Concerning the Endings

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#1 by lbs21
2015-09-13 at 21:56
This is about the endings. Spoilers.

This is primarily concerning endings A and AA, as I have seen them called. In case you haven't heard of these endings, they are the endings that are realistically achievable without a walkthrough.

So. I guess my main question is, why was Rimi trying to kill Taku at the end? I didn't really understand that. To preserve the existence of the real Takumi? He himself said he'd die within a week or so even if Taku died. So that can't be it, right? Or does Rimi not know that Takumi will die soon even if Taku dies? If that was the case, I'd think Taku would have spoken up. To me, it seems like Taku dying would be meaningless, considering Takumi would die pretty much directly after that. Was there something I missed? Was I wrong in saying Takumi would die even if Taku died?

So yeah.

Also, concerning ending B, the one you need a walkthrough for, is it any good? I read Steins;Gate a while back, and recently re-read it to get the true ending, and that blew all the other endings out of the water, in my opinion. Is it the same thing for ending B? Or is it kind of just a different ending, and only sort of adds to the story? I'm not sure I'd be willing to re-read for a different ending, but if ending B is the true ending, and it's a good true ending, then I might consider it. Also, please note, I haven't read ending B yet. If you put something in spoilers, I'm going to assume it's about ending A and AA, unless specified beforehand, and I'll probably read it. If you have something spoilery to say about ending B, please mention that the spoiler is about ending B as well as using the spoiler tag.

Thanks for your help!
#2 by vario
2015-09-13 at 22:21
I'm not sure I'd be willing to re-read for a different ending
You can just skip the text you've already read. Stop at the moment when you need to activate a certain trigger and then skip again until you hit the next one.

And yes. Ending B is quite important in my opinion.
#3 by loctar87
2015-09-14 at 00:07
It's been a while, but I think AA can be considered the true ending. Ending B is not a good true end. More specifically, it's the bad ending.


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