Kyonyuu Fantasy 3 Teaser

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#1 by bookwormotaku
2015-08-28 at 16:39
It looks like the series is finally moving forward with another numbered entry :) :


Can't wait to find out more come September 18 like where and when in the KF universe is this going to be set and also about that winged heroine whose outline we see at the end. An actual angel as a reverse to the series' succubus heroines or maybe a siren, a harpy (the rare attractive kind) or maybe an avariel? Going to need go to through my monster manuals for other possibilities...
#2 by shokatsu
2015-09-13 at 13:16
All of my yesssss ! I really like this series and it's not even because of the H-scenes, I genuinely like their "zero-to-hero" feel. Can't wait for that one since I've yet to be disappointed ! I still hope they'll make some gaidens for KF2, there is still so much potential since the story hasn't left Hiruzland which is, unless I'm mistaken, that island at the north ? The rest of the Continent during Ruin's time must be quite different from Ryuto's so there could be some interesting stuff to come up with there.

This angel-looking character looks interesting yeah, it's the first time we see one right ? It's kind of weird to think she could replace Shamshel/Shaharl since KF is a story with demons everywhere so it made sense for the hero to have a high-ranking demon watching over him.

Or it could be that the succubus hasn't been revealed yet but we'll have an angel-like character to kind of counteract her or change some things, we'll see !

Now sad thing is, this probably won't be released before 2016 right ? :/

By the way, anyone know where to find a map of the KF world ? I remember in one of the games we were briefly shown a map with some countries but I could never find it again.Last modified on 2015-09-13 at 13:19
#3 by bookwormotaku
2015-09-13 at 13:51
Right here:

#4 by shokatsu
2015-09-13 at 13:58
Oooh, nice, thanks a lot !
#5 by bookwormotaku
2015-09-18 at 14:11
Well, the site's up:


Looks interesting. The setting is apparently a country called Romania...though where that's supposed to be in the universe is anyone's guess until the map is accessible. From the looks of things the winged heroine is an angel-ish character and we have another monster heroine...and I have no idea what her race is other than oni, but that seems a but out of place in the KF series' European setting.Last modified on 2015-09-18 at 14:23
#6 by shokatsu
2015-09-18 at 16:10
Nice ! Characters are looking good so far.

Like I thought then, we'll still have a succubus character (It's kind of KF's trademark by now I guess) but we'll also have an angel-type character to sort of counteract, interesting.

There's the first chapter's plot roughly outlined apparently and some character info boxes but I don't really wanna risk spoiling myself too hard by reading them.

I read the prologue though and I kind of regret it since learning Ryuto was part of an old Demonic Family and that it gave him weird powers was a plot reveal I liked.

Aren't all those God stories kind of weird though ? I mean, the protag is basically a fallen/banished god according to the prologue right ? I really liked the fact that even though they were kind of special being half-bloods, the previous KF protags were somewhat relatable because they were still humans. Now here there are apparently quite a few gods, I think it's meh, my suspension of disbelief can handle having the kind of luck Ryuto and Ruin have because after all, their opponents are humans, but if we get a villainous God-type character that constantly fails like that, I'm gonna find it hard to swallow. But we'll see, I shouldn't judge before playing.

Unless I understood the prologue wrong of course.Last modified on 2015-09-18 at 16:13
#7 by eacil
2015-09-18 at 22:24
.though where that's supposed to be in the universe is anyone's guess until the map is accessible
Maybe... in our Romania?
Like you were talking about the oni, I read her box and she is from the "horn clan". Ok, it's an oni. The fact she is a gladiator from a province of ancient Rome insert her better in that European setting even if it's still related to japanese folklore (our demons are not like that). Moreover, if she is a wild character, she is good at cooking! Pheeew! I feared she was a useless woman. She found a way to rehabilitate the japanese standards, GJ.
I quickly searched a province of ancient Rome called ゲルニア and its city Dolonium (ドロニウム) but found nothing, guess it is where the fantasy starts.

PS: bookwormotaku, you should link this thread to the new KF3 entry.
#8 by bookwormotaku
2015-09-19 at 04:16
@eacil How do I do that?
#9 by eacil
2015-09-19 at 06:31
You put v--18337 in the board field of your first post but I forget that you have a timer that stop you to edit your own posts when too much time has passed. Hmm... 08-28, it's too late. You can only ask a mod now.Last modified on 2015-09-19 at 06:31
#10 by eacil
2015-10-16 at 18:55
Site is up.
Edit: nevermind, content is up since age, it seems. I don't know why I was convinced of that even if I am pretty sure there is a game I am interested in which website is supposed to open soon. :/Last modified on 2015-10-16 at 19:07


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