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#126 by encrypted12345
2016-02-01 at 17:43
< report >I assumed the PR guy wrote the updates. IIRC, he's Filipino.

As a native speaker, nothing seems weird other than the it in the first sentence.
#127 by sanahtlig
2016-02-01 at 18:12
< report >I just ripped out one arbitrary portion of that backer update. That's not the only issue, and these aren't simple typos that native speakers would make.

Since the job of the team working on this is writing/translating, I'm concerned when the team shows signs that they're not competent at what they do--especially if they could have non-native speakers like this working on translation.Last modified on 2016-02-01 at 20:57
#128 by encrypted12345
2016-02-01 at 18:27
< report >I don't think the PR guy is translating what they are saying, but rather simply getting information then summarizing it in his own words.

I understand why you are skeptical, but I don't think that the minor grammar and word issues of the PR guy need to be a concern, since I assume he's not touching the translation.
#129 by dhiver
2016-02-01 at 20:28
< report >Nothing from the update was translated in the first place, everything from the KS page is from the PR team. Kind of a false conclusion to have about the actual TL if your basing it on this.Last modified on 2016-02-01 at 20:34
#130 by sanahtlig
2016-02-02 at 02:23
< report >Degica responded reassuring me that their PR staff and translation team are entirely separate, and that the translation team members are native English speakers. That addresses my concerns.
linkLast modified on 2016-02-02 at 02:24
#131 by encrypted12345
2016-02-02 at 03:16
< report >Come to think of it, when it comes to Mangagamer, the PR guy often ends up being the translator, with them even having members of the team write columns on the game afterward. So your concerns make more sense, in retrospect, though JAST and Sekai don't usually have the translation team be as involved in advertising the game.
#132 by jazz957
2016-02-23 at 18:05
< report >Beta keys for Muv-Luv Extra going out at the end of this month, Unlimited late April/early MayLast modified on 2016-02-23 at 18:05
#133 by encrypted12345
2016-02-23 at 23:58
< report >As far as delays go, that's not bad. Maybe Alternative will be mostly on time.
#134 by dk382
2016-02-24 at 02:39
< report >koestl is on the team? And he's the one doing the final pass, making sure everything is in order? At least I feel good now knowing that the translation is practically guaranteed to meet a minimum level of acceptable quality, and will hopefully be even better. I wonder if I'll like MLE any more if it has a decent translation (I freaking abhorred it).Last modified on 2016-02-24 at 02:40
#135 by encrypted12345
2016-02-24 at 02:47
< report >I doubt an improved translation would improve it by that much.

The MLA style graphics might though.
#136 by vorathiel
2016-02-24 at 08:39
< report >MLA didn't had an much improved graphics from MLE, as far as I remember. Lip sync and few little 'touches', but nothing majorily 'improved'.
#137 by formis
2016-02-24 at 21:36
< report >Well, 16:9 format and cinematic subtitles from MLA will make it look a bit better even without other graphical improvements.
#138 by vorathiel
2016-02-25 at 13:22
< report >Ugh, forgot about that... I hate when they crop up and bottom of screen to fit the 16:9. So is like counter improvement for me.

Cinematic subtitles OTOH will be great.
#139 by formis
2016-02-25 at 21:52
< report >Couldn't they use Altered Fable assets to make it 16:9? Unless of course Altered Fable also used cropped Muv-Luv images in scenes that were set in the original locations.

Then again I didn't really notice any jarring differences when playing Altered Fable (mainly because I wasn't looking for them), so it should turn out fine either way.
#140 by vorathiel
2016-02-26 at 01:27
< report >In locations it looks nice, but when it comes to CGs...
Look at those examples from Sharin no Kuni:
1) link

2) link

3) link

4) linkLast modified on 2016-02-26 at 01:28
#141 by dk382
2016-02-26 at 01:39
< report >The cropping in those CGs actually isn't bad and nothing of value is lost in the 16:9 versions.Last modified on 2016-02-26 at 01:40
#142 by formis
2016-02-26 at 19:03
< report >True, I forgot about CGs.
It does look a bit jarring when next to each other, but I don't think I'd notice if I just played the 16:9 without trying to spot the differences. And dk has a point that nothing important is lost in the 16:9 conversions in this case.

That being said I'm sure there might be CGs with focus more "vertically distributed/oriented" which would make them harder to crop this way and making the difference more jarring.

We'll see how they handle it.
#143 by sanahtlig
2016-02-26 at 20:20
< report >I still fail to understand how cropping CG is considered "improvement". It's like replacing the Japanese in a text box with machine translation. All you do is limit user options for a little convenience.

That's neat that they hired a renowned translator to do a QC pass.Last modified on 2016-02-26 at 20:25
#144 by vorathiel
2016-02-27 at 13:45
< report >I found video from PS3 version of MuvLuv Extra, with cropped ratio.


And sometimes it looks bad. Not CGs, but how sprites are centered, half of the head is out of the screen, etc.
#145 by xero95
2016-02-27 at 15:09
< report >hey guys, sorry if this is a stupid question. But there wont be a physical collector editions to non backers correct?
#146 by abyssaleros
2016-02-27 at 15:35
< report >That is the huge fucking probleme with all those crowdfunding stuff. If you come to late...
#147 by encrypted12345
2016-02-27 at 19:10
< report >@abyssaleros Eh, all limited editions run out eventually, and in the niche VN industry, most games don't have a basic physical release. Though a kickstarter limited edition does force you to take more of a gamble.
#148 by abyssaleros
2016-02-27 at 19:27
< report >That lies within the word 'Limited' I guess.
But normally you have a bit more time and even after a regular sold-out you may be lucky to get one copy somewhere for some huge excess of monetary fine. At crowdfunding platforms you just have a few weeks (30 days or so) and if you were not aware of that one project: C'est la vie.

And the VN industry is just a niche within the western world, in japan nearly every novel (even a huge amount of doujin ones) has a physical copy.Last modified on 2016-02-27 at 21:15
#149 by formis
2016-02-28 at 00:22
< report >@Vorathiel
That's right, I completely forgot there were already console ports and newer PC port of said console ports for Win 7 that used newer (Alternative) version of rUGP. :D
Hell, they even said it on the Kickstarter page that they're gonna use the updated assets from the PS3 port + new stuff from âge. Well, my poor memory aside, I guess that's that then.

Some things to point out though. I compared the PS3 footage with some playthroughs of the original on PC and...

The good news?:
Seems background will indeed be the least of our worries, since the PS3 doesn't seem to crop them but instead use more of the image by default. I suppose âge did make the backgrounds larger than the minimum needed size due to the use of zooming in/out during scenes. Considering how much more background is only in the first street scene I would even go as far as to say that they extended the background picture, but seeing as CGs got cropped I don't think that's the case and the backgrounds were that spacious to begin with.

The neutral news?:
CGs were not that lucky but it didn't seem that terrible, though some of them, especially in the prologue were kinda "cutting edge" (I'm allowed one bad pun per post, okay).

The bad news?:
There seems to be modified and/or changed camera work. This wouldn't be bad in itself of course, improved camera work would be cool. BUT, all the awkward shots where the sprites were partially off the screen? They seem to be intentional? As in, what Takeru actually focused/looked on? For example the street scene again. The camera focuses on Sumika's chest and cuts off half of her face after she remarks she wouldn't really mind Takeru "handling" her boobs (for obvious reasons). Intentional, the camera doesn't move in the original scene. There were more, but just an example. The changes/additions are not all bad, but most of them seem at best sloppy.
I suppose one of the reasons for the camera changes was the fact the the sprites seem to be positioned exactly the same in respect to the background images despite those being more zoomed out, so they had to adjust it a bit I guess. BUT, thinking back on the "good news' paragraph, if the original background images were big enough to avoid cropping, they didn't really need to zoom them out to begin with, just leave them as they were with more background showing on the sides and they could avoid weird camera changes along with it.

I'm starting to feel a bit skeptical about this and hoping there's gonna be option to switch between 4:3 and 16:9 in Muv-Luv (One can dream, right?).

EDIT: Also, replaying Muv-Luv is gonna be awful with the knowledge from Alternative. Hearing code 991 in that innocent conversation brings back PTSD memories.Last modified on 2016-02-28 at 00:56
#150 by jazz957
2016-03-25 at 19:22
< report >Muv-Luv KS Update #27: Roar to the Future!

1. First batch of gift bags have been sent out.
2. Sumiya and Ayamine pillowcase illustrations have been updated.
3. Official English site has launched.
4. Schwarzesmarken - Kouketsu no Monshou is on Greenlight.
5. Muv-Luv Extra and Unlimited will be released this Summer, with Japanese language support.
6. They will be at Anime Expo.