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#1 by tiduas
2010-06-18 at 02:16
< report >I have just finished all Umineko no Naku Koro ni that have been translated and want to continue going further into the VN world. Still, I have one request and that is the music. I really want to find a VN that have at least some of the awesomeness from what Umineko had.

So can anyone recommend a VN that are both superb in music and story terms?Last modified on 2010-12-15 at 17:33
#2 by mamoru
2010-06-18 at 02:35
< report >I'm not so sure about the quality of music, but you can try Symphonic Rain, its a VN about music afterall, you can youtube the music if you want to check its quality
#3 by chikan
2010-06-18 at 10:33
< report >Ludesia has some great music.

A lot of Nitro+ games have great music too, like Angelos Armas and Kikokugai.
#4 by blackiris
2010-06-18 at 13:21
< report >Ok, here I go:
Umineko no Naku Koro ni (as you've mentioned, it's masterpiece)
Fate/stay night ('Kierunai Omoi' and 'Emiya' are the best ones, but the whole OST is pretty much awesome)
Tsukihime (Ever After soundtrack, maybe it's just me, but I really like this music)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (not as good as Umineko's OST, but still very good)
Narcissu (tranquil music)
Planetarian (maybe there are only 5 or 6 instrumentals in this vn, but they're all superb, especially 'Gentle Jena')
Saya no Uta (talk about fitting music)
Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo (great op/ed songs and quite a few catchy instrumentals)
Utawarerumono (maybe not great, but you'll get so used to it, that once you finish the game, you'll put the OST on you playlist for sure)
Clannad, Air, Kanon (especially Clannad, but all of the three have great OSTs)

That would be all from me. Sure, there are many, many more vns with great soundtracks I've played, but I'm just lazy and don't have enough willpower to post all of them ;f.Last modified on 2010-06-18 at 13:21
#5 by gabezhul
2010-06-18 at 17:37
< report >If we are talking about music, do not forget the Ar Tonelico games. They are more RPG than VN, but they have great story, and an OST that I can only compare to Umineko's in terms of epicness and fitting the atmosphere. Also, most of the songs of the game were created by the same artist that made the OP for both the first four Umineko-games as well as the Anime adaptation's. It reeeeeally good. :P
#6 by kalikai2188
2010-06-22 at 21:07
< report >@1: Maybe you may try 青い空と白い翼 (Aoi Sora to Shiroi Tsubasa aka The Blue Skies and the White Wings") sung by Yuduki. I didn't manage to understand the storyline in details now as my Japanese language level is still ongoing but this ED song is great! :D Hope you enjoy it well! Also, their art drawings are very good! ;)

Yeah, 小さな手のひら (The Palm of my Tiny Hands aka Chiisana Te no Hira) sung by Riya from Clannad is very emotional song. This lyric is quite easy to understand. Also, try Nagisa and Nagisa-Waiting Down the Hill or something like that... both of them are same in terms of the arrangements of the OST but with slightly different instruments. Best to listen at midnight... more effect on my emotion, I guess.Last modified on 2010-06-22 at 21:14
#7 by quantic
2010-06-24 at 15:47
< report >I adore the pieces by Tenmon & Eiichiro Yanagi so I'll recommend:
- Ef - A Fairy Tale of the Two
- Eden* They were only two on the planet
#8 by asceai
2010-06-24 at 20:02
< report >I loved Subarashiki Hibi's music.
#9 by cracklings
2010-06-25 at 05:58
< report >I loved Myth's music
#10 by emprisk
2010-07-15 at 00:09
< report >@7: YES I LOVE EF! I have all the anime OST's and the VN OST

Along with that, I would also recommend Wind ~A Breath of Heart~ Music not necessarily for its great instrumentation, but the meaning of the words flowing with the song
#11 by kalikai2188
2010-07-15 at 02:54
< report >Last night, I started enjoying two of the vocal songs from an anime (Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na - Moon Crescent) based on the VN from v232.
Those two songs are called "Prelude -We are not alone - by Ootou Fumi" and "Crescent Love ~Tsuki no Namida~ by Nabatame Hitomi"
Very emotional and my tears nearly come out... but still Clannad's OSTs have more effect on my eyes. T.T lol...

Sorry for not able to tell you exactly about the quality of the story content and its OST of this v232 cuz I am still playing it now >.<. But I can tell that watching its anime and listening to these two vocal songs I mentioned above are very very good.
:DLast modified on 2010-07-15 at 03:08
#12 by loss
2010-07-15 at 06:58
< report >Sekai no Subete and Ar Tonelico.
#13 by qwertas
2010-07-16 at 22:06
< report >Caucasus and Kara no Shoujo

Both very similar to Umineko - murder mystery, but without the supernatural bits. Both have very disturbing scenes, though. Similar to or worse than the 'faces clawed out' or 'stomachs stuffed with candy' scenes in the Umineko anime.
#14 by makenshi
2010-07-19 at 16:17
< report >key games, minori games, umineko, symphonic rain, otome wa boku koishiteru, there's no good answer as everyone will have different opinions on music and plot
#15 by appleaday
2010-08-14 at 16:03
< report >i like symphonic game's music and the VN is related to music so i liked it.

personally though, i like Key game's music (clannad, kanon, planetarian and i haven't played air, but i'm fairly positive it will be just as good)

they're all pretty meloncholic though. (well at least the musics that stand out to me) I find Clannad's to be particularly beautiful. I own all the OSTs. lololol.
#16 by mstrchef117
2010-08-14 at 22:23
< report >Along with the Vns mentioned above , I think that Sekien no Inganock also has a good BGM/OST. "Right hand from behind" ftw. The OP/Ed was also pretty good.
#17 by koinodensetsu
2010-08-15 at 15:58
< report >Yume Miru Kusuri has an absolutely amazing OST.
Private Nurse would probably win overall though. Such soothing, soft music...
#18 by milo
2010-08-16 at 14:06
< report >KEY games have one of the best OST, and True Remembrance have calming music IMO.
Opps, can't forget Ar Tonelico and AT2, really rocking music though not all of them are in Japanese.Last modified on 2010-08-16 at 14:13
#19 by adhinferno
2010-12-16 at 05:51
< report >They are so many great musics on VN....
I like the music from Fripside, for example:
Libration Crisis and Red-Reduction Division, if I not wrong, they are from Scramble Heart. I like Yui Sakakibara too. For example: Kono Hana Saku Koro from Piano no Mori no Mankai no Shita.
There are many more if you try to find it.Last modified on 2010-12-16 at 05:57
#20 by lyle
2010-12-16 at 08:01
< report >My only problem is that VNs are so long you end up hearing the same songs over and over, so they can get a bit tiresome.
#21 by minimoto
2010-12-16 at 08:12
< report >@20 If you get tired of hearing the BGM then it's not good. BGM is made to be played over and over and the listener is to not get bored.
#22 by peenutsu
2010-12-16 at 11:01
< report >
BGM is made to be played over and over and the listener is to not get bored.
Oh, the irony of BGMs. They ought to be looped for n times, and yet they shouldn't bore you. And I concur.

So can anyone recommend a VN that are both superb in music and story terms?
What chikan and blackiris said.
#23 by arkady18
2010-12-16 at 17:41
< report >Well, considering this line
I have just finished all Umineko no Naku Koro ni that have been translated
I guess you can't read a Japanese novel. Among the novels I read that has been already translated into English, I can suggest you only F/sn (as someone suggested before) and Kira Kira. They're my two favorite novels and they've got the best OST I've ever heard in a game.
Well, I haven't read so many novels (I've read or started to read 7-8 VNs) and my tastes usually differ from others', but I really think they're two great novels with great OST.

This is it for "already translated novels". There are other novels with great music, but I suppose you can't read them, since they're available only in Japanese...Last modified on 2010-12-16 at 17:43


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