Removing pregnancy/fat belly from scenes

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#1 by testingthis
2015-08-27 at 00:45
I'm wondering how you can remove the fat belly from the scenes in this H-game. I can't read Japanese (and I got the game only because it has voices), so I'm wondering how one goes about that. I know it's possible since I saw a CG set with the fat belly removed from the scenes. Thanks in advance.
#2 by tyr
2015-08-27 at 03:07
How about not knocking her up?
#3 by cryingwestern
2015-08-27 at 09:05
If it's got a ejaculation choice for the game, then choose to cum outside... if it doesn't, the only thing I can think of is that it's a recycled scene... If necessary try and find a walkthrough for the game.
#4 by testingthis
2015-08-27 at 16:21
Well, cumming inside scenes without the fat belly are visible in the CG set, but not in the game. Not sure if a walkthrough would help, since there should be an option in the config menu (like there is one for breath VFX), but I can't find it.


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