccurate or underrated due to not many played it. many people play untranslated ones without knowledge of Japanese using programs to translate the text so that will put off for alot of people which will lead to low score in many cases .your better looking up reviews for this one on google.Last modified on 2015-09-22 at 17:02
#8 by ayanotatemaya
2017-01-23 at 14:46
i wish this one has an english translation :c
#9 by aprilia1k
2018-10-19 at 23:45



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