VNDB is 8 Years Old

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#51 by bunny1ov3r
2015-10-02 at 02:18
#52 by babymetal
2015-10-02 at 04:26
Yep, dude. I bet we all have a full set of semen stains which are named in honor of... well, which name had that cutie from that nukige again?

inb4 post is deleted.
#53 by gabezhul
2015-10-02 at 05:01
^ There are people who are still fapping to nukiges? I thought we all agreed that they are just a postmodern form of low-brow comedy. :P
#54 by babymetal
2015-10-02 at 06:00
^ Seems not only I come up with excellent quips and wise cracks :^)
#55 by danpmss
2015-10-02 at 14:43
happy birthday
#56 by dario55
2015-10-02 at 15:20
happy birthday! and thank you for existing VNDB!
#57 by onemanarmy
2015-10-02 at 18:06
>who the hell are you and why aren't you late by one day?
this is madness! yorhel actually getting the date right?

Couldn't have said it better.
#58 by alienking2012
2015-10-03 at 06:54
happy birthday :)
#59 by sidvanhalen
2015-10-03 at 08:27
Happy Birthday !!!
#60 by kelpie
2015-10-03 at 21:57
Well, if you won't have the decency to be a few days late, as is custom, I will have to do it for you. Happy birthday, VNDB.

I haven't had much time for visual novels, this year, but it's good to know that VNDB is still here. And growing! May we all have another productive year.
#61 by jazz957
2015-10-04 at 00:53
A bit late, but Happy Birthday! Here's to another 8 years. Can't imagine what this site will look like in 2023. :PLast modified on 2015-10-04 at 00:54
#62 by soketsu
2015-10-04 at 05:10
Happy birthdeiii~!

VNDB-chan is getting older now. Thanks to all the people guiding her for all these 8 fruitfull years. Thank you especially to yorhel-oji-san and gabe-oji-san.

May many moar birthdeys to cum!
#63 by ano
2015-10-04 at 12:37
I wish a happy birthday to vndb though I'm late
#64 by daniel-jp
2015-10-05 at 07:52
Happy Birthday Visual Novel Data Base site.
#65 by overmage
2015-10-05 at 12:41
happy late birthday to vndb
#66 by adhinferno
2015-10-06 at 03:24
Damn, i always missing this..... "\(>.<)/"
Happy LATE Birthday, VNDB~!!!! (^o^)/"
#67 by redpanther
2015-10-06 at 04:21
Have fun,everyone!
#68 by tsukun
2015-10-10 at 20:57
Happy birthday guys! :)
#69 by garou
2015-10-12 at 01:17
Happy anniversary guys!
#70 by animeniac
2015-10-19 at 03:05
Awesome! I'm so glad for VNDB being around these last 8 years, congrats!
#71 by [deleted]
2015-11-20 at 02:03
Happy Birthday!Last modified on 2015-11-20 at 02:03
#72 by emir7
2016-05-09 at 14:14
Wow, 8 years already. I'm a bit late but Congrats XD
#73 by xecuter34
2016-05-10 at 21:55
Missed it :c

Happy Birthday regardless!
#74 by thefreeloader
2016-10-24 at 09:31
Advance Happy 18th Birthday!
#75 by pendelhaven
2016-10-24 at 09:41
wait, vndb is 9 years (and 24 days) old now.


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