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#1 by whitetragedy
2015-07-16 at 05:05
I'm new to this game so I choose Saber and looking for a guide on how to distribute the stats I took a peek at the official red saber's stats on the type moon wiki. I didn't bother looking up guides and just thought why not aim for the wiki stats. (Strength and Endurance up to D, then tried to max Agility and Luck)

As I have never played the game before I thought the grind wasn't bad until I (Level 36) went against berserker. I spent an hour and half trying to beat him but kept losing. I even made pages of the combos that berserker used to try and predict his moves. After 3 retrys I went fuck it and looked up a video guide... the guy in the video literally spent like 4 minutes to win. After looking at the guide and finding out what moves to look out for, it took me a solid 35 minutes to win (Thank god for the revival skill, I had to recast this skill 3 times). (My stats for this fight was Strenghth and Endurance D, B agility, D magic, and C luck)

Tl; dr Was wondering why the game was so hard when I picked the easiest character, turns out I was unintentionally playing hard mode.

Now I know the next opponent can cancel the revival passive(OP move) and has 39k hp, anyone have any tips on how I can defeat it when I only do 350 damage on average and have paper armor?Last modified on 2015-07-16 at 05:15
#2 by realitymaker
2015-07-16 at 05:20
You messed up your stats really badly. Agility and Luck does barely anything for Saber. You're supposed to max out Strength first, and then focus on Endurance.
#3 by whitetragedy
2015-07-16 at 21:49
But in the type moon wiki...
#4 by shokatsu
2015-07-16 at 23:47
Ow, thought this was CCC, was about to say just pick Gilgamesh.

Didn't have any problem even in Hard mode, except against Monster who can basically one-shot you if you don't block the right move.

I distributed my points between Strength and Endurance, giving slightly more to Strength as I leveled up, then Agility.

I think my end-game stats without grinding too much was something like A+ Strength, A Endurance and B Agi, rest at E since it's useless.
You COULD dump some points in Luck since I heard it increases crit chance but meh.

Anyway, yeah, I don't know what the wiki page you looked at told you, but as Saber you should focus on Strength and Endurance primarily.
#5 by whitetragedy
2015-07-17 at 00:40
Apparently, the stats were based on the official source material below.

Official Servant stats

Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus

Master: Hakuno Kishinami
Alignment: Chaotic Good[1]

Strength: D
Endurance: D
Agility: A
Mana: B
Luck: A
N. Phantasm: B

Class skills:
Magic Resistance C[1][2]

Personal skills:

Imperial Privilege EX[1][2]
Migraine B[1][2]

Noble Phantasms:

Aestus Domus Aurea Anti-Team[1] B[1]

On the bright side, I really felt like the newbie main character by barely scraping by on the weekly battles. So now the question is if I should stick with Luck and raise it to Rank B or increase Strength to rank C with the week I have left.Last modified on 2015-07-17 at 00:49
#6 by realitymaker
2015-07-17 at 01:25
Those wiki stats mean nothing for in-game purposes. All of Saber's attack power comes from Strength. Agility and Luck does nothing for her, and I'd even say they are the most useless stats in the game. Luck does have the benefit of increasing status resistance and crit rates, but when your base damage is low, landing a critical is terrible.
#7 by sidvanhalen
2015-07-17 at 01:26
Hi dude, I suggest for Saber you raise out strength as much as you can this week, just curious, which route are you on?
#8 by shokatsu
2015-07-17 at 05:43
Agility being useless ? Can't tell if serious.

It helps lessening the random factor in your attack, the more agility you have the better your average damage will be.

Just do the test, fight the same opponent and note your average damage, rank up Agility and watch as that number goes up.

It also determines who gets his to use his skills and Codecasts first.

You should still prioritize Strength and Endurance but saying Agility is useless is huge misinformation.Last modified on 2015-07-17 at 05:45
#9 by whitetragedy
2015-07-18 at 05:03
Rin route all the way.

Guess I'll just max strength and equip the strength buff jacket and hope for the best
#10 by shokatsu
2015-07-18 at 06:40
You should try out Rani's route too after that, just being able to fight Lancer is worth it. That and his in-fight interactions/dialogues with Rin are freaking hilarious, aha. I remember I skipped turns on purpose just to hear them chat.

How I wish we could have him as a servant...Last modified on 2015-07-18 at 06:40
#11 by mazyrian
2015-07-18 at 23:36
Also, though I prefer Rani overall, if you are playing with Archer go for Rin: there are some additional scenes (and a bit more if you are also playing a female char)
#12 by whitetragedy
2015-07-19 at 02:33
Hmm then after this I'll go caster on Rani's route then Archer on Rin's route
#13 by gabezhul
2015-07-19 at 05:11
^ If you have the time to burn then do that, but note that (as I stated in my review) while there are a number of variables that encourage replaying the game, you will still have to do all the grinding in the slow-paced combat system all over again with 70% of the game still being 100% the same. As per my usual MO, my advice is to get some AR codes on the second playthrough to mitigate some of those issues.
#14 by whitetragedy
2015-07-19 at 22:58
AR code?

Edit: I just got killed by a regular mob from full health

Dat rank D defense ORZ

I'm thinking of just abandoning this play-through and continuing on to caster with Rani route, then archer on Rin route.

Am I missing anything large by abandoning the rest of Saber on Rin route? I already watched Saber's back story and have E info on her.Last modified on 2015-07-19 at 23:02
#15 by mazyrian
2015-07-20 at 23:09
If you play until the end you can carry on the save, retaining money/items/enemy attacks patterns
#16 by shokatsu
2015-07-21 at 04:27
You have to complete the game once to face Monster too, IIRC.

Not sure anymore though, been a long time.

Also, starting Caster in Hard Mode without the carry-overs from a previous game will be CHALLENGING, that's for sure.
#17 by gabezhul
2015-07-21 at 05:02
Yeah, Caster is the hard mode of the game. If you aren't on the top of the game, even normal mobs will wipe the floor with her early on, though later she becomes a beast once she can regenerate MP and you can spam special attacks. Also, who doesn't want to have a genki magical fox-girl as their Servant?

I recommend finishing your current playthrough first though. If you find it necessary, get an Action Replay code to give you extra stat points to spend and raise up Saber's Strength and Endurance to a more manageable level at the very least. She is supposed to be the "easy mode" exactly because focusing on those two attributes lets you bash your way through even bosses with only normal attacks. By the way, pardon me, but I find your ability to screw that simple formula up mildly hilarious. :P
#18 by whitetragedy
2015-07-24 at 03:45
I used the AR code to get 999 sp and raised my stats to

Agility: A
Mana: B
Luck: A

I now do 1000 average damage... wtf? I thought damage was related to strength? Does she scale of Magic as well?Last modified on 2015-07-24 at 04:20
#19 by realitymaker
2015-07-24 at 06:22
Not sure why you invested so much in Luck. Magic is her forte, just like how strength is for Saber. Magic > Defense > Agility.
#20 by whitetragedy
2015-07-24 at 06:38
Nono, this is still in the saber playthrough
#21 by realitymaker
2015-07-24 at 17:59
All the stats have some effect on regular attacks and skills. I'm not sure of the actual calculations, but the listed info should give you an idea on how much the stats factor.

Increase Strength rank and damage will increase by..
E rank = physical 3, skill 2.
D rank = physical 4, skill 3.

Increase Endurance rank and damage will increase by..
E rank = physical 1/2, skill 3.
D rank = physical 1, skill 4.

Increase Agility rank and damage will increase by..
E rank = physical 1/4 or none, skill 1.
D rank = physical 1/2, skill 2.

Increase Magic rank and damage will increase by..
E rank = physical (no data), skill 3.
D rank = physical (no data), skill 4.
C rank = physical 1/2, skill 5.
B rank = physical 1, skill 6.

Increase Luck rank and damage will increase by..
E rank = None.
D rank = physical 1/2, skill 1.

*Physical damage = Guard, Break, Attack

Just note that even if Strength's factor doesn't change from D-rank and above, the amount of points you put into it still factors into the damage formula. Also, characters have better stat point ratios for certain stats. Saber gets 2.5 strength per stat point you put into it. I'm still wondering why you still haven't increased Saber's strength with the AR Code.Last modified on 2015-07-24 at 20:57
#22 by whitetragedy
2015-07-25 at 01:13
I just wanted to see if it was possible to play through the game with the official stats of saber
#23 by shokatsu
2015-07-25 at 06:40
Agility has the side-effect of increasing the "lower" values that your regular attacks will do as well.

And Luck increases crit chance I think ? It also allows you to survive Gae Bolg


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