Majikoi/Majikoi S characters strength comparison

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#1 by kei-tr
2015-08-12 at 13:38
Because of abundance of fighter characters I have decided to make something like this. I hope it will make things easier to get for new readers.

I did some sort of mental classification while I read. It's mostly observation but it might get mix of impression at places. I divided characters 5 different class, stronger through weaker. I also did arranged characters stronger through weaker inside of classes. There might be difference in readers opinions arrangements of inside of a class but in general most people should agree about a character's place at 5 main class... I hope. Though there should not be big difference in strength between strongest and weakest members of same class.

<1st class fighters>

Momoyo, Seiso(awakened form), Tesshin, Hume: Even tough Seiso should be stronger, faster and more durable even from Momoyo she knows no technique. Momoyo also has instant recovery which means Tesshin or Hume bigger threat to her rather than Seiso (they know how to prevent instant recovery). Tesshin should be best at technique here but also he is worst at speed and strength.

<2nd class fighters>

Lu, Ageha, Tsubame, Otome, Shakadou: As you can see at the end of Momoyo's route at first game, three of these people strong as one person from 1st class. I did put Tsubame here because she is about this strong at a fair and square match. Though she is capable defeating some people from 1st class after long period of observation and preparation (plus giant apparatus from space). But I doubt that works for Tesshin tough, because she will be flattened before using any tricks.

<3rd class fighters>

Mayucchi, Yoshitsune, Benkei, Yoichi, Oomura, Tatsuko, 3 Ryouzanpaku girls: Actually there are not huge gap between 3rd class and 2nd class contrary of 2nd class and 1st class. People at here able match a person from 2nd class for a while. They are close to people from 2nd class in strength and speed but they lack flashy techniques. Generally, people here lacks enough training or not at their prime. They have potential to be 2nd class after hard working. EDIT: I am repeating difference between 2nd class 3rd class isn't big. Only significant difference, 2nd class members able use techniques like creating tornado with their fists regularly while 3rd class members only have 1-2 techniques like that (better or worse techniques) and they are usually using them at climax moment. Especially first three fighters of this class able to go head to head 2nd fighters for a while (and you should realize the fact lot of fighters from upper rank doesn't want go all out from start since they want to enjoy fight).

<4th class fighters>

Kojima, Usami, Azumi, Margit, Chris, Miyako, Mouri, Ami, Wanko, Ten, Koyuki, Cookie 2nd form, Gail, Stacy, Lee, Fushikawa, Ishida(golden form), Shima, Hachiya, Ootomo, Kiriyama: Most populated class. Because of this there is bigger difference between stronger and weaker member. EDIT: I did put archers like Miyako and Mouri here. Even though they have legendary skills I thought one versus one duels while classifying. And they are mostly about support. 3rd class fighters usually able to dodge their arrows especially if they are not fighting with other fighters at the moment.

<5th class fighters>

Inoue, Gakuto, Chousokabe, Ryuuhei, Gen, Capt, Hideo, Kosugi, Haguro, Student council president: Strong men class. This class mostly consist strong men without proper martial art skill.

EDIT: Azumi ranked up a bit. Claudio removed. Yoichi now at 3rd class. Wanko ranked down a bit. Koyuki ranked up a bit.Last modified on 2015-08-12 at 20:36
#2 by jakerams
2015-08-12 at 14:07
Shouldn't Yukie be 1st class or atleast 2nd class?
#3 by kei-tr
2015-08-12 at 14:19
Definitely not 1st class hardly 2nd class. If you did read her route from first game you will see she is inferior to Shakadou. Don't be fooled because she is one of big four.Last modified on 2015-08-12 at 14:45
#4 by verdun
2015-08-12 at 15:35
I disagree with a few of the opinions on this list.

I definitely think Yukie and Yoshitsune should be on the lower end of tier 2.

Margit is definitely tier 3. I would even consider Miyako and Yoichi in tier 3. Azumi should go on the low end of tier 3.

And as much as I am loathed to admit it,
You need an asterix entry on tier one for Tsubame in her apex form. Say what you will, she defeated both Momoyo and awakened Seiso.
Last modified on 2015-08-12 at 15:38
#5 by aexis
2015-08-12 at 16:35
Great list, but you should definitely add another Tier to split up the 4th class fighters, there's too much of a power gap between some of them. Also about Yukie she didn't lose to Shakadou, he had to leave before they were able to finish the fight[spoiler]
#6 by kei-tr
2015-08-12 at 16:41
For Mayucchi and Yoshitsune I did give my reasoning at 3rd class explanation and Shakadou fairly stronger than Mayucchi. In her route at first game she barely able to overpower Shakadou with her secret technique then we learned he is not at serious mode at all.

Margit definitely not that strong even with her eyepatch off (actually there is not really that big difference between eyepatch on and off). She is not strong to match Oomura and only did beat him because of Yoichi's arrow support.

Azumi is not that strong either but I might level up her a bit at same class.

Even tough Yoichi and Miyako are legendary archers they are mostly about support that's why they are at 4th class.

And you might be right about Tsubame since she is really a special case but im going to leave it like that. I did give enough explanation at 2nd class.

Yeah thanks and you might be right about that, splitting 4th class, but im going to leave it like that since it's too much hassle. And look at top of my post for Mayucchi.Last modified on 2015-08-12 at 17:05
#7 by verdun
2015-08-12 at 17:10
I'm not asserting that Yukie can match Shakadou, but she does hold her own against him. And if Nero is your bottom line, I think Yoshitsune and Yukie should be at the lower end of Tier 2.

On her own Margit can at the very least match any one of the Chinese merc girls (Except possibly the panties girl). Her fight at the end of the Koyuki route is debatable. She prematurely leaves the hospital. Can you guarantee she's at 100% during the fight?

Miyako is toss up, but Yoichi definitely deserves tier 3 status. I think your mindset is too rooted in melee combat. If we're talking strictly in melee combat maybe tier 4, but if we're considering a mass conflict like Koyuki in S or Agave, Yoichi's utility alone puts him at tier 3.Last modified on 2015-08-12 at 17:19
#8 by kei-tr
2015-08-12 at 17:40
Actually I did thought about Claudio before putting him there but now I am going to remove him completely since we didn't see any real performance from him, only a little bit string play.

And I really caught in between about 3 Chinese girl either putting them top of 4th class or bottom of 3rd class. But one of them stronger from raging Tatsuko, other holded against a bit Koyuki and Miyako while injured and other one able to copy techniques. So I did go with bottom of 3rd class. I did put Margit there because she is about strong as Chris. Remember Chris did beat at her own route at athletic festival.

And you might be right about Yoichi from that perspective. While I preparing list I always considered one versus one duels without too much distance between them.Last modified on 2015-08-12 at 18:02
#9 by realitymaker
2015-08-12 at 18:25
I'm guessing the A series isn't factored in. Though it's been a while since I read S. Edit: Though if this is only a S comparison, disregard my comments based on the A series.

The Genji trio should be lower Tier 2 (at least Yoshitune and Benkei) as they all have ultimate skills, though I think only Benkei is the only one to have used her's so far. Usage of it turns her into a Master-class fighter by game's standards. The other two would have similar abilities.

Claudio is definitely Tier 2 to 1. Azumi should be higher than Tier 3. Her ranking as a Kuki Servant is #1. The only one who's higher than her is Hume. Lee, Stacey, and Kiriyama should be in Tier 3. All of them are ranked around 20's to 40's in the Kuki corporation, and Lee and Stacey being taught by Claudio and Hume respectively.

Margit should be Tier 3 as she was able to match and defeat Benkei during Benkei's route.

Yukie should also be lower Tier 2. She's able to detect Master-level presences and match them for a bit.

Miyako and Chris should be Tier 3. They were able to defeat Shishin in A-4. Shishin couldn't dodge all of Miyako's arrows, so your anecdote about Tier 3 characters being able to dodge arrows isn't exactly correct.

And just for kicks, Yamato's combat strength varies depending on which route he's on. He definitely peaks in Azumi's and Stacey's route, and a little bit in Lee's route. I'd put him in mid-Tier 3 at least.Last modified on 2015-08-12 at 18:29
#10 by aexis
2015-08-12 at 18:26
Just noticed this but since they are ordered according to strength Wanko is too high up, at least Ami and Miyako are stronger than her, and Koyuki is stronger than Cookie she did destroy him in Agave Route[spoiler]
#11 by kei-tr
2015-08-12 at 18:58
@9 A series isn't considered.

2nd class fighters has abundance of flashy techniques or skills. Just one isn't enough to classify them as 2nd class.

Azumi only ranked #1 because of some kind of new arrangement regarding young servants. She was originally #10 (explained in Monshiro route).. And I think you are really overestimating Stacy, Lee, Kiriyama (Then again I didn't read A series).

3rd class USUALLY able to dodge arrows. Especially if they are not occupied with other opponents. Then again if Miyako and Chris beat her at the same time that doesn't make them 3rd class.

And people really seems to be disregarding 3rd class explanation.


You are right about Wanko. But isn't Shakadou with her at the time she destroyed Cookie.Last modified on 2015-08-12 at 19:10
#12 by aexis
2015-08-12 at 19:17
@11 I just checked and in Agave route, Koyuki herself admits it, when fighting Miyako[spoiler]
#13 by realitymaker
2015-08-12 at 19:19
Benkei was able to defeat a Master-class with her ultimate skill. This is someone's whose level was at least Shakadou's level. A Tier 3 fighter would never be able to that.

Stacey is a former mercenary with a power-up mode similar to Tatsuko, while Lee is a former Assassin. Kiriyama's legs is said to nearly be considered almost Master-level. And he's lowered ranked than both Stacey and Lee.

Both Miyako and Chris fought Shishin individually in a duel. They both lost the first time they dueled her; Miyako didn't use her bow though. They beat her the second time.

Though most of this is A-series stuff, they do tend to keep character power levels the same unless story plot changes them.Last modified on 2015-08-12 at 19:21
#14 by kei-tr
2015-08-12 at 19:43
Admits what? Being together with him or alone?


Though a random dude managed to block/escape both of Stacy and Lee while trying to hijack plane (Tsubame after story 1).

Plus Mayucchi alone single handedly defeated army of maids including Azumi, Stacy and Lee at Kawakami War. They should not be that easy to defeat if they are strong as you mentioned.

And Kiriyama beaten up by Yamato and unarmed and exahusted Youichi (Koyuki route).

Well as I said A isn't included. At least for now, so I'm going to leave it like this.Last modified on 2015-08-12 at 20:04
#15 by aexis
2015-08-12 at 19:46
@14 Admits that she did destroy Cookie and plans to do the same to Miyako when they are fighting[Spoiler]

EDIT: [Spoiler]Koyuki quote: "I'll do to you what I did to that robot"[Spoiler]
Last modified on 2015-08-12 at 19:53
#16 by dinosw
2017-02-22 at 14:35
In the first game, Mayucchi beats Shakadou, without too much trouble. I know she had more trouble in other routes, but in one route she did beat him fairly easy (I cannot remember which route it was, but it was the one with the huge contest with 4-people teams, where she slashes through the energy barrier, which he put on his arms to block her sword).
Mayucchi might not be 1st class, but she is definitely 2nd class. She should not be in the 3rd class of figthers. Also, she does know some moves, for instances there is a point in the first game, where it is mentioned that she had materialized a sword out of pure energy, which would be require more mental focus than the moves Shakadou performs (at least in my opinion).
Also Ageha and Tsubame are stronger than both Lu and Shakadou, so if Ageha and Tsubame are 2nd tier, than Lu and Shakadou ought to be put in the 3rd tier.
#17 by kei-tr
2017-02-22 at 18:15

Yeah, that scene is in Mayucchi's route. Several weeks ago I did re-read scenes with high action like this one and Kawakami War (Momoyo's route) so I remember very clearly.

I already did said this at beginning of #6 post but I will write again. Yes, Mayucchi manages to overpower Shakadou (though not easy as you said) and cuts his arm protected by his aura but just then we learn he is not in serious mood at all (read my 3rd class explanation). Then his phone rings and his "real client" prevents him going all out at this route. On the other hand it was clear that Mayucchi was going all out from beginning.

And as I said in my 2nd class description Momoyo strong as about 3 Ageha (she manages to beat Ageha, Otome and Mayucchi at the same time. At first she can't overpower them at the same time but because of Mayucchi is less powerful than other two she eliminates her first then moves to Ageha but right after defeating her she runs out of time. This also shows power gap between Ageha and Mayucchi) so Ageha definitely not at level of 1st class. Though you can argue about Tsubame but I did give my reasoning for her too in 2nd class description.

In Mayucchi route there is also short non-serious fight between Shakadou and Ageha shows they are close in power maybe Ageha slightly stronger.

Maybe order of 2nd class fighters could be different but I can't change it even if I want to since I can't edit a post after certain amount of time passes.Last modified on 2017-02-22 at 18:30
#18 by cockblockula
2017-02-22 at 22:44
I think your overestimating Shakadou a fair bit. In the beginning of S, Hume easily dispatched Shakadou and noted his disappointment about his lack of strength.

Perhaps in his prime (when he was training) he could even be comparable to Tesshin but definitely not currently. Mayu wouldn't be big four if Tesshin/Hume thought Shakadou could beat her?

I think judging Mayu is a bit hard considering we never see her go all out, we just know Kuki butlers and Tesshin are very impressed with her. And some glimpses here and there of some skills.

btw I think Tsubame WITH huragamo is 1st class.Last modified on 2017-02-22 at 22:52
#19 by realitymaker
2017-02-23 at 00:04
I did come across this tier list somehow. It seems mostly accurate to me; they actually differentiate different modes/skills/etc. Contains slight spoilers for the A series though.

#20 by kei-tr
2017-02-23 at 07:46
I think your overestimating Shakadou a fair bit. In the beginning of S, Hume easily dispatched Shakadou and noted his disappointment about his lack of strength.

Perhaps in his prime (when he was training) he could even be comparable to Tesshin but definitely not currently.

Yes you are right. That's why I put those two to 1st class while Shakadou to 2nd class. Also Hume has a habit of looking down on people (mostly rightly since almost everybody below his level) he even calls Momoyo baby.

Imo Mayucchi was pretty serious in her fight with Shakadou, at Kawakami War and at her fight with Yoshitsune. People thinking her as one of big four because there isn't anybody remains besides her. Big four consist of young fighters. Extract everybody who is middle aged or old from 1st class and 2nd class, everybody remains already a member of big four (Tsubame takes place of Otome after her retire if I am remembering correctly and as for Seiso, she is special case here, her power only activates under certain circumstances and she is a clone and kind of property of Kuki. These makes her out of question. Also nobody knows her power except true route of S, A isn't included). So it is understandable they are choosing last member of big four from top of 3rd class because there isn't any better choice.

@19 I am going to pretend that I didn't see it since its mostly renders useless my own list since it says official. Thanks for sharing though.Last modified on 2017-02-23 at 16:11
#21 by cockblockula
2017-02-24 at 05:38
@20 I don't think its official from minatosoft. To my knowledge, that list was made by someone on /a/ from 4chan who played till A-5.

I actually think your list is more accurate and agree with almost everything. If A series is counted then Benkei should be 1-2 class (cant confirm as I haven't played every A novel but I heard she is the strongest clone)Last modified on 2017-02-24 at 05:39
#22 by dinosw
2017-04-14 at 13:38
Benkei isn't actually that strong, unless she is losing. If she takes enough of a beating from a sufficiently powerful foe, she can use a special ability, which makes her stronger according to her foes strength - only then is she actually a top tier figther. The strongest clone by far, is actually the third year clone Seiso, when she learns that her true identity is Xiang Yu.

@17 & @20
I concede that Mayucchi might not have had as easy a time going up against Shakadou, as I previously stated. But like @20 said, Shakadou isn't actually that powerful, and is actually a fair bit below Lu in a fair fight. That being said, Shakadou does have the potential to surpass Lu.

Games I have installed:
English.: - Majikoi!, Majikoi! S, Majikoi! A-1&2
Japanese.: - Majikoi! A - Special Edition
And here I have copied my current progress to
pastebin, which is what my opinions are mostly based on c'',)

Personally I sometimes have to look up characters in these discussions, therefore I have added a few links for reference.:
Benkei ----------------------------- VNDB - Majikoi-Wikia
Hazakura Seiso ------------------- VNDB - Majikoi-Wikia
Mayuzumi Yukie "Mayucchi" ----- VNDB - Majikoi-Wikia
Shakadou Kyoubu/Gyobu -------- VNDB - Majikoi-Wikia
Lu Shihandai ---------------------- VNDB - Majikoi-WikiaLast modified on 2017-04-14 at 13:56


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