Viper-M5: Thoughts

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#1 by tokita
2015-08-21 at 03:33
Since I do not understand Japanese, you are free to call bull on everything after this sentence.


Viper-M5 takes place in some countryside town where [protagonist] Tsubasa is visiting his cousin out of family obligation. He moves into a hostel with her and attends the local high school, meeting some new faces along the way.

Our supernatural backdrop manifests as a race war herein. The "good" youkai are trying to blend in with the townsfolk for peaceful coexistence. The "evil" youkai are well-intentioned extremists who want to create a 'youkai empire' by taking over the school and town at large. Humans do oppress what we fear, after all.

This visual novel boasts a bittersweet, romantically indecisive ending. And, yes, it does contain rape, so be warned.


Tsubasa [protagonist] - A cocky, perverted heart of gold. In other words, your typical hotblooded shounen lead who thinks most problems can be solved with violence. A youkai.

Saori [heroine] - An impulsive, slapstick tsundere who needs to google search 'kissing cousins' and make a move. She plays the 'straight man' when calm. Also a youkai.

Mayu [heroine] - A delicate schoolgirl who seems unapproachable. She is actually a broken bird who hosts an overprotective youkai.

Ryoko [best girl] - The serious, refined school nurse who is every schoolboy's alluring lust object and every schoolgirl's mature older sister. She becomes the first important victim of the youkai takeover.

Ryoko is melancholic in defeat, lamenting Kuroda's death and her fate as a youkai. She is last sighted alive in a forest.

Kuroda [side character] - A male (oh my god!) school teacher. He is the 'spear counterpart' to Ryoko (and perhaps more). He becomes the second important victim of the youkai takeover and their leading man. It is implied that Ryoko converted him.

Ryoko x Kuroda. She leans on him for a little while after his death, and I can assume they met while he was worried about her absence from school.

Because Kazuhiko is taken and I don't like Tsubasa

Miina [side character] - A friendly, sociable diplomat with something to hide. She is romantically interested in Kazuhiko. She can also be a suicidal Yuki-Onna who interprets commitment very literally.

Kazuhiko [side character] - A lone wolf who is always seen with a cigarette. Your archetypal 'bad boy' with a standoffish sense of justice. Miina will change him...temporarily.

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#2 by rokitoru
2015-09-05 at 12:25
This VN is kinda cute as i see from the screenshots , i wish someone would translate it. For some reason i sjust like how the caracters look. -_-
#3 by jazz957
2015-09-05 at 15:38
It's really old, so I highly doubt it will be translated ever, unfortunately. There are two games in this series that are translated tho. Also, don't let the looks of the characters fool you, this game does contain rape. I'm not sure how much, but it is there. In fact, just about every game in the entire series contains rape, some more so than others.Last modified on 2015-09-05 at 15:51
#4 by tokita
2015-09-26 at 08:59
Appearances can be deceiving. M5 has (much) more rape than vanilla. And half of the latter didn't even taste good. Ero scenes are also fully animated, which can detract from personal experience for various reasons.

Since it is fully voiced, anyone who has experience with high school themed anime should be able to follow along. You may not pick up on the finer details [without a translation], but you will get the general idea.

If you anticipate a lighthearted romantic comedy, stay away from this.
If you enjoy race wars and do not mind a quick fix, this could work.


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