VNDB is 8 Years Old

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#76 by crse
2016-12-13 at 03:54
< report >We should make our own visual novel to celebrate this.
#77 by warfoki
2016-12-13 at 04:09
< report >Wow, Yorhel usually forgets it until after the birthday happens, but this is a new record. :PLast modified on 2016-12-13 at 04:09
#78 by gabezhul
2016-12-13 at 07:30
< report >Damn, I forgot it too, big time. -.-'

Oh well, better late than never, I suppose.
#79 by nefeli
2016-12-17 at 16:45
< report >VNDB has been a great resource for me since i got into VNs years ago.
Without it i probably would have never been drawn to many VNs which became great experiences for me.
Without those I would never have spent countless hours studying a foreign language to read porn.

Thanks guys, i never wanted to be normal anyways.
#80 by pancakedeity
2016-12-21 at 03:48
< report >Happy B Day!
#81 by gerasama-knight
2016-12-21 at 19:40
< report >Another one? Wow, its been quite some time now. I hope for many more, this database is great.
Gratz to Yorhel and everyone who joined and make this site what it is.
#82 by emir7
2017-01-01 at 00:01
< report >Happy New Year VNDB!!!
#83 by exsul
2017-01-01 at 00:48
< report >Happy New Year, everyone!
#84 by traumatizer
2017-01-01 at 14:36
< report >Dang, have an excellent New Year y'all.
#85 by ervia
2017-01-04 at 19:22
< report >By the way, what date is officially recognized as VNDB's birthday?
#86 by Yorhel
2017-01-05 at 06:11
< report >I consider 2007-09-30 to be VNDB's birthday, that's when the first version of the site went public.
#87 by ervia
2017-01-05 at 10:02
< report >Oh, I see. Wait, why did #80 (pancakedeity) say happy birthday on December 21st?Last modified on 2017-01-05 at 10:03
#88 by Yorhel
2017-01-05 at 11:27
< report >Likely because this threat keeps getting bumped to the home page, despite vndb being over 9 years old by now.
#89 by broncattus
2017-02-28 at 22:00
< report >Rejoice!
#90 by anokutara
2017-04-15 at 05:15
< report >Happy Birthday
#91 by thefreeloader
2017-06-20 at 03:49
< report >Advance Happy 79th Birthday!


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